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Curriculum Vitae


Mika Raento

Date of Birth



PhD (Computer Science), University of Helsinki, 2007

Master of Science (major Computer Science, minors Mathematics and Sociology), University of Jyväskylä, 2000

Finnish Matriculation exam 1996

NZQA University Bursary (New Zealand matriculation exam) 1994

Work history

Jan 2015 - current. Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company (fi / global). Management consultant at Digital McKinsey. Led studies in process industry operations, medical technology product strategy and customer journey digitalization.

Aug 2009 - Jan 2015. Founder, Karhea Oy (fi). Software products and consulting. Created the The Mobile HTML5 Rendering Profiler. Led a project at Elisa to launch new adaptive bitrate netpvr for Android.

Apr 2013 - Mar 2014. Co-Founder, Brightside Experience Oy (fi). Mobile software with HTML5.

Mar 2010 - Mar 2013. VP, R&D, ZenRobotics Ltd (fi). R&D manager for the world's first robotic waste recycling system, delivered first customer installation.

Jul 2010 - Jul 2011. Advisor, Zokem Ltd (fi). Technical advisor for mobile software. Zokem was acquired by Arbitron Mobile.

Oct 2007 - Jun 2009. Software Engineer, Google UK Ltd (uk). Lead developer for Google Latitude on Symbian and Windows Mobile for initial launch. Latitude -- Picasa integration. Jaiku on AppEngine.

Jul 2006 - Oct 2007. Software Developer, Jaiku Ltd (fi). Creator of Jaiku Mobile for S60, mobile front-end. Jaiku was acquired by Google.

Oct 2005 - Jan 2006 Cellfire Security Technologies Ltd. (uk). Technology consultant for Symbian.

Sep 2002 - Sep 2006 Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (fi). Researcher and teacher, ubiquitous computing

Aug 2000 - Aug 2002 Ascade AB (se). System architect for a large international telecom business support system. Led technical development for first two customer installations.

Feb 2000 - May 2000 Liinos Oyj (fi). Researcher (Master’s thesis)

May 1998 - Nov 1998 Liinos Oyj (fi). Internal application development.

1989 - present. Laskenta Raento Oy (fi). System administration and internal application development.

Technical skills

Medium-scale R&D management: team development, R&D processes, roadmap management, recruitment, performance evaluation, coaching.

Minimal-weight software engineering process for small teams (task division, tracking, estimation, day-to-day planning, QA planning).

Medium-scale (20 developers/500 KLOC) software development methodology, architectural and database design, quality assurance, version control.

Control of industrial robots in unstructured environments, sensory and motor integration, soft real-time.

Resilient software: writing always-on mobile applications that run for several years without manual intervention on a variety of devices and configurations.

AppEngine application development. Oracle database development and administration (Windows), data warehousing. Some Linux server administration, MySQL, peformance monitoring. Some Amazon Web Services.

Unix systems programming (Linux), COM/COM+ development with ATL and Visual Basic. Some Win32 on desktop and Windows mobile. Some PLC programming. Extensive Symbian C++ experience.

Programming languages: C++, some Java, clojure/lisp, javascript, perl, reasonable Objective-C, some python, SWIG, PL/SQL, KUKA Robot Language.

Reasonable HTML, javascript, CSS, SVG (currently working with AngularJS for Mobile Safari, worked on web front-ends in 1999-2002, some Jaiku front-end work). Automatic functional and performance testing of javascript, HTML, CSS and SVG. Offline web apps.

Language-independent protocol design (designed and implemented one pure XML protocol, one XML/binary/text format and worked on the Google protocol buffer compiler for mobile platforms)

Video transcoding and streaming, CDN.

Open-source -software

Jaiku AppEngine port, part of initial engineering team, security patches. (python)

Jaiku Mobile for S60, previously ContextPhone. Created, coded ~75%. (C++)

Jaiku Mobile frontend Sole developer, based on DJabberd. Not pretty. (perl)

Merkitys-Meaning flickr uploader for S60. (defunct). Sole developer. (C++)

Googletest Symbian and Windows mobile ports (C++)

NDB/Bindings Significant parts of initial release. (perl, SWIG)

Improvements to scons-for-symbian (python)

Submitted patches to the Linux ippp stack, googlemock, libmicrohttpd, Net::DNS, libexif, gnubox, ffmpeg.

Scientific publications


Exploring privacy for ubiquitous computing: Tools, methods and experiments, Mika Raento. PhD Thesis. University of Helsinki. 2007.

Refereed journal articles

Making the ordinary visible in microblogs, Antti Oulasvirta, Esko Lehtonen, Esko Kurvinen and Mika Raento. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 14(3): 237-249, 2009.

Smartphones - An Emerging Tool for Social Scientists, Mika Raento, Antti Oulasvirta and Nathan Eagle. Sociological methods and research, 37(3): 426 - 454. 2009.

Designing for privacy and self-presentation, Mika Raento and Antti Oulasvirta. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 12(7): 527 - 542, 2008.

Interpreting and acting on mobile awareness cues, Antti Oulasvirta, Renaud Petit, Mika Raento, and Sauli Tiitta. Human-Computer Interaction, 22(1–2):  97- 135. 2007.

The data subject’s right of access and to be informed in Finland - An experimental study, Mika Raento. International Journal of Law and Information Technology, 14(3): 390–409, 2006.

ContextPhone, a prototyping platform for context-aware mobile applications, Mika Raento, Antti Oulasvirta, Renaud Petit, and Hannu Toivonen. IEEE Pervasive Computing, 4(2), apr-jun 2005. ISSN 1536-1268.

Refereed conference articles

Evaluating classifiers for mobile-masquerader detection, Oleksiy Mazhelis, Seppo Puuronen, and Mika Raento. In Proceedings of the Security and Privacy in Dynamic Environments (SEC2006), 21st IFIP TC-11 International Information Security Conference, 2006.

ContextContacts: Re-Designing SmartPhone’s Contact Book to Support Mobile Awareness and Collaboration, Antti Oulasvirta, Mika Raento, and Sauli Tiitta. In Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services, MOBILEHCI’05, pages 167-174. ACM, 2005.

Adaptive On-device Location Recognition, K. Laasonen, M. Raento, H. Toivonen. In Pervasive Computing: Second International Conference, PERVASIVE 2004, LNCS 3001, Springer Verlag (2004), 287-304. (C) Springer-Verlag.

Edited proceedings

Proceedings of the Workshop On Location Systems Privacy and Control, in 6th International Conference on Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services MobileHCI’04 Ian Smith, Giovanni Iachello, and Mika Raento, editors. University of Strathclyde, 2004.

Artistic output


Loca: Location Oriented Critical Arts, John Evans, Drew Hemment, Theo Humphries, and Mika Raento. LEONARDO electronic almanac 14(3–4), 2006.

Loca: Location Oriented Critical Arts, John Evans, Drew Hemment, Theo Humphries, and Mika Raento. In Hothaus Papers: perspectives and paradigms in media arts, Eds Joan Gibbons and Kaye Winwood. Article Press 2006.

Context - Prototyping platform for contextual media. Mika Raento. Poster at the 12th International Symposium on Electronic Art ISEA2004. Helsinki, Finland. 2004.


LOCA: “Set to discoverable”, an interactive installation, by John Evans, Drew Hemment, Theo Humphries and Mika Raento was presented at ZeroOne San Jose / ISEA 2006.

LOCA: Location Oriented Critical Arts, a prototype installation by John Evans, Drew Hemment, Theo Humphries, and Mika Raento was presented at PixelAche 2006, the Kiasma Museum of Modern Art, Helsinki, Finland.

LOCA: Location Oriented Critical Arts, a prototype installation by Theo Humphries, John Evans, Drew Hemment, and Mika Raento was presented at Royal College of Art degree show 2005, London, UK.

Teaching experience

Taught bachelor-level "XML Metalanguage" course for two semesters at University of Helsinki, "Forest grammars" Master's-level course once.

Trained co-workers in technologies and software engineering practices at Ascade AB, ZenRobotics Ltd. Gave two tech talks at Google.

Invited technical talks at Nokia Oyj, Finnish Academy of Science and Letters, TKT-Alumni, EIT ICT labs, Finnish parliament's information society seminar, University of Helsinki's Studia Generalia lecture series, Hecse autumn school, Reboot 8, HelsinkiJS.


Mobile Device Battery Management, Mika Raento, David S. Maynard, Steven John Lee. US 2010/0194632 A1, 2010.


Prix Ars Electronica 2008 - Honorary Mention - Loca: Set To Discoverable

Finnish Information Processing Association Annual Doctoral Thesis Prize 2008.

Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki:“The good junior researcher 2005”.

Nokia Oyj: “Forum Nokia Champion”, 2006, 2007, 2009.

Language skills

Finnish: native

English: excellent

Swedish: excellent spoken, good written


Mika Raento

Pellervontie 35 b 5

00610 Helsinki


email: <>

tel: +358 45 262 1164