HATS: Hawaii Advanced Technology Society




Name & Purpose


Section A:


Hawaii Advanced Technology Society


Section B:


Mission Statement:






Section A:



Members are of all race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetics, have also paid their membership dues ($25) and have not violated the Code of Conduct outlined in Article VI. Members are required to sign and acknowledge the following agreements before being recognized as an official member of the club:

  1. HATS Legal Binding Agreement
  2. HATS Code of Conduct Agreement
  3. White Hat Code of Ethics




Section A:


There shall be the following positions within the organization:

  1. President (1)
  2. Vice President (1)
  3. Director of IT Affairs (2)
  4. Project Manager (n)
  5. Treasurer (1)


Section B:


President (1) - The President is responsible for the overall organization of the club.

Duties include:

Vice-President (1) - The Vice-President is responsible for enacting plans and ensuring that goals and milestones are completed.

Duties include:

Director of IT Affairs (2) - Promote HATS projects and affairs through communicating with students, members, alumni, professors, or professional.


Duties include:

Project Manager (n) - Outstanding student members who propose a project or idea that they would like to work collaboratively with HATS on.


Duties include:

Treasurer (1) - Maintains and handles club funds, keeps a record of all transactions and ensures that funding is safe and secure.

        Duties Include:


  1. Purpose of deposit/withdrawal
  2. Date of deposit/withdrawal
  3. Officer requesting for deposit/withdrawal
  4. Signatures of President/Vice-President and Treasurer




Section A:



Only registered members will be eligible to vote.  

Section B:



Only members will be eligible to run as officers for the upcoming semester. Registrations for candidates will be on November 1st and April 1st. The registration period will be a total of two weeks (unless officers excuse candidate via acceptable excuse). All candidates will have an opportunity to present their campaign prior to the Election Day. Any position that has not been appointed a candidate will be filled by having a meeting held by officers, in which they will vote. Elections will be held at the end of each semester. An officer will only have the privilege to serve for a total of three semesters.





Section A:


All financial reports, invoices, and transactions shall be monitored and handle by Treasurer. Treasurer must create an invoice with the completion of the following criteria for every transaction (deposits, withdrawals):


  1. Purpose of deposit/withdrawal
  2. Date of deposit/withdrawal
  3. Officer requesting for deposit/withdrawal
  4. Signatures of President/Vice-President and Treasurer


All financial reports, invoices, and transactions shall be filed and stored within HATS’ financial database.

Section B:


All dues and payments for registration with the club should be handled by either the President, Vice President, or Treasurer. If payments are made to the President and Vice President an email must be sent to the receiving officer (President and Vice President) and the treasurer, stating the date the payment was given to the receiving officer, the amount given, and the officer receiving the funds. For dues, the following format should be utilized:

        Subject: Dues Payment

        To: (President and Vice President); (Treasurer);


                Date Given: 12/16/2015

                Amount: $25

                Receiving Officer: (President/Vice President)

The receiving officer should promptly give the funds to the Treasurer at their earliest convenience. The receiving officer will then send a response to the payee, the treasurer, and the other officer, stating that their dues have been received by the treasurer. The treasurer should proceed to handle the funds as outlined in Section A: Transactions.



Code of Conduct


  1. All members must pay the member dues.
  2. Members will exercise a professional level of courtesy, respect, and ethical conduct when listening and communicating ideas.
  3. All members must abide to Honolulu Community College’s Student Conduct Code.
  4. All members must sign White Hat Code of Conduct.
  5. All members must abide to State and Federal Laws.
  6. All members must not observe disruptive or disorderly conduct.
  7. Theft, Vandalism, and Dishonesty are all violations to Code of Conduct.
  8. Members will exercise reasonable care, good faith, and due diligence in organizational affairs.


Remember, you are a direct representation of The Hawaii Advanced Technology Society, our CENT/ISA/ICS departments, our school, our professors, and all affiliates, be as proud as we are to be part of this club and to take part in this movement.


Jurisdiction of Club’s Code of Conduct:

                The Club’s Code of Conduct shall be applied to all club-related activity including meetings, events created by club, fundraising projects, club-sponsored events, events/non club-related meetings attended by members, and community service projects.


Allegation, Investigation, and Disciplinary Action

                Violations to any of the Code of Conduct rules will be immediately investigated by a panel of the club’s Directors and any available Faculty Advisor. A meeting will be held where the member who has violated any rules will be able to present any evidence to the panel in the violator’s defense. Any confirmed violations will result in termination of club membership. If the validity of the violation is questionable, a majority vote by panel will determine disciplinary action which can range from warnings to termination.



Section A:

Scheduled Meetings


Scheduled meetings and their agenda will be announced and sent out via email and/or a Slack announcement. Meetings will be held twice a month starting from the beginning of the semester. Scheduled meetings can be hosted by any officer. Meeting agenda and minutes will be planned by the President and Vice President; or any other member if they’re both unable to attend. A voice recording of the meeting will be taken in the event of a dispute or concern over topics discussed during the meeting. All documentation will be saved in a folder if needed by the school or advisor.

Section B:

Impromptu Meetings

Impromptu meetings can be hosted by any of the officers or members as necessary. Impromptu meetings can be announced via a Slack announcement or via email if approved by an Officer. Meeting agenda and minutes must be created by the hosting party. Record of impromptu meetings will need to be recorded by the hosting party. Voice recording or key-notes of meeting will be counted as an acceptable record of meeting minutes.




Section A:



Section B: