April 30, 2017 - SACRAMENT MEETING

This past Sunday the Sisters on Temple square had the opportunity to have Elder M Russell Ballard speak in their early morning sacrament meeting. Elder Ballard gave a powerful talk that centered on the work they were doing, that sought to uplift and strengthen them. He spoke of the early missionaries, who left everything behind. This included their families, even when they didn’t have the provisions to care for them. He then reminded the sisters of the things they had left behind and sacrificed to take part in God’s plan to allow every single one of his children the opportunity to receive the restored gospel.

Continuing forward, he counseled the Sisters to reflect on, and seek to develop, the Christ like attributes found in chapter 6 of “Preach My Gospel”. He described how the brethren had discussed the importance of these attributes and felt that it was important to begin with Faith. Faith is the beginning of everything. As he went through the rest of the attributes it became quite clear that as missionaries, as a representative of Jesus Christ we must seek to be like him.

What was the most remarkable about this event, was that after the meeting, he took the time to shake every sister’s hand as she exited the chapel and hurried to the square to begin her day. Is there any better way to start the day as a missionary?


Elder Ballard Greeting Sisters