Thank you for coming everyone... also, if you have any cell phones if you could please set them to something so that only you would know that they're working... also, I would like to thank our online listeners, for joining us today—and, We will open up in prayer.

Father we are thankful to you, that the anointing of your Holy Spirit—Already dwells within each one of us personally. And Father, on the basis of your word-we believe, and with thanksgiving receive—that in the anointing of your Holy Spirit—which we received from Jesus.. we believe, and stand on your word—that in Him, we Are enriched with everything. Every word, every knowledge... we believe that in Him, we don't have lack in any Godly gifting. Father, we are thankful to you for the abilities and opportunities which we have by Your Holy Spirit in Our spirit. And we ask you Father—forgive each one of us personally... if we were in anything inattentive—to your requests and instructions, if we were limiting you in anything, putting up obstacles—to the power of your Holy Spirit—we repent and render them void in the name of Jesus. And we ask you—by your Holy Spirit, help each one of us, give direction to thoughts and to words. Help us to correctly understand and correctly accept... and by Your spirit of Truth... instruct each one of us onto your truth. Illuminate the eyes of our hears, and help us not to lean to the right or the left. And we receive with thanksgiving—that right now you will be leading and guiding, that you will be creating in us the desire and action... we will NOT remain the same in the name of Jesus! We believe that where the spirit of the Lord is—there is Freedom, and we receive freedom from every manifestation of earthly, unspiritual, and demonic wisdom. We receive freedom from ignorance in regards to God's Plan and His Intentions and His Calling... in the name of Jesus! We are thankful to you that right now—by your Holy Spirit, you are Flowing on this place. We believe and receive the freedom in the name of Jesus. Thank you Jesus, that Right Now—the soul blind—receive their sight and the tortured receive their freedom in the name of Jesus! We believe and receive that on this place there will be no—lying spirit, no religious spirit, there will not be any spirit of fear, sickness, infirmity, need, or lack—in the name of Jesus! We are thankful to you Holy Spirit for the anointing. We are thankful for that freedom that we have in you... for the Power that will be directing us, and we believe Jesus—that we will Not remain the same. We bless you, and thank you for today's lesson in the name of Jesus, AMEN.

Glory to God for the anointing.

Level 2 Lesson 5 – Calling part 2 – by Oleg Remez, translated by Irina Narivonchik

Let me recall a few main moments out of the material we have went through in our last lesson.

What would I like to note out of the first lesson of calling? We said that a calling—is not something that a person is taught, but it's who a person Already Is. Therefore, a calling cannot be viewed from the position of what kind of profession you already have. A Calling is not something that you will LEARN... a calling is What You Already Are. In talking of calling, we always first speak of the contents of your spirit—and not your mind. And in our last lesson, I made an emphasis on that a calling is NOT something that you will learn, a calling is what you Already Are in Your Spirit.

The next thing I would like to recall out of our last lesson—a Calling doesn't come with time, or with experience. A Calling is not received with acquired knowledge... a calling—It is Already in your spirit. Already—In Your Spirit.

The next thing I would like to note: a Calling—is the mission of your spirit.... and not of your mind, but Of Your Spirit.

The next thing I would like to note: a Calling—is something that Your SPIRIT is Separated for, and is Put by God for. Put, ordained, and sanctified by GOD... and NOT man. NOT MAN!

The next thing I would like to note: it's NOT the acquired profession that determines your calling... but it's the CALLING that determines What profession you will be acquiring. These are the main moments that we noted in our last lesson. And our foundational scripture in the subject of Calling is John 36:38, and it's from here that we will begin today's lesson.

--Calling part 2--

Jesus says: For I have come down from heaven, in our previous lesson, we said that Every Person—is a SPIRITUAL creation... and, Every Person—In HIS time, came to this earth... In the Flesh. Consequently, when Jesus says, “For I have come down from heaven” then each one of us can also say the same, “I have come down from heaven.” Let's look further. “For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, Jesus is our standard and image! If Jesus—came down from heaven Not to do His own will—then naturally, in looking at Him—we need to think... that the mission of each one of us on this Earth—is NOT to do our Own Will. Let me bring in some order here. Most frequently, what do we mean when we think of Our Will?  This is what is in our heads. This is life experience, this is Ideas, this is wants and desires, it is what provokes and motivates us—out of our minds. Therefore, what we call, “OUR WILL” is actually, usually—the fruit of the wisdom which we are directed by.

Jesus says: “I did not come to do My Own Will”... or that, which may be provoking him out of his mind... that could be pressuring him from the outside. “I came Not to do My own will, but the will of Him (the Father) who sent Me.” here you can see the laid out order of values of Every Person—because, Every Person—as a Spiritual creation... came down from heaven—with a Godly Ordained Purpose. As we already said previously—that Calling—it is the Mission of your spirit. Your spirit will Not BECOME someone... your spirit Is Already Somebody. Also, in our previous lesson we said that a Calling—IS man, it IS who is in the Spirit of Man. We said, that Spirits are differentiated by Calling. We know that our body may receive some profession, some career, knowledge of which we put into our mind. We educate our body, we input into it certain skills... but, the Spirit—it Already Has—Skills. The Spirit is NOT TAUGHT... it's the mind that we need to Educate ACCORDING TO—with what's in your spirit. Your Spirit ALREADY knows what's in the man! Your spirit ALREADY has all the necessary knowledge, by the Holy Spirit... Everything necessary for life and for righteousness. The main thing that we need to educate, in our lives—is Our MIND.

Therefore, usually—our mind IS the thing that becomes the Main Resistance or Obstacle... and not even the mind itself, but the knowledge that exists in it. It becomes a Serious obstacle in the entry of calling, life in calling... specifically the contents of the mind—which is what we will be talking of further.

And so, taking into account that Calling is What YOU came to this earth For—it's not hard to guess, that God—More than any one of Us—is concerned or interested in so that each one of us would ENTER into our calling. ALWAYS remember this! HE is interested WAY MORE than YOU—that you enter into your calling. But, God cannot FORCE you to Enter into your calling. There are situations, there are examples—where God Truly, Persistently, Emphatically... turns to Man, and persistently demands Obedience from him—in Entering their Calling. But, it's not something that God Always does. God wants for Every Person to express or offer His Will—in the obedience of His Calling. Therefore, the main problems of Man—is the Ignorance in regards to What he is called for.

OK—I am just noting the main moments that we will be talking of today.

Also, I would like to note: why is it so hard for us to hear everything that has to do with calling in our spirit? In the duration of our life without God—each one of us was educated, and has learned—to answer to and to react to—the information that comes from the world by means of the 5 senses... that the information that comes from our spirit—it didn't simply disappear, but you could say... that our attention or sensitivity to it has become Dull. We have trained ourselves to react So Quickly to the events that are going on around us... that we now react Very Slowly to what is going on in our spirit.

People in the world—without God, call what goes on in the spirit—conscience, and various other words. WE know—that what is in the spirit of Man—IS man. Scripture says: “For what man knows the things of a man except the spirit of the man which is in him?” and so, I would like to emphasize: Everyone present—ALREADY knows Their calling—In Their Spirit. Everyone Present—is ALREADY called, you will not Become called. Everyone Present is ALREADY called by God for a specific Mission. Everyone Present—in Their spirit, is Already Somebody... and will not Become somebody.

Today we will be talking of how to Enter into Calling—also, how to receive the Provision FOR the Calling.

We will begin by looking at the Prayer life—for entry into Calling, and for receiving of Provision. For entry into Calling—and the Receiving of Provision.

Today we will look at the first form of prayer—this is prayer that is based on scripture. We will be looking at 2 in total. Before we look at prayer, and the prayer life—for entry into calling... I would like to note a few other important moments that will help us in the future.

The First very important moment: the Life of man—that strains, that Desires to enter into their calling—it will consist of certain intervals, certain levels.

-the first interval: I call this—the preparation FOR calling. This is not an easy interval, because its specifically during THIS time that you go through a lengthy educational process. And not only educational, but also, during this time—you learn obedience... during this interval—a clean-up of the territory of your life is going on... during this interval—you experience a change or shift of your order of values... during this interval—Everything is removed that is standing on the path of Your obedience, or is blocking it.... this interval of time is similar to... a Massive Work of the Cleaning of Territory. This is preparation. It's specifically during this interval—that it's very important... to learn to SOW—you hear? To SOW YOURSELF into PEOPLE. It's in this interval—that it's very important to learn to SOW INTO YOURSELF the wisdom of God. This is the Interval where you are formulated as an Individual. This is the interval of preparation FOR calling. A very IMPORTANT period of time—and devote Serious time to it! Because I know that believers Hurry to enter into their calling. But understand—that in your calling, you'll basically enter into the harvest of what you've sown before. If you haven't been diligent in sowing many good things... then, in entering your calling—you'll have nothing to reap. Therefore, while you haven't yet entered into your calling—SOW yourselves into People! Scripture says, “that the faithful over others—will be put over their own.” Scripture says: “that the faithful in little—will have More!” therefore—NOW is the time, while you have not yet entered your calling... to practice these truths: the Sowing of Yourself, the Sowing Into Yourself—this is a very important practice to acquire for life in Calling.

Therefore—the first interval—is the Preparation FOR Calling. Specifically on this level—a very important factor—is the renewing of the MIND, and the practice of the gifts you've received when you were born again.

-the second interval: the second interval in the life of a person who desires to enter their calling—is ENTRY into calling. Entry into calling. This period is the Shortest—but has the Most amount of reforms. Specifically in this period of time—is the FULL or Complete exit out of All, Everything—that in any way interferes with entry into calling. This interval has the most reforms, and is the hardest—the Entry into Calling. In this interval—you will experience your own personal Nazareth... where you are no longer the one whom they knew you AS, but, they don't yet want to know the new you. therefore—your own personal Nazareth—the Entry Into Calling—where you announce your calling, but no one has any desire to accept you as such. Not because... whatever—but because they don't yet see you as such. This interval has the most reforms, and is one of the hardest... it's where you will experience your Nazareth.

-the third interval: this is the Manifestation or realization of Calling, this is Life in the Plan of God, His intentions... this is the Life of Your Mission. I would not say that this is an easy period... because this is a period that stretches into eternity—but, this period—is one where all that you need... is to learn to Hold Onto HIM (the Spirit of God), to LISTEN to Him... and to Apply all that knowledge that you had received prior to this period.

The first thing I'd like to note before we look at the prayer life—is these 3 intervals of time. Preparation FOR calling, Entry INTO Calling, and Manifestation or realization of Calling.

The second thing I'd like to note before we look at the prayer life—a Calling, for now—is still hidden from you. Hidden from your mind—because, for the most part... you may not know your calling—therefore, from your mind, this is hidden... you may not yet have a clear and perfect image of what you are called for. But, despite that this is a secret from your mind—it's not a secret for your spirit—because your spirit Already knows your calling. As we already said—even if there isn't certain knowledge in the head... that doesn't mean that this knowledge isn't in your spirit. In your spirit—is ALL necessary knowledge for life and for righteousness.

In our time, we learned—to effectively use the knowledge in our minds... but, for you—I'll give you a suggestion—for you it will be better to learn to use the knowledge of your spirit. For you—this will be better than anything. “brother Oleg, how do I learn to use the knowledge of the spirit?”.. believe me—this is much simpler—even more simple than using the knowledge of your mind... because, in your spirit—is the spirit of Truth—which is on YOUR side, he's One Whole—With YOU. But, you need to learn... to build a relationship with him—and to receive with him.

Please understand... that it's easier to receive from him than to receive from the spirit of antichrist. On the other hand—we were Taught—we Learned to build relations with the spirit of antichrist, we Learned to build relations with the unclean spirit... and that's why it's so easy for us to hear him... but now, we need to retrain ourselves. To listen to the spirit of God—we need to learn to Listen in our spirit, and receive out of our spirit... and we will need to learn this... and that's why you Will need to devote time to this.

And so, today we will look at the first method of entry into calling—and specifically—How this occurs in the prayer room. I want to emphasize—the prayer room—IS the place where the process of the entry into calling begins. If your prayer room is not quality... then for you, entry into calling—will be greatly delayed.

A prayer room—is not only the place of Entry into calling, but also the place where you extract Provision, where you receive guidance, tasks... therefore the prayer room—must be IDEAL, I would say—Special... because it's THERE that all of the main processes occur in the management and guidance of calling.

And so, the first method of prayer—is Prayer by the Word—or, prayer based on word. Each one of us is in a covenant. In the covenant of each one of us—are Written Promises. What is a promise? It's the OATH of God. The Oath of God—given to Jesus, on His blood. therefore—every participant of the covenant—by faith in Jesus—is also one to whom this Oath is addressed to. 2 Peter 1:3-4 as His divine power has given to us (already) all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue, 4 by which have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises, that through these you may be partakers, a good word—be.. that through these you may... what? BE.. BE.. That means, that the promises—have a specific purpose... to Make you somebody. To Bring something into your life. That you may BE partakers of the divine nature, or, that you would become partakers of His processes, of his LIFE—having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.

And so, we are talking of—how to find out your calling. The first thing I would like to emphasize—of the entry into calling, to Find out your calling—is that this process is built on the PROMISES. In other words, the Word of God—or, His Promises... it is the Already Blessed by God—Accomplished Work. Every word of God—the Promises, the Oath—is already an EVENT, an OCCURANCE... which, as far as God is concerned—has Already Happened. In other words—if God has promised you something—In the covenant, then as far as God is concerned... this is Already Accomplished, Already Done. Not... WILL BE done... but HAS BEEN done. On the other hand, it needs to be released, and given Life. It needs to be given life.

Every Promise of God—it is like a Blessed Seed—given to man, but it must be sown, must be watered, and the harvest must be waited for, or expected. What has to do with God—He's already blessed this seed, this Promise, this Oath. But, specifically—it's MAN that is given the choice of what to SOW. God—has already Said... and for man, all that is necessary to do is put the spoken by God into his MOUTH and to SPEAK it or SOW it with FAITH.

Jesus, in opening up the spiritual world, revealed—that the spiritual world is like a field, like a place where we sow the word of faith... and the natural physical world—it's a place where this harvest manifests. As we already said on one of our lessons—that the spiritual world is a dimension of SOWING, or the dimension of FORMULATION. And the natural, physical world—it is the dimension of MANIFESTATION, the dimension of HARVEST—where the hidden, secret of the spiritual world becomes visible, or is revealed. Jesus noted this in Mark 4:26 And He said, “The kingdom of God is as if a man should scatter seed on the ground,.. this is prayer! The Word of Faith—this word is SEED. 27 and should sleep by night and rise by day, and the seed should sprout and grow, he himself does not know how. 28 For the earth in the spiritual world—This Works! yields crops This is LAW... by itself: first the blade, then the head, after that the full grain in the head. 29 But when the grain ripens, and this is guaranteed in the kingdom of God—immediately he puts the sickle to it, because the harvest has come.” in other words, Jesus says—that the spiritual dimension ALWAYS reveals or manifests the hidden, the secret. Tell me, what is the secret in your spirit? God's Plan—Your calling. Tell me, how to make the hidden, secret—revealed? Take the seed... sow it... and, SEE in the Harvest—Who You Are.

And so, the word of God—in prayer—is SEED, of Events Already Determined By God. The word of God—is Seed of the ALREADY determined by God—Events. You simply need to decide on the seed, to choose the word. In other words, Seeds—are the things which are VITAL, or IMPERITIVE for the prayer room... especially as I'm speaking of the SUREST PROPHETIC WORD right now... or, the Word which is UNDERSTANDABLE FOR OUR MIND. :) I am not speaking of words—which are in tongues, right now I am speaking of the promises which are written into scripture which can be read, and which are understandable to each one of us. To EACH one of us.

And so, How is the process of retrieval done? We got the first point down, that to retrieve... we need promises, first of all. Which promises can we take? (I'll skip ahead a bit, and take one of the promises with which we will be working).

Psalm 16:11 says: You will show me the path of life; a good promise! Very Good! In other words, I can take this promise—and put it into my mouth as a seed... “I am thankful to you Lord, that YOU WILL SHOW ME MY PATH OF LIFE” a good promise! A Very good promise. In other words, we already affirmed for ourselves... that this isn't just a promise—but in the spiritual world, it is—Already--a Seed, which produces Fruit of Its Kind... and this seed—especially in the entry of calling—IS what will help me to SEE the calling, to SEE which direction this calling will be guiding and leading me... this is the SUREST PROPHETIC WORD.

OK. let's take a look at the concept of retrieval, we'll see how this process occurs on the basis of the Wisdom of God. James 3:2 James is the stepbrother of Jesus, or the brother of Jesus by the Mother. James SAW how Jesus uses words... James SAW how Jesus uses words as an instrument—and that's why, in the book of James, James NOTES certain important aspects which he saw in the life of Jesus. Let's take a look at what James says... and here, in James 3:2, James says: If anyone does not stumble (or sin) in word, Who doesn't sin in word? he is a perfect man, in other words, who doesn't throw words around, but speaks words—based on scripture, who WATCHES over what comes out of their mouths... and watches over them as something that he Lives by—is a Perfect Man. The word “perfect” here, in no way refers to your body... but in this verse, the word “perfect” speaks of—that if a person speaks of himself, of his life, and into his life—what GOD says... then HIS life—fills up with the perfect. It fills up with the Perfect! If anyone does not stumble or sin in words... he is a perfect man.

And here is what we came to—be attentive here: further, James says: that this person is ABLE... ABLE. Look at what an interesting word James chooses to describe this. A person who speaks the correct words—has capability, or POWER. The word “able” basically means: one who has Authority, the Power necessary for. Is ABLE... also to bridle... or to take Authority and to Control... the whole body. You know—that your body is always directed and led by someone. Your body—is either directed by the content of your mind... or, it is directed by the content of your spirit. Your body—is NOT independent. Those needs that your body has—they are, for the most part... reinforced by the knowledge of your mind... which is why you so easily react to certain needs—because they are fully supported by the content of your mind... which is why the renewing of the mind is so vital.

And here, it says: that he person who knows how to correctly use Words—is ABLE to BRIDLE the Whole Body... or is able to Control the movement of His Body. Would you like to appear—with your body—in the right place? Especially if someone is giving something out, right? :) well, each one of us would Like to appear... with our bodies—only in places of blessings... and understand this: that Scripture says—that THIS IS REALISTIC! And notice—how is this described here? By the means of which instrument? How does this happen? By WORDS.

Tell me, does your mind Know your calling? No... that's why you don't move in that direction with your body. But, if you don't know your calling with your mind—this doesn't mean that you can't move in the right direction by your body! Tell me, How, and by means of What is the body Bridled? By WORDS! So, why don't we say this? “brother Oleg, say what?” … “I WILL enter into my calling.” we spoke of this earlier... You WILL show me MY path of Life... “Father, I thank you that you ARE showing me MY path of life... I thank you that YOU are LEADING ME INTO my calling” … Able to Bridle the Whole Body. And What do you think? Into Which direction, step by step... will your body be going? It's not hard to guess where! “from the produce of his lips—a man is filled”. Your body... even without the input of your mind—will be steering into the direction you are directing it by your words. Right now I am opening up to you the spiritual world, because it's not necessary that you Understand Everything... to appear in the right place.

To experience being born again... I didn't understand this, but regardless,—I accepted this, regardless—I entered into the kingdom of my Lord Jesus—without Any understanding! Because scripture says, “ACCEPT” the sown word. To enter into calling, it's not necessary that you understand everything, but there are things—which simply need to be DONE—because it's the RIGHT thing to do.... and this, specifically, is one of the more IMPORTANT parts—when you Bridle Your Body... by your words of Faith... by calling the non-existing as the existing... by PROPHESYING on your body—giving it direction in the Calling of God. You must do this Every Day! Every Day... Every Day!

Well, this is of course—if you want to. No one will be forcing you to do this. You have the right to bridle and direct your body into your calling, and you have the right to say, “oh, whatever... I will never find it out anyway... this is my life... this is the way things just are....” you definitely have the right to say this as well—God will in no way hit you over the head if you say something like this! But... of course you will be answering for this.

OK—and so, If anyone does not stumble or sin in words... he is a perfect man, he is ABLE to Bridle the Whole Body. Now, let's look at the process itself—how everything occurs—the bridling of our bodies. Look at what James says further: Indeed, we and notice here... who does this! Say, “I”! notice—it's not written there... that God will do this... no, it says here that WE will be doing this! Indeed I put bits in did you notice who does this? I am speaking right now of the prayer room... where you enter... deliberately... to put in the BIT! “brother Oleg, into what?” James compares the body of a man with a horse! Why does he use this comparison? First of all, he opens up the wisdom itself... and says that the Body of a man is able to be directed, guided, controlled.... it can be Stopped, it can be Speedup, it can be Turned—either left or right... in other words, IT CAN BE DIRECTED! And look at what it's directed by: by WORDS!

Indeed WE put bits in horses’ mouths notice—the horse doesn't do this by itself... the one who BRIDLES it does this! And God says, BRIDLE your Body! Bridle it! “brother Oleg, I don't understand... what do you mean, bridle my body?” this means—tell it what you received it for, from God! And you received it—for the fulfillment of a certain mission. We are speaking right now of certain disciplines that have to do with obedience. To enter into our calling—we are talking of entering our calling... not by the MIND, but by the spirit. This means—that our minds, during this process—especially on the first level... will not be involved at all. What will be involved and active—is the Word of God, Our mouths, and our FAITH... and our mind... it simply continues to go to work. The mind continues to live in that dimension—that it lives in, in knowledge... the area of its knowledge. But, in the spiritual world, something begins to happen. In the spiritual world—processes begin. You don't see it with the eyes, you don't feel it with the body... but, step by step, day in and day out, day in and day out... something is occurring!

And then, with love... you are laid off, and you are even closer to your calling. No, well, I'm exaggerating a bit, I'm just speaking in general terms... because, some are laid off, some are promoted—I don't know how YOUR entry into YOUR calling will happen... WHAT it will be tied to... weather its with being laid off, or with being promoted, or with a transference to new responsibilities, or with being sent to a different country... but, when you begin to prophesy—ACTIVITY starts in the spiritual world. ACTIVITY.

INDEED WE put bits in horses' mouths... now, listen here to a very Important Key Word—that. So, I go into my prayer room so THAT... not to mumble something, but to DELIBERATELY SPEAK. Indeed WE go into our prayer room—That our body may obey us... to give our bodies DIRECTION. “I am thankful to you Lord that you are showing me My path of Life” “I receive, that Right Now you are leading me in my Calling” “may I not lean off to the right or the left... EVER” “oh, and what will happen brother Oleg?” well, whatever you sow, you'll reap! :D

Whatever you'll sow, you'll reap! “oh, what did I sow?” whatever it was that you said! What you said! “oh, what do I do now?” Now—you need to Thank! “thank you Lord! I am so thankful to you that I will Never lean off from my calling—but I Will fulfill it in All fullness and without any lack.... Lord, what do you want me to do? I WANT to fulfill my calling” This is Prophecy! Understand, right now I am not talking by the gift of tongues! I am speaking in an understandable tongue! Bind yourselves by the words of your mouths, CATCH yourselves by the words of your mouths. Your Words—are BITS... BITS... and your body requires BRIDLING.

Indeed we put bits in horses' mouths THAT—with a purpose, you hear?--THAT they may obey us, Bridle your body. Give it DIRECTION to Go In. By itself, it doesn't know where to go! Well, it knows where McDonald's is. It knows where the grocery store is. It knows where the boutiques are... and this is Good, this is fine, this is its task! But, you—as a spiritual creation—must understand that all this is SECONDARY! The PRIMARY thing—is Obedience to God... through a life in Calling.

So you, as a spiritual creation, being aware of obedience, and the process of entry into obedience by means of the Word of God... you put into your mouths—what is important for the spirit. “Let the Spoken by God on my life BE DONE” a good prophetic word? Very Good!

Indeed we put bits in horses' mouths THAT.... don't allow your horse to simply run around on the green grass. There's a time for the green grass... but please, understand—that if your horse will run around in disobedience... then the grass will run out Real Quick!

Indeed we put bits in horses' mouths that they may obey us, and we turn their whole body. In other words, the horse can be stopped, the horse can be turned, the horse can be sped up... and notice—that all this is done—NOT by the horse itself... but... by the one who DIRECTS him. So, in the morning you can come up to the mirror and say, “YOU—Listen to Me! Whatever I say—That's where you'll BE” it will smile of course, and say something like, “we'll see... Go to the kitchen! You need breakfast” and you'll be like, “Fast today!” hahaha... no, you need to love the body...! scripture says, that whoever doesn't love the body—can't love anyone! So you need to treat the body properly... Wisely!

And so, “and we turn their whole body.” you hear? The body must be controlled. How do we direct or control the body? What instrument do we use to direct the body? WORDS... and what words? PROMISES. Oaths. The Surest Prophetic Word which we input into our mouths. Very important!

And look at what James says further: James isn't finished yet.. because right now James was talking of the body, of controlling, of turning the body... then how the body is given which direction to into. Further, James touches on the Bigger area that has to do with man.

4 Look also at ships: now he touches on the 5 dimension of life... spiritual, soul, physical, financial and social... the 5 dimensions—something LARGE, Cumbersome... although they are so large and are driven by fierce winds, Politics, Economics, you are living in a country where the most various processes take place... they are turned by a very small rudder wherever the pilot desires. Notice—where is your life directed? Wherever the Pilot directs it. It's not hard to guess, that of course—the Pilot must be the spirit of God. But if you Un-renewed MIND will be the pilot.. then understand—that YOUR ship will be called the TITANIC... and this is in the BEST possible scenario... otherwise, who knows. therefore—your Ship must be called, “Blessed by God”. Naturally, for a blessed by God ship to appear in the Right Harbor... in the Right Time... then of course, this ship must be directed by the SUREST PROPHETIC WORD, filled with the Spirit of God.

This means, what do you need to speak on yourselves, even when your mind doesn't know anything of the calling? “I WILL fulfill my calling,” and your mind... is putting out the white flag—even when you will be in your calling, they will be out there... with a white flag. After I entered into my calling—I was walking around for approximately 3 more years—with a white flag in my head... and you know, those around me tried to help me Notice it, “you know brother Oleg, maybe you should pay attention to it! Maybe.... hmm?” in other words, all the people around me were sowing DOUBT in regards to that I AM in My Calling. Understand—that this is a process! You may think, that “OK, now I'm in my calling—so everything is perfect” ya right! As soon as you enter your calling, you will acquire So Many.... HELPERS... so this also, is a very interesting time, where you will be firming up, and affirmed.

4 Look also at ships: although they are so large and are driven by fierce winds, they are turned by a very small rudder wherever the pilot desires. Allow the Spirit of God to direct you. If the Word of God says, “I will show you YOUR path of life” then HOLD ONTO IT. If the spirit of God says, “that the spirit of truth will instruct you onto Every truth” then HOLD ONTO IT. “brother Oleg, but I don't know where to go, how to move...” WHAT did you just pray? “I will show you the Your Path of life” that's it! Enough grumbling & murmuring already! TRUST God! LISTEN to your spirit! Listen to your spirit! And Prophecy... Prophecy! Of course, if you are prophesying when you're eating... and only pray—for food... with promises of Godly direction... then of course, this is a problem! I am speaking of a DELIBERATE Time Investment in the Prayer Room. Not when you jump in there... “dir, bir... God show me the way..” and, jump out! But, when you enter—Knowing that you'll have about an hour of deliberately set aside time... when you'll be praying and listening.... THEN it will be effective! “brother Oleg, you don't know what kind of circumstances I'm living in!” don't even THINK of justifying your failure! Sort this out!

Let me tell you this as to brothers and sisters—NEVER Justify THAT... from what you are SAVED! This is a Sin Consciousness! “oh, you don't know my circumstances” if you are going to talk like this... it's just better not to say this! Don't Justify CURSES! Don't justify what you are SAVED FROM! Instead, say: “brother Oleg, let's agree that these circumstances in my life are FINISHED” and not by justifying, “oh, you don't know the circumstances I'm living in”.. and I don't WANT to know! And it's better if YOU didn't know! So, EXIT out of these tight circumstances! And to EXIT—perhaps you need to raise earlier, and finally begin to Widen your tent pegs! “brother Oleg, would I widen this tiny room?” and That's not YOUR problem! Begin With the Tongue! Begin with the Tongue!

And here it says: that he Ships are directed by the Pilot! Our life—is Guided and Directed by the SUREST PROPHETIC WORD. And further, James says: 5 Even so the tongue........ is a little member and boasts great things. See how great a forest a little fire kindles! 6 And the tongue is a fire, for life—its a fire! a world of iniquity. It always dresses up or exaggerates lies! The tongue is so set among our members that it defiles the whole body, and sets on fire or activates the course of nature; and it is set on fire if you allow it... by hell. In other words, your mouth—is always the Reflection of the Hidden... because it's from the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks—You tongue CAN'T hide... and it's not put there to Hide! Your tongue is put there—actually, to Expose, to Give OUT.. Reveal the Secret, Hidden. Therefore, if out of your mouth... comes something that goes AGAINST you, then try to Change the Processes themselves.... Begin to Prophecy on your lives, Begin to Speak what is written... and You WILL change All the Processes!

Therefore the tongue is an INSTRUMENT that Activates—both the good and the bad. You can activate your life in the direction of your calling, or you can stop it in regards to your calling. You can activate it in the Accepting or Receiving of Godly Provision, or you can stop it. Whatever you bind on earth—will be bound in heaven... and whatever you LOOSE on earth, will be Loosed in heaven! You Yourselves ACTIVATE, and You Yourselves render it passive. “brother Oleg, my life is filling up with so much work.. I have so much work... I don't even see daylight!” and, what... is this helping you....? “no, I'm just sharing... Prophesying this in regards to myself.” WHY would you say such a thing? If you want for this work of slavery to finally stop, then simply say, “Lord, I believe that you have blessed work for me, I believe that you have a blessed source of seed for me, I believe that Your created This day for My Joy... and not for my boss—that I be his tractor. I believe that You Have for me—because I am your BELOVED son! And So, Right Now, I receive with Thanksgiving from you Father—this Job, and I ask you—show me the way TO this work, to this source of seed. Give direction to thoughts and to words. Create in me the desire and action,” PROPHECY over yourselves. Your body—if it is not bridled... It will go to work! Because it goes—wherever you direct it! You will not exit out of your job yourselves—if this will not be happening in the spiritual world! YOUR words must take you out of your work, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God will guide you out—like the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt. But, for this—you need to do what? SPEAK... EVERY DAY.... DAY IN AND DAY OUT.... WITH THANKSGIVING. With thanksgiving! By Prophecy and thanksgiving. “brother Oleg, until when?” until the morning star rises in your hearts—scripture says.

And so, we see that James compares Words, WORD—the Surest Prophetic Word—with a Bit of a horse, with a rudder of a ship, and with what en-flames the circle of life—or Activates life—in good as well as the bad. Also, we know—from the book of Proverbs—that Life and Death... and I would say, Blessings and Curses—are in the POWER of the tongue. The words that go out of the mouth of man are the INSTRUMENTS—Always remember this... on the other hand, man doesn't always use them as such—but, USING this—he ENTERS... and MOVES in calling.... receiving Everything necessary for it's realization or manifestation.

I can say: that I don't know what God has prepared for me in calling, but I'm not planning on being directed and guided by my mind! That's why, every day I prophecy and Loose Heavenly Godly Provision... and every time—I receive some sort of guidelines.... “begin to speak this... this says More” “Prophecy over this... Say MORE” “Prophecy on this...” I am widening the tent pegs of this ministry by means of the PROPHETIC WORD.

Speak over yourselves EVERY DAY, Every day, every day! “brother Oleg, until when?” “until we're taken up!” on this earth—there's no other way that you'll build a Strong tower of faith. Ascertaining Facts—is your ENEMY! Adaptation is your ENEMY! Accustomization way of life is your ENEMY.... as ones who are Ruling Spirits—then understand, this is a SERIOUS ENEMY FOR YOU! YOU—are Ruling Spirits—in the name of Jesus... who are sowing the power & authority of the Lord. And for you—to adapt and to get used to—this is NOT YOURS! yours—is to Prophecy in the name of Jesus, to Plant, to Affirm.. whatever needs it—to Uproot, whatever needs it—to demolish,... and to Affirm the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus—In YOUR life and On Earth. THIS is Your Part... and All this happens Through Your Mouth!!!

Let's take a look at how Jesus directed HIS body in the manifestation of HIS plan. In the realization of God's Plan. John 10:17-18 we are speaking of the Surest Prophetic Word—as an instrument in the Entry into calling. Jesus says: 17 “Therefore My Father loves Me, because I lay down My life that I may take it again. 18 No one takes it from Me, but I lay it down  of Myself. I have power Wait a moment—I Have Power.... Life and Death is in the POWER of....? the Tongue! And he says: I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This command I have received from My Father.” notice, HE has the power to lay it down... and HE has the power to take it again. Life and death is in the POWER... of the tongue! Look at how Jesus lays down his life: Mark 8:31 And He began to teach them that the Son of Man must suffer many things, he is laying down His Life...! “brother Oleg, and what does this have to do with me?” “I WILL fulfill my Calling!” you hear? Jesus says, “the Son of Man Must Suffer Many Things.” I have power to lay down my life... and how does he lay it down? By the words of his mouth!

and be rejected by the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, I have power to lay down my life...! tell me, how did he lay down his life? By the Words of His Mouth! How are YOU directing your life—in calling? By WORDS! How do you Enter Your calling? By WORDS! You take the Surest Prophetic Word... and.. “the spirit of Truth—INSTRUCTS me onto every truth, and SHOWS me my future... God WILL show me MY path of Life, and WILL direct and Guide me... in the name of Jesus!... and I will NOT lean away from my calling, EVER!” “and what, brother Oleg—I need to say this every day?” well, if you want to enter your calling, then yes—every day! Every Day!”

Jesus knew—that he came to this earth to fulfill the will of God—because God So loved the World—and Jesus KNEW... out of the book of the Prophet Isaiah, that HE is That Lamb—who came to pay for the sins of the World. Jesus found himself in scriptures, and moved According to the prophecies.... Jesus Knew—that Only God the Father... knows the Times of Manifestation of many of the events... and therefore, Jesus grabbed a hold of the Surest Prophetic Word—and prophesied over himself, prophesied on himself.... “I have power to lay down my life, and... he Gave his life by the words of his mouth. But, Jesus also said: that I have the power to TAKE it again... and further, he says: and after three days rise again. Look... he gave his life... and he took it up again. Wait a moment! This was prophesied LONG before he went to the cross and rose up again! He PROPHESIED... what was he doing? He was Sowing! According to the Book of the Prophet Isaiah, for it was pleasing to the Lord to crush Him”

He Prophesied, he was Sowing According To—the word of God. You—also, Prophecy, Sow... according to the word of God—over your life, over the manifestation of God's plan, His calling—for your life.

And look at what happened later: When the time came... because, First the stalk, then the head, then the full kernel in the head, and the time of Harvest has come! Of Reaping... on the basis of this Word... Luke 9:51 Now it came to pass, when the time had come for Him to be received up (from the world), or, when the time of fulfillment had come... of That, what he SAID... He steadfastly set His face to go to Jerusalem, you hear? I know what will happen in your spirit when you will be Prophesying—you will suddenly appear in the Right place... and... there will be THOUSANDS of people there, but you—You will approach the one who will become the First Link to the Entrance of Calling.

You can't even Imagine... God has millions of ways of How to lead you into your calling. Millions.... and you don't know any one of them! And you DON'T Need to know! Scripture never said, “KNOW the sown word...” it says, “RECEIVE or ACCEPT the seeded word” …. you need to Prophecy, you simply need to Act with Faith—because the kingdom of God is like a SEED... the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed.... you don't need to UNDERSTAND to become an participant of these processes, you Must ACT to become a part of these processes. If God says that EVERYTHING begins through WORD... then that means EVERYTHING—including your calling! You must begin to Deliberately, Quality, Consistently... give direction to your body. Every day—in going into the prayer room... and maybe some need to do this more than once a day.... maybe twice, or 3 times, or just simply walk around and regularly thank God and prophecy over your life—if you have grown weary from what you have been doing. Do this! Do this—and listen to your spirit.

And so, Begin with DAILY, Deliberate Prayer. A Prayer of Thanksgiving—calling the non-existing as the existing, and be ATTENTIVE to the Holy Spirit IN you.... and even if your mind Doesn't know, and your Body—isn't telling you anything of this... DO THIS—because it's the RIGHT thing—This is CORRECT! That's it. Period. :)

Philippians 4:6-7 Be anxious for nothing, in other words, don't try to think about how to enter your calling...! but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts (spirits) and minds through Christ Jesus. When God wants to materialize something in the life of man—he gives him a promise. God gave us promises which open up his will. I know that the will of God is that each one of us be in our calling... and He says: I will show you YOUR path of life, and another scripture says, “the path that you Must or NEED to walk” “I will direct YOU” but he can't FORCE you to put this word into your mouths, he can't force you to pay attention to This word.... so God gives the promises, and Man—takes these promises, puts them into his mouth, inputs them into his spirit, puts them into his mouth, inputs them into his spirit, puts them into his mouth.... and this is how the process of Godly Guidance and Leading Happens—when in Your spirit—the Surest Prophetic Word... begins to shine, rise like the Morning Star.

(2 Peter 1:19) which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts. Until you receive a revelation. “brother Oleg, how will this happen?” well, scripture says that they were enlightened. I can't picture exactly how they imagined this word... but, a revelation will come. You will Simply Know—Who You Are. You will wake up one day... and this is so simple! You just Know... because you know! Or, you will be taking the skytrain, eating a burger... and, the light dawns... and that's it! That's it! You will simply know. This can happen in Any Place. This can happen at home... or in a conversation with a person... you will simply know! That's it, you know! But so that this moment will come—this SECOND... so that you would Know—you might need to pray for a year, perhaps ½ a year... I don't know for how long.... but, the Harvest Has Come... and that's it, you simply know!

Believe me, when you find out your calling, this isn't even the beginning! :) this is now... you simply know WHAT to pray about. Now, you won't be praying, “oh, Lord, Show me the Path” because you Know it already... now you will be praying: “Lord, I THANK you that you are Showing me the Path IN this calling” now—you will be steering more deliberately! understand—this is just a process... and it will continue to fill up.

That you will find out of your calling—that's just the beginning! Further, the process deepens even more! Deepens, deepens.... but, remember—that EVERYTHING BEGINS THROUGH WORD! So you will need to learn to Speak Deliberately! Haha

to TALK Deliberately! “but what about just to chat, brother Oleg?” to Talk Deliberately! And in the prayer room—ESPECIALLY to talk deliberately... through the Surest Prophetic Word! Prophecy over your lives! I prophecy over the life of my daughter, “May she Fulfill her calling—in all fullness and without any lack.” I don't know her calling, but I still prophecy over her life—that she would fulfill it! I know that a day will come, when God will create in her the Desire and Action... and she may think that SHE thinks, that She knows... because she WANTS.... but I Know—that the heart of the King is in the hands of the Lord—and that he directs it like rivers of flowing waters where he wants. I Know—what scripture says, and that Jesus said: “that Authority is given to me over Every Flesh.” therefore—in prophesying over my daughter—I am holding her in the authority of the Lord Jesus, and the Spirit of God—and God, step by step—is leading her, teaching her, inputting into her values... which will affect the realization of her calling. But... I do this now, from childhood.

On the other hand, I never did this for my life. I only did this in the Prayer room—after repentance. YOU—have the opportunity to begin this NOW... and many of you are already doing this—and you are right to do this!

And so, Any Godly Promise—is Prophetic. It is, from the beginning—proclaiming what Will Be at the end. It is—from the beginning—guaranteeing, from God... what Will Be at the end. So, HOLD ONTO God's promises—and not because they're understandable to you, but because they are the SUREST... SUREST thing for Your Body... and if your mind doesn't know your calling—Always remember—Your Spirit Knows.

If you don't have a sure knowledge of what you are called for, Remember—your Spirit Has the sure knowledge of what you are called for. Through the Surest Prophetic Word—the Hidden, Secret of your spirit... will be Revealed, will manifest. But, Knowing your calling—doesn't mean that you've Entered your calling. This is simply—Knowing. The entry into calling is the Next very important stage... and this is GOD'S PART... this is NOT your part! When you'll find out your calling—this doesn't mean that you drop everything and go and realize this... NO! It's when GOD calls you—THAT'S when you'll enter your calling.

I... whatever I did, or worked at... before I was saved—I always had something to do with instructing... or teaching. I worked as a trainer in a child sports school for 6 years... and in others, I was always teaching something... but, what I was teaching—had nothing to do with God... and, I earned money for it. But, inside.. something was leading me in that direction. Every time, no matter what I would begin to do, I would end up teaching people... and got paid for it! On the other hand, the motive was incorrect, so it usually fell apart pretty quickly. Understand how everything happened... because all this was already IN me, but, I simply didn't know into Which direction I should go! But, when I came to God—this all filled up with the Power of God... and God called me, and gave me Power to realize that—what I'm realizing... so, you are Already a somebody. You are Somebody.  But, movement in the Surest Prophetic Word—it will simply remove all the dead layers, will remove the covering of darkness... and the Great Light will shine.... and you will wake up—and you will know who you are.

Of course, this will not be a great joy the people around you, this will only be a joy for you—so everything will start to dance... but Only In YOU. :)

and you'll think... “can I tell this to my husband... or wife..? this is... crazy” YES. And we will talk of this later. Understand... that entry into calling—this is something that many simply don't even attempt... because they understand what its connected to, what will be affected.

The entry into calling, a life in calling, the Visible manifestation of Provision of spirits in Calling... All this is a result, or the Harvest—of Previously Sown Seed.... the Word of Faith. Whatever a man sows—that he will also reap! You don't have—because you don't ask! Ask, and it will be given to you. Knock, and it will be opened to you. Search, and you will find.

The kingdom of God is like when a man scatters seed on the ground.... and this will Never Change! Do you want to enter your calling? Sow Seed! Do you want to enter your calling? Sow Seed! And don't think—that, “oh, brother Oleg... pray for me, perhaps God will tell you what my calling is...” No, he CAN tell me, but God—is a jealous God, and he wants you to turn to HIM and to walk in HIS ways. This would have been Very Simple... on the one hand, and Very Unwise—to tell you of your calling THROUGH somebody.... because, in this way—you will remain lazy, and you will not practice the Kingdom of God... and you will NOT fulfill your calling.

If you will find out your calling, but you will not walk in its ways—you will destroy yourselves. This happens in the world! …people find out their talent—or their calling... but they move by the ways of this world... and they finish their lives on the needle, or by suicide... because a Godly calling—is realized ONLY by Godly methods... therefore—ENTER by Godly Methods.. and MOVE by Godly Methods... and you WILL realize His Calling.

Look at how the time flew by! Lets thank God for calling—and remember, you carry within yourselves... the one who you are. But, Begin to Prophecy! If you get a spare minute... Say a few words of faith! Speak the words of faith! Don't be silent! I understand that there are times when you just want to sit quietly... and there is a time for this... but while you are moving in your calling... its better for you to Prophecy, Sow, sow... for you—this is Much Better!

Father we are thankful to you for calling, we are thankful to you for your Word—which is Alive and Active and does ALL  that you sent it to do. We believe that we Will be taught by the Lord. We believe that you Will show us OUR path of Life—and that you WILL direct and guide each one of us. We believe that you illuminate the eyes of our hearts... so that we come to understand the hope of our calling... for each one of us, personally in the name of Jesus! We are thankful to you Father, that You are—by the spirit of Truth—instructing us onto Every Truth, and that you WILL show, each one of us—the Future. We are thankful to you Father for your Calling, that you are directing and guiding us by your Holy Spirit... we are thankful that you are opening up to us the Mission of each one of us—in the name of Jesus! And that we will not remain the same. We are thankful to you Jesus... we bless you Lord, we thank you—that you direct us and that you Teach us... that you Guide and Lead us... and we Will fulfill our calling—in all fullness and without any lack. Thank you Jesus... in the name of Jesus, AMEN.