Have you attended AIFD for at least a month? Would you like to increase your support of AIFD?  Then you can become an AIFD member.  

AIFD membership fulfills a requirement from our liability and accident insurance provider to submit a list of regular attendees as part of the annual policy renewal.  A minimum $10 yearly fee covers the annual insurance premium cost and other AIFD costs not covered by the weekly admission fee.

As a member you will get:

To become a member, fill out the membership form at folk dancing and give it and $10 to a board member.  Click on the “AIFD membership form” above to print out a copy of the form.

AIFD memberships need to be renewed every twelve months. Renewals are simple: at dancing just put $10 with a short note in the kitty OR contact a board member.

For more information, contact the membership coordinator (currently Michel Breger) at membership@aifd.cc .