Draft List Updated  12/17/2018

~Draft Beers:

Woods + Waters IPA $8 16oz. / $6 10oz  Maine Beer ME 6.2%alc.

Lunar Return Sour W/ Guava $8 16 oz. / $6 10oz. Grimm Ales NY  5%alc.

Huguenot Sour. $8 16oz $6 10oz Crooked Stave 4.4%alc.

Lorretta Farmhouse Ale  $8 16oz. / $6 10oz. Oxbow 4%alc

Upstairs Downstairs DIPA $8 16oz. $6 10oz. Grimm Ales NY 8%alc.

Canadian Breakfast Stout $9 16oz. $7 10oz Founders 6.4%alc.

~Bottled Beers:

India Pale Ale

Garden of Eden To Ol $9 6.4%alc. 16oz can

Dork of Hazard Hoof Hearted $6 16oz can

Fast Fashion DDH Stillwater $8 6.5%alc 16oz can

Bing Bing Zero Gravity $8 6.8%alc 16oz can

Project #6 w/Peaches Collective Arts $6 6.7%alc 16oz can

Wrench Industrial Arts $9 6.8%alc 16oz can

Soft Serve Citra Sour Gun Hill $8 3.5%alc 16oz can

Bikini Beer Evil Twin CT.$5 2.7%alc. *can


Beer Geek Breakfast. MIKKELLER DENMARK.$9 7.5%ALC 16oz can

#YOLOMAELK To OL $14 14%alc 16oz can

Extra Stout Zero Gravity $5 5.9%alc 12oz can

Breakfast Stout Founders $6 8.3%alc

Paradise Prairie $13 13%alc 12oz can

KBS Founders $11 12%alc

Big Bunny Milk Stout Stillwater/AZ Wild $6 8%alc 12oz can

Black Belgian Allagash $7 7.5%alc

Nitro Merlin Firestone Walker $6 5.5%alc 12oz can

Double Negative Grimm Ales $17 10%alc 22oz btl


Palo Santo Dogfish Head $9 12%alc

Porter Founders $6 6.5%alc

Stranger than Fiction Collective Arts $6 5.5%alc 16oz can


Orval. belgium.$10 6.2% alc

ABT 12 Quad St Bernardus $11 10%alc


Pivo Pils Firestone Walker $4 12oz can

Metric Industrial Arts $7 4.7%alc 16oz can

Prima Pils Victory PA $5 5.3%ALC


Le Petit Prince Jester King $15 2.9%alc 25oz btl

Bouffon Bruery Terreux & Jester King $17 5.3%alc 25oz btl

Saison Ardennes Bruery Terreux $14 6.3%alc 12oz btl

Hennepin. OMMEGANG NY.$6 7.7%ALC.

Cellar Door w/ sage. Stillwater CT.$6 6.6%ALC.

Curieux Barrel Aged Triple Allagash $17 11%alc

Serenata Notturna Crooked Stave $15 12%alc

Two Lights w/ Sav Blanc Must & Lager & Champagne yeast Allagash $7 6.7%alc

Little Brett Allagash $6 4%alc

Coolship Resurgam Allagash $18 6.4%alc 12oz btl


Super You Gose w/Oak & Pineapple Grimm $17 5.3%alc 22oz btl

Huguenot Colonial Sour Crooked Stave $14 4.4%alc 12oz blt

Pink Guava Funk Prairie $7 6.3%alc 12oz can

Gose Lost Nation $6 5%alc 16oz can

Vieille Oak Aged Saison. CROOKED STAVE CO.$6 4.2% alc 12oz can

Surette Extended Oak Aging. CROOKED STAVE CO.$14  6.2% alc 12 oz


Nine Pin Hard Belgian NY $6 6.7%alc 12ozcan

Banzi Bunny Sparkling Sake Japan $10 7%alc 12oz btl

Farm Flor Dry & Sour Graft NY $6 6.9%alc 12oz can