Advanced Art Honors 1 & 2                 Spring Syllabus 2017            Klenow

About Advanced Art Honors; Students take Advanced  Honors Art to create a body of work that is of the highest quality, shows originality, and risk-taking. A variety of media, materials, and design approaches are explored throughout the year. Entering art contests is expected and encouraged.  

January 25-Feb. 3  Figure Drawing Unit                 Concepts - Proportion, Depth


Tech of the week-Figure drawing RULES of proportion

Homework due- 2 pages of gestures any style due 2/3


February 6-10     Finish Figure Composition        Concepts - Composition


February 13-17

Artomorphosis; I. DRAW II. DESIGN III. SCULPT        CONCEPT- Transition

This assignment will help you choose which AP class is best for you.

This Unit is comprised of 3 pieces of artwork;  

#1 realistic full color traditional artmaking  

#2 then alter the image to show emphasis on a design principle of your choice (pattern, movement, etc. you may use any media including digital)

 #3 a Sculpture based on #2 it using any recycled materials or clay

PART I. Choose a traditional art form; portrait, still life, or landscape  Use any media to create  realistic full color, traditional art


    1.                                        2.                        3.

Homework Due 2/17- 3 Hands connecting

Book Work= thumbnail sketches of artomorphosis

February 21-24

February 27- March 10

Part III. a Sculpture based on #2 it using any recycled materials or clay


Homework due March 10 -Mashup practice juxtapose 2 opposite things of your choice

March 13-17

Finish Artomorphosis.  Class critique on all 3 works. Written self-critique due

Homework 3/17 - Book Metamorphosis-choose a word or pic in your book and draw a 3 stage metamorphosis

March 20-24                                Concepts -Narrative/Juxtaposition

PICK 3 Mashup-Class Collaboration; Action, Quality, &  Character          

thumbnails for Pick 3


 March 27-30

Finish Mashup and start

choose 3 portraits by 3 masters, collage them together and draw, enlarge work. mimic rendering techniques and media.  Choose charcoal, white on black, or graphite.

  old master collage

April 3- 7                                          Concepts -Value and Proportion

 Martin Wittfooth

Josh Keyes 

 Laura Ball

April 17-21-Continue on  Animal Stories

 Tech of the week -fur texture

Homework Due April 20 - Something that Flies

April 24-28

Finish Animal Stories and Start


        Spring Break  April 10-14

May 1-5

Homework due 5/4-5-  steampunk animal


May 8-11


Homework Due -May -5/18-19 Paint Chip Mood Page

  colored pencil over watercolor ground

May 15-19

May 22-26

Finish all projects.

Book Experimentation.  Choose 3 off the list and add to, alter your

Book DUE May 26

REVIEW for FINAL May 30-June 2