WALT: write creatively on a chosen topic

My life as a Koala

When I woke up I was late to school by 4 hours but I never stayed up that late then I skydived out o WAIT SKYDIVE!!! yeah I had shrunk into a little version of me I hurt myself just getting out of bed yeah BED.  I got my ipod/Ipad and decided that I would not go to school because shrinking down to half my original size is enough to let me skip school. I tried to watch a movie but i was too small so I went bathroom to see how small I was but I was an actual KOALA Yeah WHAT!!!. I jumped down by using the towels and looked up how to turn yourself back into human form oh and by the way my name is JEFF ha J.K it’s Henry.  I tried to swim with my little brothers floaties but even THOSE would not even fit me so i stayed inside and watched T.V The T.V remote was on the ground I tried to go onto my favorite show FBI Guys and luckily I got on to it but it was the end of the episode I didn’t know they changed the time of the show now I had one thing to do pinch myself and wake up for school. Dun Dun DUUUUUUUUUUN!!

  1. My favorite thing to do as the koala is sleeping because they are the longest sleeping animal.