SGA Meeting mintutes 10-2-2013
12:04 meeting called to order
Motion to approve minutes
Phi theta moved to approve
Aauw 2nd

President- still trying to meet with DR.Head
VP - no report
Secretary- minutes etc
Parliamentarian - vacant

A-Team - meetings for A-Team and discussed events in details
Hecho program discussed Norma Guzman running the program looking for 70 or more student and staff volunteers  drawing for 1000scholarship at event questions see her after meeting
Night- no report

Greenspoint- breast cancer awareness event

Advisor report- student activities fee budget  shown on projector   given 550,000 for this year’s budget. Discussed split between 6 campuses. Down 50,000 because enrollment not at its goal last year. Discussed salaries covered for student life program coordinator covered 75% by student life. Traveling for programs cover lodging airfare, etc. 7,000 available. Promotional and
Student organizations. Reserve fund deadline passed north star news club only organization who requested. Allocations committee will meet within the next week or two. Rising stars banquets covered
GCIC dues cover miscellaneous things all colleges must pay out of their budgets.
Recreational sports covered partially covered
Student activities programming given to campuses based on their enrollments north Harris 72% victory 12% greens point 16%
Lead retreat wait list/trip is full and that all paperwork due at 12noon next Wednesday.

Faculty advisor-no report

Special guest report- Ann said book store built 14 yes ago said enrollment has expanded said because of fire code police said only a certain amount allowed inside. They is offered free ground shipping. Spring books will be available in December 2013. Said on their website after the 15th of November the books will be available.  Told students to not wait until the first day of school and cause a rush. Ann said any student can return/exchange a book if it is the incorrect within 15 days. 
Website will be sent to president to be able to go on there to order for next semester
Return policy taken on open package
No ideas on how to advertise that they offer online services and can have returned welcoming student ideas
There is online option to have shipped or store pick up  also
Can be ordered on the side of the building to have a store pickup
Ask students to go online and do services due to high volume or calls and emails per hour.
They thought the best way to promote their online was through the instructors.
Said talked to Dr.lampart said in spring would like to have bookstore agents to help people access online and order.
As far as backorder for long periods of time it was issue with the off campus bookstore closing in a short few weeks notice some books are custom and take 6 weeks in time.
A lot of things will change In spring 2014 so is said.
North Star news club offered advertisement and AAUW stated book fair is a plausible idea.
Sometimes publishers have issues as well and are unpreventable.
Online website is

No old business
No new business

Disability awareness group said turned in paperwork.  Group is to mentor assist and inform students who have disability services. Provide outreach to students who don't know about the services.

Phi theta kappa Oct 17 cultural awareness open to all ACad 126 12-12:30pm

ASAP 3rd general meeting-open to all

North Star news club- liaisons to north star news one more available join lonestar news and send email to let them know. deadline is Friday October 4th
Fees due Monday
One eighth, Quarter, full, & half page available

FASLI- will be interpreting for Cinderella productions

AAUW October 15 details of Obama Care act open to all 11:50-12:30pm A-126