Geometry Course Syllabus

Teacher: Matt Harmless

Classroom: 341

Website: http://Mr.HarmlessOnline.Net 


Phone: 217.662.3964

Course Objectives

Students will obtain a working knowledge of key geometric skills as outlined in the course sequence:

Unit 1: Transformations

Unit 2: Angle Pair Relationships

Unit 3: Triangles

Unit 4: Similarity

Unit 5: Triangle Congruence

Unit 6: Right Triangle Trigonometry

Unit 7: Quadrilaterals

Unit 8: Circles

Unit 9: Two Dimensional Modeling

Unit 10: Three Dimensional Modeling

Unit 11: Logic

Teaching Methods

This course will include a variety of instructional techniques. You should expect to do a lot of collaborative work with your tablemates. Direct instruction will be provided as needed and necessary. However, material may be initially presented in a manner that you are not used to in a math class. Please be open-minded and ask for help from your peers and teacher if you need it. It is very important that you learn to cooperate and collaborate with your peers throughout this course, as well as speak up and seek extra help if you need it.

Classroom Policies

Come to class on time every day and be prepared for the lesson. If you are absent, you are expected to ask for all missed work and to make up any missed assignments (homework or assessment) in a timely manner. If you know you will be absent in advance, please let Mr. Harmless know, especially for field trips and other school activities.

You are expected to participate in class, take notes, and keep all handouts, homework, and assessments. Students who use class-time effectively are always welcome to ask for extra help as much as needed. Mr. Harmless also encourages you to email him anytime you have questions outside of class. Please take advantage of VIP time to get help, offered every day from 8:19-8:44.

All students arriving late to class are required to have a valid pass from a staff member. If you have questions about the new HERO system for tardies this year, please ask.

Food and drink are allowed in class as long as you pick up your garbage. If there are wrappers, food pieces, bottles, etc. left around the room at the end of class, the class may lose the privilege of being able to eat and drink. With the variety of lunches this year, please be courteous to your classmates and Mr. Harmless and be sure your garbage gets in the trash can. If you spill a drink or drop food, please promptly get supplies to clean up the mess.

Grading Policies

Geometry is a mastery criteria course. This means you are required to pass each unit of the course, with no less than a 50% on each target within the unit, to pass the course. Quizzes, homework, and in class assignments are formative assessments, which count as 10% of your overall grade. Unit tests are summative assessments, which count for 90% of your overall grade. Retakes are offered for all summative assessments, but students must have made an attempt on the original exam and completed additional practice to earn the retake. Students who meet mastery criteria are not required to take a final exam. Any student who has not met mastery criteria must come in during the final exam time to retake any deficient targets.

DHS has modified the grading scale for summative assessments this year as follows. If you have questions, please let Mr. Harmless know immediately.

A – Excellent (90-100%)

B – Above Average (80-89%)

C – Average (70-79%)

D – Below Average (60-69%)

F – Failing (50-59%)

No Attempt (40-49%)

Any student who cheats on an assessment will receive a referral to the dean and be given 24-hours from the original exam to complete a retake. An alternate form may be given at the teacher’s discretion. No additional study materials or assistance will be provided to the student.

ID Cards and Uniform Standard of Dress

All students are expected to properly display a school-issued student ID at all times. The ID must show the name and picture.

All students are expected to comply with the uniform standard of dress. There have been changes to the dress code this year, so if you have questions, please ask to ensure you are properly dressed for school.

Electronic Devices

Cell phones should not be out during class unless Mr. Harmless has specifically stated they are allowed. For example, you may need them out for an interactive activity for class or to check your Skyward account at a designated time. However, they should not be out for the sake of personal communication (texting, making phone calls, and engaging in social media) during class.

Headphones are allowed at designated times only. These may include when you have time to work on assignments or during an assessment. Headphones should not be worn during instruction or collaboration time. If you’re not sure if you can have them out, please ask Mr. Harmless to be sure. The use of headphones in class is a privilege and it will be taken away if abused.

ChromeBooks are available for use in class, but should be treated like any other electronic device. Students should only use a ChromeBook when directly told to for class, or when time is designated upon completion of work. Please ask Mr. Harmless if you may use a ChromeBook before getting one out. When returning the ChromeBook, be sure to plug in the charging cord.

DHS Behavior Management Process

The following issues will be managed by the classroom teacher: excessive talking, off-task behavior, disruption, minor disrespect, minor insubordination such as electronic devices, horseplay, minor physical contact, conversational use of profanity. These issues will be handled through a three-step process by the teacher: first offense - student conference; second offense – parent contact; third offense – 10 minute detention. The fourth offense becomes a referral to the dean.

The following issues will be managed by the dean: plagiarism/cheating, gross insubordination, gross disrespect, vandalism, theft, forgery, verbal/physical intimidation, physical assault, weapons, gang activity, drug possession/use, sexual harassment, profanity directed at another person, uniform standard of dress violations, attendance, tardies, and loitering.