Bay of Kings

A West Coast Kings of War Grand Tournament


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General Information

Bay of Kings is a 2,000 point Kings of War Grand Tournament played over 2 days in the lovely Bay Area, Northern California.  

When: July 15th and 16th 2017

Where: Game Kastle (Mountain View) - 550 Showers Dr, Mountain View, CA 94040 – In the heart of Silicon Valley. This is a giant, well stocked and roomy game store with a dedicated play space that should serve as a great venue for the event.


Please send the following information along with your payment to through PayPal. Army Type can be changed before Army list due date.

Name -

Army Type -

Email Address -

Phone Number –

Club -


$40 Early Bird (Must pay before 5/31/2017) - $50 after that

You can register your intent to come without paying by sending an email to letting us know the above list of information. However, if we start to fill up we’ll let folks know they have to pay to lock that spot down or get bumped out for others paying. Best to just pay as soon as you can, you’ll have a great time.

Army Construction

Armies must be no more than 2,000pts

Armies are allowed to be constructed from the following lists…

  • Kings of War: Abyssals
  • Kings of War: Abyssal Dwarfs
  • Kings of War: Brotherhood
  • Kings of War: Dwarfs
  • Kings of War: Elves
  • Kings of War: Empire of Dust
  • Kings of War: Forces of Basilea
  • Kings of War: Forces of Nature
  • Kings of War: Goblins
  • Kings of War: Orcs
  • Kings of War: Ogres
  • Kings of War: Twilight Kin
  • Kings of War: Kingdom of Men
  • Kings of War: League of Rhordia
  • Kings of War: Night-Stalkers
  • Kings of War: Ratkin
  • Kings of War: Salamanders
  • Kings of War: The Herd
  • Kings of War: Trident Realm of Neritica
  • Kings of War: Undead
  • Kings of War: Varangur

Armies from the ‘Kings of War: Historical’ are not permitted. Feel free to use historical miniatures with any of the normal KoW armies (Kingdom of Men supports them really well).  

Follow all regular rules for army construction from the Kings of War main rulebook. We WILL be using the supplemental Clash of Kings Organized Play Book as well.

Within your main force, you cannot select the same unit entry of type War Engine, Hero or Monster more than 3 times. For example, in a goblin army, you could take a maximum of 3 War Trombones and a maximum of 3 Wiz heroes. You could still then take up to 3 Biggits of course.

For Allies, this restriction is changed to 1. For example, if you wanted an allied Abyssal Efreet for your sweet Abyssal Dwarf list, you’d only be allowed to bring in 1 as an ally.

The following Magical Artefacts will NOT be allowed:

  • Ensorcelled Armor
  • Brew of Keen-Eyeness
  • Medallion of Life

Army List Submission:

Army Lists need to be Submitted to Event Organizers at by June 23, 2017. If lists are not submitted on time 10 points will be deducted from your total tournament points.


Day 1 – Saturday July 15th


11:00am-1:00pm Round 1

1:00pm-2:00pm Lunch

2:00pm-4:00pm Round 2

4:30pm-6:30pm Round 3

Day 2 – Sunday July 16th

10:00am-12:00pm (noon) Round 4

12:00pm (noon)-1:00pm Lunch

1:00pm-3:00pm Round 5

3:00pm-5:00pm Round 6

5:00pm-5:30pm Award Ceremony

Each round will be 120 Minutes.

10 Minutes: Get to the tables, get your stuff sorted, discuss terrain/scenario and be ready to game.

100 Minutes: Get your game on. 50 Minutes per player on their clock, go back and forth until time or turns run out.

10 Minutes: Post game – Shake hands, calculate the winner, fill out your paperwork, clean up your table, get the army ready to move and talk about how it all would have been different if you just hadn’t rolled double 1’s.  

Now if you get to the table and you’re good to go before the 10 minute period is up, feel free to start deploying without being on the clock. Once the 100 Minute period begins though, you’ll need to be tracking.


Battle Points

After a game Battle Points (BP’s) are awarded as follows

15 Pts – Win

10 Pts – Draw

5 Pts – Loss

Margin of Victory:

This is the difference between the total points the winner has left on the table, minus the amount the loser has on the table. Include any points scored for objectives in this calculation in scenarios where it is applicable (Kill and Pillage for example).

Winner subtracts what the loser has left from their total and gets a point difference. Consult the chart to determine how much that difference affects the scoring for the round.

 VP Point Difference

Player with the highest VPS adjust their TP score by

Player with the lowest VPs  adjust their TP score by



















Example – For example, Lisa wins a game (scoring 15 TP) by bearing Dave (who’s scores 5 TP) Lisa has routed 1250 points of Dave’s units, and Dave routed 750 points of Lisa’s units for a difference of 500 VPs. This amounts to a +2 modifier to Lisa’s score for a total of 17 tournament points, while Dave revives a -2 modifier for a total of 3 tournament points.

Attrition Score: This is the total points score of opponents units Routed during the tourney so far. This is used for tie-breakers etc… so you’ll need to mark it down in the appropriate place each round.  


Your army will be judged by 2 non-competitor judges (with miniature painting experience). Each judge will give your army a score between 0-10 and those will be added together for a maximum score of 20 paint points. Points will be earned for the normal stuff like solid technical application, good theme, smooth blending, freehand, conversions, display board (wankers), basing etc… Essentially, and amazing army will get a 20. Most people should expect a 10-15.

Your army does NOT have to be painted fully, but all figures should be fully assembled and resemble what they’re supposed to be (and you’re getting dinged on that paint score if they’re not done). You can use any manufacturer you want, and be as creative as you want, just make sure your opponent knows what he is fighting. Seriously. They should be able to read through your list, look at your army and know what is what. If not, the responsibility is yours to be a good person and make it easy on your opponent. Kings of War allows incredible freedom to express the hobby in your own way, do not take advantage of this to slap some nonsense on a base and call it Drakon Riders. We’ll be loosely enforcing Minimum Model Count from the rule book but if you have something awesome and you’re worried about it, shoot us an email, it’s probably fine and we’ll let you know.  


At the end of the tournament each player will fill out a sportsmanship sheet selecting the three best opponents in descending order.

3-Favorite opponent

2-Second Favorite opponent

1-Third Favorite opponent

Maximum 18

Total Scoring

Add your Battle Points, Paint Points and Sportsmanship Points to get a total Tournament Points number.

Maximum TP’s

  • Battle Points: 120
  • Paint Points: 20
  • Sportsmanship: 18

Maximum Points = 158!


  • Best Overall = Highest overall TP’s
  • Best General = Highest BP’s
  • Best Painted = Best painted army as chosen by judges
  • People’s Choice = Best army as chosen by peers
  • Best Sports = Most #1 opponent selections
  • Brutality Award = Most attrition points
  • Conscientious Objector = Least attrition points
  • Counter Charge Award = Dead middle of the pack
  • Wooden Spoon = Lowest Battle Points

Prizes will be distributed to all of our winners and we’re working on additional gifts for everyone participating.

Tourney Rules

Chess Clocks: 

We’re running on a tight schedule for games so playing on the clock will be required. This can be done with a chess clock (best option), App for your phone or similar but everyone will be given an allotted amount of time and must count down that time during their turn (stopping only for complicated rules queries). Clocks are not optional.

Players who time out immediately stop dice rolling, bounce back all incomplete combats 1” (and apply a steady nerve result) and are allowed no more actions for the rest of the game. Players with time remaining may continue the game until the turn or time limit is reached. Timing out does not equal an auto loss, but it might result in your opponent doing terrible things to your poor units on the tabletop so should be avoided.

Clash of Kings:

We’ll be using the standard rules from the Clash of Kings Organized Play Book as well as the most updated Mantic FAQ/Errata. If you’re confused or have a question…just ask a T.O.  

The following rules changes from the core book should be noted

Breath Attack / Fireball / Lightning Bolt

  • When targeting enemy units in cover, these attacks now hit on a 5+ instead of the normal 4+


  • While disordered, units lose the Fly special rule including the Nimble that it grants while they’re disordered. If the unit has Nimble granted through some other means (through an artifact such as Wine of Elvenkind or the Individual special rule), they remain nimble even while disordered.

Bane-Chant (Spell)

  • Bane-Chant only grants piercing (or increased piercing) with 2 or more successful “hits” on the spell roll.


The following unit entry changes should be noted.

Empire of Dust

  • Ahmunite Pharaoh – Defense 5+ (instead of 6+)


  • Fiends – Nerve is reduced – Regiment = 12/15, Horde = 15/18
  • Mind Screech – Nerve reduced to 14/17


The following units have Fury:

  • Fightwagons
  • Morax
  • Krudger
  • Krudger on Slasher
  • Krudger on Gore Chariot
  • Gakamak


  • Death Engine – Reduce De to 4+ if Vile Sorcery upgrade is taken


The following units have Vicious:

  • Kaisenor Lancers
  • Fire Drake
  • Clan Lord
  • Clan Lord on Fire Drake

Trident Realms

The following units have Ensnare:

  • Placoderms
  • Placoderm Defender
  • Riverguard
  • Riverguard Captain
  • Nokken


  • Cursed Pharaoh – Defense 5+ (instead of 6+)
  • Vampire Lord - Defense 5+ (instead of 6+)


  • Herja – Replace ‘Judgment’ rules with the following: This is a ranged attack that can be used once per game. It follows the same rules as a Heal (5) that can be used on any friendly non allied unit on the board, regardless of range or Line of Sight.


Scenarios will be published ahead of time from Clash of Kings supplement

Round 1: Eliminate

Round 2: Loot

Round 3: Scavenge

Round 4: Dominate

Round 5: Scour

Round 6: Pillage

What to Bring

  • Your Army (seriously, don’t forget that or you might get stuck with a loaner Kingdom of Men army with no Men-At-Arms or Large Beasts)
  • Dice, measuring device, wound trackers, writing utensils and anything else you’ll need to game. Please use dice both you and your opponent can read and be clear about how you’re tracking damage.
  • Chess Clock (or smart phone with App to take its place)
  • Core Kings of War rulebook (and any supplemental rulebooks you’ll be using items/spells/rules from) IE: If you’re playing Brotherhood, bring Uncharted Empires! If you’re using a new item from Clash of Kings, bring that book as well
  • Good attitude

What else you might want to bring

  • A tray of some sort to transport your army between games
  • Charging cord for that smart phone you’ll be using as a chess clock
  • A sense of humor