Coach's Corner - Issue 22

A message from the Coach

With Nathan Bush

The Last Coaches Corner for 2014

I'm still in shock about what a season Eastern Park has had both on and off the field for 2013/2014. It is no fluke that good luck and reward goes to Eastern Park with the amount of hard work associated.

What an honour for the club to be hosting the biggest event in bowls in Geelong- The premier league grand final with both teams from Geelong which will create a huge crowd. (Fingers crossed with the weather)

We are all together on Saturday which is brilliant, such an advantage! We can all set off together during the week for a roll, we can travel together Saturday and for our supporters they can "park" themselves for the day. The GBR has enforced the ruling of practise before the game- So because we all won the first week of finals- we can practise from 10:45 to 11:20!!!! I believe it’s an idea to play two bowl triples on the three rinks available in this time to use the most of the time given..

Onto the grand final and what a frustrated weekend it was just watching the opponents play. Not sure about other people but I hate watching bowls, I would rather have a game with Mick Robinson (Scruncher). Anyway I did take a few notes from the three venues for all teams to focus on.

Div 8- I only watched for about 15-25 minutes but it was plain to see Cement had the better technique players which is essential to play on carpet. I thought the skips and thirds where ineffective and non-existent. There is no reason for our 8's to go in Saturday full of confidence knowing if they bring their game they won’t be beat.

Div 5- Bell Post Hill, I thought the skips did a good job early- attacked or reached when down. Probably seen one skip lose his temper quickly and could ultimately come unstuck when the pressure is applied. Once again the 5's just need to be confident in themselves and make sure they bring their game and they won’t be beat.

Div 3- I couldn’t believe my eyes Saturday, Lara was in front by 11 with a many ends left. The saying pressure cooks ham didn't agree with Lara, their leading rink by 15 shots should of won by 25 but when the pressure was applied Jr went missing. Clifton springs best bowler by a mile is the lady with the pink bowls, so whoever gets her needs to play a big game. Also we can’t get sucked in by their backwards mentality to the game, a rink came out 10 minutes later then everyone else on Saturday at the break and the opposition hated it and arked up. The plan probably worked for them, it’s also like how they take their time walking down the green. We can’t afford to get stroppy or react - we have alllll day!

In General- After watching the finals on the weekend I was thinking back to the grand finals I have been in and the key aspect of getting the win.        

Composure- is a huge skill to display and perform in a grand final, so many times players will lose focus and energy from letting pressure, nerves or excitement get to them. How can you practise composure?

Mentally- This week I will be thinking about grand final day and the different situations I may be in, both positive and negative. My team isn't playing well I’m behind on the scoreboard what will I do? I will have thought about every situation possible and give myself an answer or action I will take to keep my composure.

Concentration- the focus required on grand final day is extreme compared to other weeks. So much emotion and energy will be used before you get to the match. It’s so important to maintain concentration to play the best you possible can. Remember it’s impossible to be switched on for the whole game, but when you’re on the mat switch it back on.

Contribute- unfortunately not everyone will bowl well on Saturday and that’s just life, suck it up! But one bowl can change an outcome, one bowl. So don't dwell on what you have done previously for the day but focus on what you will do for the remainder. There are also other aspects of the game that can assist the scoreboard and not with your bowls, high fiving team mates, picking up bowls, keeping the talk up etc.

Momentum- In every game in every sport there is momentum and the team that wins can sustain momentum for longer periods. It's so important if the team is on a high, keep it that way. Be the one to make it happen. Punish the weak and never take the foot off the throat!


I will leave you with a quote from the great Michael Jordan :


You choose!

Go Parkers!

Coach Out

Nathan Bush