E. L. Wright Middle School 7th Grade Summer Reading

E. L. Wright Middle School 7th Grade Summer Reading

Welcome to 7th grade!

Over the summer, you are expected to read at least three novels. A novel is a chapter book, typically with one hundred or more pages.

Some reasons why it is important to read over the summer is because reading…

The seventh grade ELA teachers believe students will read if they have freedom to choose their books. This means YOU get to choose which novels you read this summer! We have provided some suggestions that our students have loved reading on the backside of this sheet.


  1. Select three novels and read each completely. If you pick a novel and don’t like it, that’s okay! Just find another book you do like.
  2. For each novel, you need to complete the Reading Log (attached). Each time you pick up a book, record the title, date, and which page you read until. When you finish the book, just write “Finished.”
  3. After you finish all three, pick your favorite book from the summer. Then, select one of the options below and complete on a separate sheet of paper. Make sure you include the title and author of your novel at the top! This assignment can be typed or handwritten.

Option 1: Diary Entry

Option 2: Letter of advice

Option 3: Alternate Ending

Option 4: Theme

Pick one of the characters from your novel. Placing yourself in that character’s shoes, write a diary entry in which you share your conflicts, struggles, and/or experiences.

Write a letter of advice to a specific character from your novel. Be sure to address specific issues and/or concerns that the character struggled with the most.

Did you have a vision of the book ending differently? Or did you see the story going past the ending provided? Write a different or extended ending to the book. Use the characters and situations presented as inspiration.

Write about at least 3 connections you made to the novel. State your connections in complete sentences. Explain what lessons you learned from the connections you made.

Any questions? Email either Ms. Fox (elfox@richland2.org), Mr. Samon (ssamon@richland2.org), or Ms. Farr (mfarr@richland2.org). We check our email weekly in the summers.

Reading Log

Create a reading log based off the example below on a separate piece of paper. Fill in this log every time you read. If you lose this, you will need to complete on a separate sheet of paper. This will be collected during the first week of school. The two lines are examples of how to complete the Reading Log. If you run out of room, continue on a sheet of lined notebook paper.



Page number you stopped at:

June 9

Hunger Games

Page 18

June 10

Hunger Games

Page 45

Book Suggestions:


Science Fiction/Future:

Realistic Fiction:




E. L. Wright Middle School 7th Grade Summer Reading