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Educational Partners are requested to participate in advancing the educational opportunities of the students during the year. (See explanations listed on the back of this sheet.)

Several options are available. Please check one or more of the following options you might be willing/able to provide to the Island City Academy:

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Partnership Opportunities Explained

Island City Academy is dedicated to providing students unique opportunities to explore and gain career skills especially in the STEM and environmental education areas.

Here are some ways your organization might be able to help:

Field trip to your organization: Students from the middle school or high school come for all or part of the day to learn about your organization and related careers.

Field trip sponsor: Your organization provides funding for a major field trip experience for students (ex. 4-day field trip to the Lake Superior Youth Symposium).

Project coach: A person from your organization shares their expertise with a student while they are researching or designing a project. The volunteer may come into the classroom or communicate by email.

Classroom seminars: A person from your organization comes to the classroom to share their expertise with students. Seminars can range from a few hours to multiple days.

Job shadowing: One to three students come to your organization and “shadow” one or more people in order to understand what it would be like to have a career in your organization.

Career practicums: A student comes to your organization and watches/participates over multiple days/weeks (usually students would be present for 2-4 hours each day they are present).

Certificate skills: Your organization teaches a student to be proficient in a skill that is used at your organization and provides them with a “certificate” of proficiency (the school can assist with the preparation of the certificate).

Apprenticeships: Your organization trains (paid or unpaid) the student in a career to the level that allows the student to gain an entry level, skill specific career without additional training.

Equipment donation: Your organization provides useable technology and/or equipment to allow students to gain skills on equipment the school would not typically be able to supply or equipment that enhances the current school setting.

The Island City Academy is managed by a 501 © 3 non-profit governance board.