One-to-one computing advice & information
Year 8 to 13 one-to-one Computer Devices at Orewa College.

Digital devices are recommended for use in Year 7 and are required for Year 7 ILC students.  

Year 8 - 13 students are expected to be at school with their own wireless capable computing device.

Purchasing options

One of the many realities of computing in a school environment is that students require a highly portable device with a very long battery life.  Students must carry their device from class to class every hour and will not be able to rely on having an opportunity to recharge their battery during the day.  In addition to this, students one-to-one devices must also be wireless capable, have a good warranty and be robust which often means the build quality of the device should be high. A strong case is also recommended.

Although we are happy to support the use of any tablet or laptop, our five years of operating a one-to-one school environment has shown the iPad to be the most reliable and adaptable device for years 7 to 10.

The iPad:


The situation changes in the senior school (years 11 to 13). Although hundreds of students have successfully completed NCEA courses on iPads, a small number of courses require professional level software and therefore have a preference for laptops.

Senior courses with laptop preference include:

Laptop Specs: 8GB RAM(min) 100GB HD(min)


The college predominantly uses Google apps and Google classroom for school work, which operates on any device type.

Purchasing information on next page.

Device purchasing information
Here’s a summary of recommendations based on Orewa College one-to-one device experience





iPad (Apple)

All models

WIFI only


- Most reliable at Orewa College

- Camera use

- Most educational apps available

- Most common means most support

- Lightweight

- Connects to Apple TVs in class

Not the cheapest

Slower to arrange large documents



- Cheaper prices available

- Camera use

- Lightweight

Slower to arrange large documents

Fewer educational apps



- Large device storage

- Large screens available

- Camera use

- Lightweight

- Most Expensive tablet

- Slower to arrange large documents

- A few more difficulties recorded with wireless

- Very low number of apps available



- Fewer system crashes

- More useful built-in software

- Synchronizes with iPad data and files

- Connects to Apple TVs in class

More expensive starting price

No camera use (Photo/Film)



Cheaper laptop

Largest range and options

No camera use (Photo/Film)

More likely to crash (OC experience)

Chromebook (Google)


Cheapest starting price

Designed for Google apps


Google apps only

Based around internet storage only

No camera use (Photo/Film)

Most successful tablet or laptop


Please note:  Special offers on Apple iPads are rare, however when they are offered you will require Student ID in order to purchase a computing device at best rates for Orewa College.  If your child is going to be new to our school, and does not have Student ID, please contact the Main Office for a letter confirming their enrolment.

Tablet Screen size:

Make sure it has at least an 9 inch screen. There are a range of ‘phablets’ (Phone-tablets) at 7 or 8 inch which make school work difficult.