5. 2022 Visualization Rate Card

The rates below assume you can provide an already completed 3D CAD file in a format I can import. If not, then we’ll prepare a custom quote to generate the 3D geometry needed for the project.  The project minimum is to ensure the proper time is allocated to texturing and lighting the model. The rates are for the final, high resolution images produced. You will receive additional lower resolution images as “drafts” for approvals as well.

Note: Catalog and website images are typically modeled from a reference - either photograph, detailed drawing/sketch, or a sample part in hand. We can also use existing CAD data your provide.

Catalog and Website Images

3D Line Art - Price breaks with volume

$45 to $280

3D Render

$180 and up

Combo Packages - Line Art + Render

$180 and up

Rendered Product Images

Product Modeling - Quoted based on complexity


Each Individual Scene Created (Includes 1st Camera angle and 1st Image for each scene)


Each Additional Camera Setup (includes first image from camera)


Each Variant Image (repeated shot with a new color)


Custom Shot - Depth of Field / Cutaway / Transparency


Rendered Animations

Product Modeling - Quoted based on complexity


Standard Animations - Spins / Explodes with static cameras. Price is per finished second.

$100 / sec

Custom Animations: Price is per finished second of rendered video.

$165 / sec

High Res 360 Spin at 10 Degree Increments (36 Images)

$580 / set