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3/12 to 3/16


NY Times Daily Briefing Quiz (periods 1, 3 & 7)

Issue #5/#6 Writing and Layout

Late: JA#10: Your Solution (Due 3/6, -2 after 3/6, -5 after 3/9)

Looking to make a video? The  Lion’s Tale Team Drive has a treasure trove of Spirit Week videos and pictures waiting to be used by you. They are located in the Issue #5 folder. 

Q3 Video 1: Explain how something works/review something


Premiere Pro: Working with Audio, Multitrack Editing, Ultra Key

Issue #5 Spirit Week 4-Page Issue ships*

DUE: Issue #5/#6 articles* (-5 after this day)


NY Times Daily Briefing Quiz

Issue #6 articles due and layout begins (-5 if articles are received after 3/15)

Premiere Pro practice (PPP#2) (after 3/19, -2 after 3/19, -5 after 3/22)

Complete Q3 Video 1


This week we will produce the Spirit Week issue as well as a number of Spirit Week Videos. We will also try to ship the Spirit Week issue (#5) at the end of the week. Q3 Video 1 should be completed by Friday. There is a lot of material to work with on Google Drive. If you have any questions about any course content, assignments or exams, please see me as soon as you can.

Items of importance:

Law and Ethics as it applies to Journalism 

How to connect to the network share folders on the Macs:

·         Click on Top Menu Bar→ Go and then click Connect to Server

·         Enter the following path: Cifs://

·         Click the + sign to add to Favorite servers

·         Click on Connect

Assignment List:

JA#1 Wade Millward on the Las Vegas Paper Factory where Robots have nicknames (in Canvas, due on Friday, 9/22*; Grace Period -5 points after 9/25)

Issue #1 First Drafts (9/27)

Video Project #1 (Quarter 1 submission)

Copy Editing #1 (10/4, -2 after 10/8)

JA#2: How to Find Common Ground (10/9, -5 after 10/11)

A Master and Two Pops is the framework for Video Project #2 (10/13)

QW#1-#4 (see Canvas)

JA#3: Healthcare in America returns to the forefront (Due 10/20, -5 after 10/23)

JA#4: Opioid Crisis Fueled by Big Pharma and Congress (Due 10/27)

QE#1: Japanese Elections (Edit the text using the style manual)

QE#2: a multiverse of punctuation (Edit the text using the style manual)

JA#5: The Iran Deal, Decertification and Congress (Due 11/6, -5 after 11/7)

QW8: The case of George Papadopolous (Due 11/1, -2 after 11/3)

Video Project #2 (submit for quarter 1)

QW9: Success after Failure

Check-in on All the President’s Men

QW10: Reflection sheet on the movie

QE#3: First Sentence Opening

QE#4: First Sentence Opening

QW11: Trump Blasts LaVar Ball: ‘I Should Have Left Them in Jail!’ 

JA#6: Laptops are great, but… (due 12/1, -2 after 12/4, -5 after 1/15)

QW12: In-class writing on laptop use

QE#5: Pet Injustice

Class Activity: Premiere Pro CC checks on 3-Point Editing

Class Activity: Premiere Pro CC checks on using Keyframes to Pan and Zoom

Class Activity: Premiere Pro CC checks on using Essential Graphics to create titles

QE#6: First Sentence Opening

QE#7: Tech Traffic (1/9)

QW13: School Resolutions

Interview Assignment #1 due by 11:59 p.m. on 1/5 on Canvas (-5 after 1/5)

JA #7: Tech Times Traffic Leads to Extreme Measures (Late, -2 after 1/12…-5 after 1/16)

Issue #4 (due 1/19)

 JA#8: French girl who joined Isis wants to return home (Due 1/22, -2 after 1/22, -5 after 1/26)

It Can Wait (contest is optional, due January 26 if you want to participate)

Q2V1 (1/26)

Q3 Work:

JA#8: French girl who joined Isis wants to return home (Due 1/22, -2 after 1/22, -5 after 1/26)

JA#9: The Follower Factory (due 2/12, -2 after 2/13, -5 after 2/17)

MS Publisher practice (PP#1) (after 2/26, -2)

Premiere Pro practice (PPP#1) (after 2/26, -2)