Coach's Corner - Issue 19

A message from the Coach

With Nathan Bush

The Jack and Drive

This week I'm going to talk about throwing the jack and also the drive. Two very important skills that go a long way to getting the victory in pennant!

Throwing the jack is so important for two reasons; the first is obvious playing the team’s desired length. The length of the jack dictates how the game will be played, especially if your team mates have mastered a particular length.

The next aspect of throwing the jack accurately also gives the feel of the weight for a leader. Not all leaders can perfect this but if you can, wow what an advantage. If you’re a leader the next weeks, every training session should include both throwing a jack and bowling two bowls to the jack to give you a feel for the speed of the green. Also throwing the jack to extreme lengths both short and long.

The next aspect of coach’s corner is on driving and executing consistency with this shot. Now a drive ideally is a quick paced bowl to take out sideways movement- should not turn or have minimal turn. If your drive turns more than a foot it will be hard to perform the drive on a consistent basis. The drive is a really tricky shot for most people because the quicker our delivery is with a drive the harder it is to deliver the bowl smooth and on its desired line. The biggest tip I can give is all about the grip. The middle finger must be running down the middle of the bowl. I always turn the bowl over when I'm driving to line up the middle finger. The importance of drives come finals time is really important to get out of trouble and also on a difficult surface or windy conditions when attacking I will always go the drive. For those skippers in our Club at the moment be mindful as the in keeps progressing up the levels, it will be a necessity to play the key role in skip and have an effective drive. Also in saying this- the style of game that I encourage is to play the drive when the head requires disturbance, I will give my second a crack at it when there is an all chance of drawing the shot, same with the third. Think of it this way- if you decide on the draw shot and they fall short and block your drive or draw it will only create frustration. Now I'm not suggesting you go driving mad, but be mindful to be proactive and take the shot away before it's too late! I expect seconds thirds and skips to be practising all shots coming to finals; I'm more than willing to assist people.

Other Items:

I think the div 3 scored one of its best wins of the season because of the situation we were in- 14 down with 16 ends to go and I asked for an effort and the sign of a good team is the flick of the switch response. We quickly turned the 14 shot margin into a comfortable lead.

Luke James might not of had his best day but I was impressed with the continued positive encouragement, I will repeat that the greatest test of how good a sportsmen is when they are against it- behind on the scoreboard- what is there body language telling us? Jack Rewoildt from the tigers is the perfect example, dead set front runner!

Coming to finals I will be reinforcing the team rules. The rink scoreboards mean bugger all, you only play to one board and that's the main scoreboard. Don't get concerned if your rink is down, try and stem the bleeding and keep positive after all you may be playing the best opposition rink or have to deal with an individual brilliant performance and this happens but as a team you just have to outscore them on one board- the overall board.

Hubbas back- it was great to see Troy Thompson hit the winners circle this weekend in the fives- and dominate. We had a discussion on selection and maybe the first week down in the 5s his attitude may of been on the wrong pipeline. To Troy’s credit and from all reports this weekend Troy was brilliant not just with his bowls but his communication was A +! I have the upmost respect for Troy for making the call to play in the fives for the rest of year and I believe not many players would make such a club based decision! No doubt he's in our top 16 players but the medals are all the same and we all wear the same shirt!

Well Done buddy...

Next week I will give a run down on the teams and players not in the finals with a report card!!!

Go Parkers!

Coach Out

Nathan Bush