The Bane of Mankind

Emily Nickerson

There are prisons in this world to contain and punish all of the trouble makers of the world, but there are those who are wrongfully accused and convicted. When this happens the innocent are forced into a constricting space, waiting for retribution. The worst scenario is when the victims are put in prisons unknowingly by loved ones, and yes, such a thing exists in the world: shoes. Shoes are portable prisons that we mechanically strap on everyday, causing our feet to suffer. Despite the fact there isn’t any real need for them they are accepted by our society without a resistance.


From an early age we are conditioned to buy, wear, and buy again, as a stimulant for happiness. Commercials cause us to lose our senses, shoes aren’t the Holy Grail, a source of all that is good. The ads that are constantly zapped to the population make shoes seem like skipping through the tulips, but actually skipping through the tulips would be way better. It’s common day brainwashing, hypnotizing the viewer with pretty colors, and causing them to think that the absence of shoes is the absence of happiness.

Just as they aren’t all good, they aren’t all bad; there are some cases where shoes are necessary. Life is full of challenges and if your profession was to wade through broken pieces of glass or animal droppings everyday, then a little protection is a reasonable request. To prevent having a blood covered, broken up foot, a person should put on some shoes. As long as there is an appropriate reason, articles of footwear can be understandable.

Humans aren’t invincible and sometimes we need an extra bit of padding, like clothes and hats. Somewhere along the line, shoes stopped being a barrier against dangers and transformed into an accessory. People need to put shoes into perspective, sort out when they are and are not a necessity. It is making us weak to give into appliances instead of relying on ourselves for the things we need.  

People concern themselves too much with the material things in life, it fills the void known as boredom. Purchasing things, such as shoes, help people forget about the other things in their life for a little while, it brings them a simple joy in the moment. Instead of focusing on something that actually has a purpose and brings true emotion, the trivial things are like a cheap knock off or drug that imitates happy but slowly fades away. Caring so much about shoes is the same as throwing life away, the transaction leads to ultimately nothing.