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R : Good morning Pine Ridge!  Today is September 24th.

Panther News - 

This Week at PRMS:

Monday, September 24 - There is a Home & School meeting at 6:30 pm

Thursday, September 27

- Spirit Day - Wear Green

- Keepin’ it REAL assembly at 9:15 am

- Terry Fox Run at 10:00

- Early Dismissal at 12:20

Friday, September 28 - It is Orange Shirt Day

The Library SSR Reading time slot for “Pine Ridge Reads” this week is for 7Rice.


Cafeteria special for today, Monday, is Corn Chowder, Grilled Cheese and Milk for $5.  Please put your order in at recess.

Sports / Clubs

Cross Country -  Practice today, Monday, September 24th after school from 3:30 to 4:00. Reminder of our first meet on Tuesday, September 25th in Canning at NKEC.  

Girls Soccer: The ‘A’ Girls Soccer team is reminded of their away game today (Monday) at CK.

Girls “B” Soccer have a meeting today at recess in Room 206 and practice tomorrow at 3:30.

Boys Soccer: The Boys Soccer team is reminded of their away game today (Monday) at KCA. The Boys will be called to the office around 2:45 to leave for their game.

Girls Volleyball: There is a girls volleyball tryout today (Monday) from 3:30-4:30. The last volleyball tryout will be on Friday after school from 3:30-4:30.

Boys Volleyball: Any boys interested in playing volleyball this year are asked to come sign up in the gym at recess today with Ms. Verran.

STEAM Club (formally known as Tech Club):

Read Thursday: Girls Strong Club will meet Thursday after school at 3:30 in the Library.  These girls were in the club last year and will be working on Level 2 Girls Strong.

READ EVERY MON and TUESDAY:  Gaelic Club:  If you are interested in joining the Gaelic Club.  The group will meet at the beginning of lunch in Room 208 on Tuesdays.

READ EVERY MON and TUESDAY: Drama Club: Any one interested in acting, imagination and being creative are invited to join the Drama Club.  This club will meet Tuesdays at lunch in Mme Davis’ classroom 212.

READ EVERY WED - The GSA Club will meet in Room 209 at the first lunch bell.

READ EVERY THURSDAY: Reminder to 7 Davis, 7 Riley and 8 Kasapowitsch that there is a Band Rehearsal at the half bell in the Music room today.

READ EVERY FRIDAY: Reminder to 7 Rice, 7 Buchanan, 8 Bungay and 8 Milne that there is a Band Rehearsal at the half bell in the Music room today.

Please remember to take off your hats and hoods when entering the cafeteria.

Birthdays -  There are no birthdays today.  Remember to come down to the office to check out the Birthday Box!

Community Opportunities:


Please remember the Panthers’ Pact and the importance of demonstrating Respect for self, others, learning, and the environment.

Those are all of our announcements. Please rise for the playing of the national anthem!

Monday: English

Tuesday: French 

Wednesday: Gaelic (stop at 1:21)

Thursday: Mi’kmaq

Friday: Black National Anthem

Please note: Please play the songs in the order above so some classes can know which version to sing on which day. Thanks :-)

Anthem Instrumental

Mi’kmaq Honor Song

 11 lang

Eng and Fre

Gord Downie


Staff and students are reminded to refrain from wearing heavily scented products in school as there are people who have sensitivities to scents.

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Lice Matters.jpg

A reminder to all classes to put chairs up on desks at the end of every school day-thanks!

Arrangements for where students are going after school need to be made prior to coming to school. Our office is a very busy place and we cannot have students coming to the office all day long to call home to make alternate arrangements. It is also not possible to have students show up in the office late in the day to have bus notes signed. The time to have bus notes signed are: Before 8:50, during recess, during lunch. If students need to call home during the day due to extenuating circumstances (e.g. An after school activity is cancelled last minute) teachers are asked to allow students to use the phones in the classroom.

If you need to call LifeTouch regarding your child’s photo the number to call is:  1-877-305-4337

During recess and lunch students are NOT to carry backpacks, gym bags or purses.

Students are reminded of school expectations around personal electronic devices- they are only to be used before school, during recess, and lunch. Devices can only be used in classrooms with teacher permission. Devices are never to be used in the bathrooms or locker rooms.


Students are reminded if you haven’t already brought in your registration forms and student fees ($25) 45$ per family.

Please check the school calendar for important, upcoming dates!

Our Panther’s Pact:  Respect for Self, Others, Learning, and the Environment.