***Please note that in the event one of these procedures is put in place, parents/guardians SHOULD NOT come to the school to pick up their children upon hearing the announcement.  In the event an alternative means of dismissal is required, the school will communicate directions for pickup through its means of communication.***


An evacuation will be ordered if the school thinks it is in the best interest do so (or is instructed to do so by emergency officials) .  Each classroom has a designated area around the building where staff and students evacuate.  In the event an off-site evacuation is required, the school will coordinate that location with police.


A lockdown will be ordered in response to an intruder inside the school or when there is an imminent threat to staff or students.  


A lockout (formerly referred to as a “soft lockdown”) will be ordered in the event when there’s an external threat (outside the building) in the community that potentially jeopardizes the health and safety of staff and students.  All outdoor activities are canceled and everyone remains in the building.  No one will be given access to the building without administrative approval.


A Shelter-In-Place will be ordered to safeguard students and staff in situations where there are environmental or weather hazards outside the building.  This procedure includes relocating the students to a centrally located area inside the building.