Your challenge....should you choose to accept to keep younger children on the right track toward living a healthy and wise lifestyle. It is hard to believe that 4 - 9 year olds could be involved in drugs, alcohol, gangs, or other adverse elements in your community. It CAN happen, and it DOES happen.

The Moose Youth Awareness Program is for Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors that show leadership skills and want to become involved in their communities. Plan now to attend a Moose Youth Awareness Student Congress in your area to become involved in this important program.

The objective of the Student Congress is to help students to design, share ideas and solutions in developing and preparing presentations we call KIDS TALKS. These presentations are taken into elementary schools, pre-schools or other organizations that teach 4-9 year olds. We target this age group to hopefully plant positive seeds on topics of self-esteem, alcohol and tobacco abuse, violence, and respect for each other. If you become knowledgeable and involved in our program, YOU will be a part of helping our future generation make wise choices for their lives.

 There will be no expense to you or your family. The Moose Lodges and Women of the Moose Chapters in your area represent the students who attend the Student Congress by paying the registration fee, providing transportation, locating groups to make presentations, and helping with supplies to do interesting and informative KIDS TALKS.

After the Student Congress, we ask that you do a minimum of three (3) KIDS TALKS before February 29, 2017. You will be asked to complete a KIDS TALKS form after each presentation. These reports are then used to judge the students from Wisconsin/Michigan who will attend the International Student Congress in April 27- May 1, 2017 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. There will be five scholarships awarded at the International Student Congress - $12,000, $8,000, $5,000, $3,000 and $2,000. Wisconsin Moose Association Youth Awareness Program will offer scholarships for the top two as well as runners up based on program participation.


November 12 – 10-2 - Marinette Moose Lodge

The Youth Awareness program is not for kids who have issues with drug and alcohol abuse. This is a program for high school students who can combine academic skills and leadership qualities to target 4 – 9 year-olds with positive messages through KidsTalks. Previous presentations have been given on a variety of topics, such as but not limited to:

 Bullying                                         Internet Safety

 Drug/Alcohol Abuse                         Manners Smoking

Fire Safety                                         Peer Pressure

Washing Hands/Hygiene                         “Stranger Danger”

 Stay in School                                 Nutrition/Dental /Health

Amy Boivin State Youth Awareness Coordinator (715) 330-1734