The Godfather’s  Puppet

Naima Mouali

Saturday, 1 July 2017

To the attention of the Oriental investors


Beloved Royal Highness,
Your Excellency,

The previous message below was pending since yesterday at 4  PM in my outbox until the strong WiFi signal at home pushed it out before I could do the update

Yesterday, I didn't make it to police for the declaration. Colette Dongmo followed me everywhere while trying to make up for yesterday.  I will go this morning to the police near rue du Midi and Maneken Pis. I just l dump my luggage in the library, where I am right now .

Yesterday, on our way to the hospital she kept asking if it was still far (which I expected).   I said "let's take a shortcut. There is a police station here, let me ask if they let me use the ladies.  "Oh no no no, don't because you will look like a suspect", she said.  She believes that a suspect would choose to go to a police station  

I went inside no matter what she was saying to stop me.  I discovered that they secured the entrance to the building heavily  compared with before.  "We don't let people in for using the toilet, the officer said at the reception”.  Colette walked out quicker than me saying “I want to know the hospital you said you were going to”.  I knew that she needed to collect the names for somebody else.  I should have asked to speak to a police inspector at that moment, but I didn't want to alert the Enemy too soon, and I wanted to secure a bed for that night.  Your see, an interrogation usually takes hours ( particularly with the kind of case we have now ), after which I can’t sleep anywhere.

Colette received money from someone to pay the SFR telecom installation bill in her apartment.  (150 Euro).  There was someone who came to meet her at the entrance of the library, while I was upstairs.  When she came back, she gave me twenty.  I took it and later I bought sneakers at Primark.  I got rid of the boots that I was wearing.  I threw them away in the library bin.  While completing her application with Etihad Airways she had quite a number of phone calls of which some were making her very nervous.  

One call was about an interim assignment.  She was away from the computer desk for a while.  I checked on her to signal that I was leaving.  She was on the phone and speaking Dutch.  She begged me “no no, not yet”.  When she finished her call she asked “do you know where Knokke is ?”  “Yes, that is at the shore, it is a very nice city with only wealthy people, no unemployed beggars like you and I”, I answered.  Her eyes widened because she tries to belong to this group.   She became pale for a very dark woman.  “I just said no to the interim agency”, she said.  “Call them back and say yes to the offer, you will make good money and meet new people” I ordered.  I pushed her and she did what I said, even though it is for washing the dishes, but it is a good start.    

Another call was about the rent which is due today.   She told me about her landlord harassing her about it very often.  I advised her to request his bank account and to pay through the bank, and to win time because of his refusal to work with the bank.  .  

The landlord (Mr Avar Diallo - from Ivory Coast if I am not mistaken, and a Muslim) had an appointment with her at the library together with his wife.  The SFR installation is on his name unlike the address which Colette is using on 55 rue Rossini, 1060 Saint Gilles.  

So on our way back from the hospital she was walking fast.  When she asked me to go meeting her landlord together, I refused and I suggested to go and do some more shopping because I had the feeling that they came for me.  


One hour later, she called me to come back to the library because she needed to scan her ID card and her work permit (Activa-card) for a temping agency (Vio interim in Schoten) who found something to do for her next weekend in Knokke.  I handled the e-mail request.   Colette is not capable of handling simple things like this.  That is what she needed me for.  She also made me handle a note to the Qatar Airways HR coordinator in Brussels, after she received a rejection of her application to become a crew member.  She dictated what she wanted me to write which is to tell the Qatar Airways HR if she knows another way to apply with the company and if she can  find a position for her.  Yes Colette dictates what the companies must do, and I did what she was saying knowing that she has to forget becoming an airhostess forever.

I asked her how she found the money for SFR.  She said her husband -who lives in a social house in Antwerp - made a bank overdraft to help her with the bills.  But the divorce and the extra-marital child which her husband fathered and which she didn’t accept which she explained to me earlier lead me to think that she was lying.  In any case I have her bank number because she sent me money for the train to come and see her..

Directly after giving me the 20 Euro, she asked me to continue the applications.  I tried to sneak out to go the police and then to Antwerp but once it was 6 PM the chances of sleeping in the street were high as at 5 minutes to 10 PM the door is locked at the psychopath's.  She knows this because in Antwerp she bumped into me one night when I was in a hurry.  She lives nearby the psychopath.  The best is to arrive at his place at 8 or 9 at the latest.  

As I don’t feel like returning in a filthy place with mice all over, I will check if my parents arrived and I might also choose to go there, though If they are there I expect my mother to refuse that I sleep there.  That is guaranteed.

Colette kept changing her mind on whether to keep me around or to ask me to leave. Luckily she imagined that if she lets me stay over we could do some more applications.  She asked if I wouldn't mind staying over and leave the next morning.  

Around 7:40pm she all of a sudden had to meet someone in Gare du Nord.  At that moment I was still handling the Qatar Airways e-mail and the e-mail to Vio Interim.   "Let's take your luggage to the train together and I step off in Nord while you continue to Antwerp" she said.  "Why did you hold me up with your stuff till now ?" I asked her with a very nervous tone. "When I arrive the door is locked” I remind.  She argued that it wasn’t.  Perhaps her fear that I would go to the police made her give me the keys to her apartment.  As she “helped” me carry my luggage, she suggested to keep the computer for facing the meeting she was going to “about the rent”.  “Like this I look like doing something”, she said.   I advised her to go light and to be natural, give me the bag it is too heavy for you.   “I will take this one then “, she chose another one from which I removed the smartphone and my purse (however i forgot to remove the USB keys which were wrapped in a plastic bag, but I found all of them back, including some change/  

It was 8 PM when both of us took the train each in a different direction.   I began this note to you as soon as I was home.  

She was back at 10 PM.  It was unlikely that the discussion was only about when she was going to pay rent.  I had the feeling it was about something else and it had to do with me.  She eventually didn’t fill out any form online.  She was too tired. We had a pleasant evening cooking and eating.  I planned to leave her place early in the morning, she requested me to wake her up, because she want to join me to the train station.  (for what ?  to wave me goodbye ?)  

The Revelation

This morning she stood up at 6 AM.  She took a shower, which is unusual, because she seldom starts her day before 9 or 10 AM.  I woke up at 7 AM and I started preparing.  At around 8 AM, she began to tell me that a voice woke her up at 5 AM telling her a message for my life.  He told her to tell me that I should pray for my life, because I am being followed.  
He told her that I had trouble with Justice and that if I continue triggering relationships with men like that over the social media, that I risk new trouble with justice again very soon, that I will be arrested again.   “You believe in God don’t you ?”, she asked me.  “No, I don’t believe in God… have you ever seen me praying ?” I challenged her to show that she cannot inspire fear of God with me just like that.  

“What is the reason which God told you I would be arrested for this time ?”  I asked.  “You will be arrested for some unconscious involvement again”.  She said that I will be convicted this time of accusations like the ones against Hillary Clinton and the e-mails she has been sending

(Mr Matta can now follow live what these people are doing to me and that I am not responsible for the juridical trouble that I was into 27 years ago. She has been in Belgium only 5 years.  I met her last December (2016) at the employment office.  The girl clearly talked about “some unconscious involvement”.  It means that I was a victim of a large set-up or a conspiracy if you like.  How does she know that ?  Who told her this ?  Unless she has contact with the core of the mafia, there is no way she could know).

It is the mafia of human traffic and prostitution-slavery

God told her to ask me delete all her files from my computer for my security.  “Didn’t he say something about your own security?” I mocked.  “I have my own God and he is a person who talks to me.  It is my obligation to tell to you what he said”, she continued for many long minutes.  She asked me if we could sit together and delete all her correspondence with me on my smartphone, on Whatsapp and absolutely everything, also the e-mail communication, for my own security”, she summoned. So this is why she kept me for one more night.  It is to destroy all the traces.  

It sounds a lot like her unconscious involvement in

the hacking of my Twitter account ,

as well as the hacking of all my Google accounts in 2011

and the wiretapping during all my life 

“I would really want to meet the God who only speaks to you like this.  If you are so worried, why did you send me 20 euro for coming to Brussels ?   Did your God told you this and now he tells you something else or what ?”, I continued to mock.  “Is this the same God who warned that I was a dangerous terrorist trying to kill you, like you said after receiving my letter ?”

(As you see, all the elements of the arrest in 1990 are in her conversation (in bold and underlined).  I have never told this woman about it and she seems to know too much about me - Where does she get all the information from ?

The other elements that are coming through is everything which has to do with the hacking of my Twitter account recently)

She took her laptop and asked if i could enter my google account to delete the mails she sent to me.  “Look, I don’t have time.  There are people waiting for me in Antwerp. I have to run”, I said and I really began to hurry and paying attention to all her movements not to lock me out with my things still in that place. She said that she never wants have any contact with me again.  The next moment she said “let me help you carry the luggage to the train station”.  What exactly is this woman after ?  I managed to calm her down about deleting the emails by suggesting that I will do this later today and that I will notify that I have done so per e-mail to her.

“I don’t want contact with you also don’t worry.  You don’t have to carry a thing for me also.  I can do it myself.  Who do you think is going to help when I arrive in Antwerp, you ?!” I shouted.  I knew that she wanted to make sure that I on the train and off to Antwerp.  

She followed me to the ticketing.  I bought the ticket,   She kept carrying one bag, she stepped in the train and she put the bag there.  “You sit here”, she commanded while throwing a look of hatred and I don’t know why.  

So this is the people who she met in Gare du Nord yesterday night.  It was another lord, not the landlord.  This is a lord who believes he can rule the lives of other and also people’s choices.  

It would be very interesting to find out who the god is she has spoken to in Gare du Nord.

In my previous e-mail I notified that I contacted the Pastor of the Pentacoste church about her with a copy of my email to her and her answer to me.  Let me add that he can play an important role in helping the girl speak the truth about who the people are who she is doing all this for.  The Pastor is a friend of an advisor to President John Dramani Mahama of Ghana.  That is what I heard in the Church the other day.  So are we  I will be tweeting the President of Ghana and Cameroon as well as the US President Trump since Twitter and Google are at stake.

Naima Mouali

1 July 2017