Amara, Warden of Hope


Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Though the land is said to be older than time itself, Un’Goro Crater remains a force of power on Azeroth. Now opening up to more exploration than before, adventurers have uncovered a secret source of strength once locked deep away - one that reminds us hope does not come without sacrifice.

Summoned by “Awaken the Makers” (Summon 7 Deathrattle minions and you get Amara) Amara is an 8/8 with Taunt that has a battlecry that sets your hero’s health to 40.

Jeff’s Choices



Trait- “Awaken the Makers”

Amara’s Trait is a very unique one. When the battle begins the Amara player is represented by a etherial spirit on the battlefield. This spirit is able to move around the battlefield in the same way as Leoric in his ghost form. Amara is untargetable during this time and is able to use some of her abilities. All other heroes on the battlefield are given a “1” ability to Awaken the Makers and allow Amara to come to the battlefield in her true form. Amara is only able to be summoned when the friendly hero has done enough damage to fill up the “awaken” meter. Once awakened Amara is able to use all of her abilities and attack the enemy with her basic abilities.

Mount-  Dragon Mount

Q- “Circle of Healing” Spirit/Full Form

This is Amara’s healing ability. She selects a circle on the battlefield and after a small channel time (similar to Chrome's basic abilities) she summons the light to heal all friendly targets in the circle. Because of the channel time the heal is larger than a “normal” heal. This will force the player to practice timing and gives the hero a higher skill cap. If Amara is in Full form while using this she also gains an additional heal amount.

W- “Inner Fire” Full Form

Amara can select a hero and give them an attack bonus based on how much health they currently have. The more health they have the more of a bonus they get from this buff. This can be talented in the game to also grant a attack speed buff.

E- “Holy Nova” Full Form

When selected Amara calls forth the power of a holy nova that explodes from the location of her toon. The explosion deals damage to the enemy and pushes them back in the same fashion as a Brightwing emerald wind, but in a smaller area of effect. This ability also heals the friend units in the area.

Heroic 1- “Divine Spirit” Full Form

Amara selects a hero on the battlefield and doubles their health. No matter what health they have at the time of this ability it is doubled. If the health reaches the place it was before it was doubled the effect is lost- also the affected hero will only have this health buff for a short amount of time.

Heroic 2- “Thoughtsteal” Spirit/Full Form

Amara selects a hero and puts their heroic on cooldown. The cooldown on their heroic is FULL and gives the enemy team a chance to engage without having to deal with it. The cooldown for this ability is equal to the cooldown of the heroic that is put on cooldown.

Specialty Skin

Ghost of Christmas Past

Woman in Room 217 (The Shining)



Sound of Music Top of the mountain spin

Kristen’s Choices






        Only the Beginning

Every time the allied Hero death count reaches a multiple of seven, Amara’s abilities become more powerful.


        Rock emerges from the earth to shuttle her around the battlefield.



Letting loose a cry, Amara causes an enemy Hero to turn and fight her for a short time, locking them into place for the duration of the ability.


Curse of Light

Amara punches a light into the chest of a nearby enemy. This enemy is now cursed with a decrease to the amount of healing received. Should they touch a fellow enemy Hero during this, the curse is spread.


Blessing of Hope

Amara shoots forth a ball of light that hits a target ally. The ally now receives double the healing for a brief period of time. Unfortunately, they are also now glowing like a beacon of hope itself, making them a tempting target.


Light of the Warden

Gathering up all of the latent energies of the land around her, Amara pulses in powerful light, granting a large heal to all those around her. Any enemies within the radius do not receive damage but do have their healing effects cancelled during each pulse of light.


        Get Stoned

Made from stone herself, Amara knows the power the hardened earth has. When ready, Amara casts this on a nearby ally, transforming them into a stone warden like herself. In this form, they gain a large amount of armor and receive a larger health pool. When over, the stone form explode outward, pieces of this shield hitting enemies in the eyes and blinding them as the allied Hero makes their escape.


        Amara, Flower Child

She strums guitars. She has flowers in her hair. She loves peace and all the flora of Un’Goro Crater.


        The Batusi

Two vees across the eyes. Originally made for the 1960’s Batman TV series as their parody of the popular Watusi, it soon became all the rage.