TIE Spring 2016 --- SOS from the Google Gals --- Spirit Of Sharing

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Super Simple Highlighter

  • Highlight on webpages
  • Select text and right click on text
  • Reopen page later and highlights are still there
  • Click extension icon- open a new tab with only highlighted words

Note Anywhere

MB Ruler

  • Triangular ruler to measure distance and angles
  • Horizontal and vertical ruler with help lines
  • Screen grid that divides the website in equal rectangles

Awesome Drive

  • Install from chrome store
  • No need to manually download Microsoft Office files
  • Just open directly from drive
  • Create new Microsoft Office files directly from your drive  
  • Works with Word, Excel, and Powerpoint

10 Google Docs Hacks Every Teacher Should Know

Google Sheets

Google Sheet Add On - Mapping Sheets

  • Try it out yourself - Make a copy of this document
  • Add some sample information
  • Get the AddOn
  • Run the AddOn
  • Select your Title, Filter, and Location
  • View your Map
  • Share your ideas



Drawing Ideas


What’s New Google

  • Sharing Expiration Dates
  • Export Google Docs as ePUB Documents
  • Outline Tool - Tools > Document outline
  • Hangouts now allows 25 people
  • Colored Folders
  • File Locations
  • Take a Pic or Scan a PDF - Open with Google Docs - Instant OCR

More New Google Tools

How Do You Keep Up

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