Draft List Updated  6/27/2017

~Draft Beers:

Peeper Pale Ale $8 16oz. / $6 10oz  Maine Beer ME 5%alc.

Mary Pilsner $8 16 oz. / $6 10oz. Hill Farmstead VT 5.6%alc.

Black Belgian Stout. $7 16oz $5 10oz Allagash  ME 7.5%alc.

Wavvy DIPA $8 16oz. / $6 10oz. Stillwater MD 8%alc

Alesmith DIPA $8 16oz. $6 10oz. Alesmith CA 8.5%alc.

Force Field DIPA $8 16oz. $6 10oz Grimm NY 6.4%alc.

~Bottled Beers:

India Pale Ale

Falco. Evil Twin CT.$6 7%alc. *can tall boy

Citra Sunshine Slacker  Evil Twin NY.$6 4.5%alc. *can tallboy

Nu Tropic Stillwater CT.$5  6%alc. *can

Super Hop Stillwater CT.$8 6%alc. *can tallboy

Wavvy DIPA Stillwater CT.$8 8%alc. *can tallboy

Cloudbusting #4 DIPA Grimm NY.$8 8%alc. *can tallboy

Leo VS Ursus Firestone Walker CA.$8 8%alc. *can tallboy

Vallejo Half Acre IL.$6 6.7%alc. *can tallboy

Galaxy White IPA w/ Brett Anchorage AK.$22 7%alc. 25oz Bottle

Wheat is the New Hops Mikkeller/Grassroots DK.$10 6%alc. *can tallboy

E. Pluribus Lupulin #2  Gun Hill NY.$8 9.3%alc. *can tallboy

Motueka Soft Serve Gun Hill NY.$8 3.4%alc. *can tallboy

Bikini Beer Evil Twin CT.$5 2.7%alc. *can

Kelso IMP IPA.NY $7 10%alc. *can


Beer Geek Breakfast. MIKKELLER DENMARK.$12 7.5%ALC 12OZ. BTL.

Sugarmaker Sweet Milk Stout. Grimm NY.$16 11.5%ALC 22oz. BTL

Whiteface Stout Lake Placid NY $5 7%ALC Can

On Fleek Stillwater MD $6 13%ALC *Can

Void of Light. Gun Hill NY.$9 7.9%ALC. *Can Tallboy

Black Belgian Stout Allagash ME $7 7.5%ALC 12oz

HIbernal Fluxus Belgian Stout w/ Figs Allagash ME $20 8%ALC 25oz.

Milk Stout. left hand co.$4 6%ALC.


5 Beans. Sixpoint NY.$5 10%alc. *can


Orval. belgium.$10 6.2% ALC


Hoppy Belgian Table Beer. Allagash ME. $6 4.8% ALC

Hipster. Evil Twin CT.$5 5.5%alc. *can

Aniara w/ Lemon Juice. Omnipollo Sweden.$18 6%alc. 22oz BTL

Taras Boulba Belgian Pale De La Senne Bel.$8 4.5%alc.

Albert 3 Belgian Pale Ale Trou Du Diable Canada $14 5.4%alc 20oz BTL

Arh Avad!? Belgian Pale Ale Mikkeller DK $9 6.8%alc

Ramen Beer Belgian Pale Mikkeller DK $9 5%alc


Old Brown Dog. Smuttynose NH.$4 6.7%alc

Nut Brown Alesmith CA, $5 5%alc

Boffo Brown Darkhorse MI $6 6.5%alc

Palo Santo Marron. Dogfish head DE.$9 12%alc


Mamas Little Yella Pils. Oskar Blues CO.$4 *can

Hoponius Union Lager Jack’s Abby MA. $6 6.7%ALC

Prima Pils Victory PA $5 5.3%ALC

Pony Pilsner Half Acre IL $6 5.8%ALC *can tallboy

Keeper Mikkeller Dk $5 5%ALC *can


Calabaza Boreal Jolly Pumpkin/Anchorage AK $18 7%ALC. 25oz BTL

Mosaic w/ Brett & Oak Aged Anchorage AK $22 6.5%ALC 25oz BTL

Barrel Aged Farmhouse Pale Oxbow ME $25 6.5%ALC 16.9oz BTL

Saison Dell’Aragosta Oxbow / Birrifico ME $17 4.8%ALC 16.9oz BTL

Century Ale Brett Saison Allagash ME $20 8%ALC 12.7oz BTL

Colorado Wild Sage. Crooked Stave CO.$15 7.2%alc. 12oz. Btl.

L’Brett D’or Wild Ale Crooked Stave CO. $15 6%ALC 12oz. BTL

Fluxus SAISON W/GINGER & AGED IN GIN BARRELS. Allagash ME. $25 8.5%alc. 25oz BTL

Hennepin. OMMEGANG NY.$6 7.7%ALC.

Rodgrod Med Flode To Ol DK $10 6%ALC.

Cellar Door w/ sage. Stillwater CT.$6 6.6%ALC.

Ryan & The Beaster Bunny. EVILTWIN CT.$6 7%ALC.

Mellifera w/ Honey Trou Du Diable CA. $15 5%ALC. 20oz BTL

FV13 Oak Aged Belgian Ale Allagash ME $20 8.8% ALC 12oz BTL

Zee Germans Are Koming To Ol DK $20 7.5%ALC 25oz BTL


Vieille Oak Aged Saison. CROOKED STAVE CO.$13 4.2%ALC. 12 oz

Surette Extended Oak Aging. CROOKED STAVE CO.$14  6.2%ALC. 12 oz

Lost Nation Gose VT $6 4.5%Alc *can tallboy

Nomaderweisse Berliner Weisse Evil Twin CT $6 4%ALC. *can

Present Perfect Berliner W/ Passionfruit Grimm NY $17 4%ALC 22ozBTL

The Wind Dry Hopped Gose Lost Nation VT $20 4.8%ALC 25oz BTL

Gose to Hollywood To Ol DK $9 3.8%ALC. *can tallboy

Sur Amarillo To Ol DK $9 7.5%ALC *can tallboy


Nine Pin Hard Belgian NY $6 6.7%ALC *can

Dry Cidah Urban Farm Fermentory ME $7 6.5%ALC *can