Chocolate Review Keynote:

  1. It is very important that you read the handout on tempering chocolate. On Thursday in class, we will be tempering chocolate. I will not have much time to explain it - please be ready! (ALSO - no uniform inspection this week).
  2. Pull up this website:
  3. Read through the article (and look at the pictures) about tempering chocolate.
  4. Referencing this website, your chocolate notes and the Internet, please make a short, concise Keynote or PowerPoint to cover the following topics: MINIMUM OF 5 SLIDES
  1. Where in the world chocolate is grown (remember the three key locations)
  2. How cocoa beans become chocolate liquor (the process)
  3. Make a chart to show percentage of chocolate liquor in: Dark chocolate, semi-sweet, milk and white chocolate
  4. Give an overview of how to temper chocolate using the seed method (this is explained in great detail on your handout)
  5. Look up ‘chocolate bark’. Tell how it’s made and list ingredients you would like to see in a chocolate bark.
  1. We will be in lab on Thursday working with chocolate. Look forward to a fun day together! :)