#My little brother is  Hakopa is so cute that I can  hug him all the time.

My little sister  marley  is cute and she like to  swim in the water   and she is so cute i like her so much every day.

My cat kate is so cute and cool she is black with white dots  and she is so cute like  to hug her.

My friends are nice to me and kind to me i like them like there are my whanau and we like to play netball but my friend jorgarose like to play with boys and i like to play with boys to.

My whanau  is nice to me and there like to make up jokes to me and i like my  whanau  because there make nice food i like to eat there food nice food to.

My little brother Rasta   he like  spiderman and he like to dance to spiderman songs.  

My mum  is cool i  very like her because so give me what i want i like to play on her phone i she want care if   i play on her phone because  so is pretty.

My  nana  is pretty and she give her phone to play  and  when she give me money i very like her very much.

My cat sarah i like  her because she furry and cute and i like her to sleep in  my bedroom  and sleep in my bedroom and when  i open my door she comes to me and so cute like i like my cat.

My papa is so cool he  like to eat sushi and like to eat it everyday i like my papa and my nana i like them very much that i can play with my  phone i like to play with my phone everyday.