How It Was Done

The Shoot:

Krista and I set aside two Sundays for this project. Krista handled the scheduling of the clients for massages and their time slot for their before and after photoshoots. We received permission to use the space at Align Massage Therapy from the owner Jana, therefore a property photo release was signed. On the day of the photoshoots, Hilary and Krista arrived early and set up the equipment. Test shots were done with Hilary’s wonderful boyfriend Andrew to adjust for lighting and exposure. Model releases were signed by each model, Hilary the photographer, and a witness, Krista.

The Gear:

I use a Canon T4i purchased from Henry’s. I’ve had this camera for a few years now so newer models have come out, such as the T5i, T6i, and T7i which are also found at Vistek, Amazon, and B&H. The lens is Canon 18-135mm also purchased from Henry’s, but can be found at Vistek, Amazon, and B&H. The backdrop we used was rented from Vistek for the day. It included a collapsable support system and a thick linen white cloth. For this shoot I used two external flashes, the Canon Speedlite 430EX|| purchased from henry’s but also found on Amazon, and the Yongnuo Speedlite YN568EX|| purchased from Amazon. I mounted the Canon on my camera body and the Yongnuo on a Cameron tripod. Flash transmitters are used so that the camera can communicate with the second external flash, in this case the Yongnuo that was set up on the tripod. Otherwise, only the external flashed that is mounted on the camera will fire when the shutter is released. On each flash I had a diffuser, which bounces the light around to create a soft light on the model, instead of a harsh light with shadows. On the Canon flash I had a softbox diffuser and on the Yongnuo flash I had a “Heavy Frost” colour effects filter from HonlPhoto. I use Panasonic Rechargable AA eneloop batteries (white) for the external flashes. With all the research I have done about batteries to use and not to use in your external flashes, these seem to be the best choice based on performance and cost. Read more here!

Some other gear I use include lens cap straps, UV lens protectors, neck and wrist straps. Lens cap straps are great! You always want to keep dust and scratches off your lens glass and also your UV lens protector glass. Putting your lens cap down on a variety of surfaces or in your pocket while shooting, doesn’t help. These lens cap straps keep you from loosing your lens cap but also help keep it clean. I recommend the UV lens protectors as they are much cheaper to replace then your whole lens. If the glass on your lens gets scratched, broken, or smudged, they are much harder to clean and much more expensive to replace than a UV lens protector. There are all kinds of brands out there but I personally like Hoya and Cameron. I switch between the standard neck strap that comes with the camera and a wrist strap. For this shoot I used the standard neck strap as I was greeting my models and moving around my equipment. It was easy to let my camera hang from my neck while I used both hands to do other things. This isn’t so easy with the wrist strap, although I use it often in different situations!

As for memory cards and batteries, I prefer to use smaller memory cards and stick with brand name camera body batteries. I switch out my memory cards as I need and that way if one malfunctions I do not loose all of my photos from the shoot, plus, they are cheaper to replace! I use either the 16GB or 32GB Sandisk Extreme memory cards, and I usually get them from Amazon. The battery for your camera body will be included with your purchase most likely, however it is good to buy at least one spare so that you always have a fully charged battery. The one I use in my camera body is the Canon LP-E8. If your battery looses power half way through your shoot, switch it out and charge it. Otherwise you will be waiting around for it to charge. Batteries also tend to loose power more quickly if you are outside in the cold or shoot many frames quickly.

Post Processing:

I am in love with Apple computers and I am currently using a 15’ Macbook Pro. I use the Macbook instead of the desktop Mac because I like to bring my work with me wherever I go. I use a laptop case for the Mac in my travels. I also use Adobe’s Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC to edit my work.

I hope you enjoyed …