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R : Good morning Pine Ridge!  Happy Wednesday!!!!!!! Today is February 21st.  This is layna sabrina and rhian your morning news crew.  

S;Feb. is African Heritage Month. Each day this month we will be sharing with you some interesting facts.

Feb.22 The spirit of African Nova Scotians is shared in communities across our provinces and there’s many ways in which you can experience including a road trip.

Feb. 23 George Washington Carver was of African Descent and was credited with invention of Peanut Butter, paints and stains, lotions, and soap

Feb.26 On Wednesday Dec. 10th 2014 the United Nations Officially declared the decade of 2015-2024 the international decade for people of African Descent recognition, justice, and development.

Feb. 27 Paper, the game of chess, the alphabet and medicine were all invented in Africa.

Feb. 28 Nova Scotia has over 50 historic African Nova Scotian communities dating back over 400 years.

Mar. 1 Roughly 2000 Black refugees seeking Freedom arrived in Nova Scotia between 1813 and 1816. Many settled in Halifax and Dartmouth, including two large groups in Hammonds Plains and Preston.

Mar. 2 Just 60 years ago Viola Desmond orf New Glascow was jailed and fined after she refused to move from her seat in the main section of the movie theatre and sit in the assigned seats in the balcony even though she offered to pay the difference in cost of the tickets. We are all very glad that today all people have the choice to sit where they please.

This Week at PRMS:

L: Grade 8 photos take place today, Wednesday, Feb 21st.  The photographer will be setup in room 102 and 104.

Pine Ridge Reads kicks off this week.  Be sure to get your paws on a great book!

Clubs and Activities: There are a lot of clubs and teams up and running at Pine Ridge and students are encouraged to get involved in something.

Reminders for LUNCHTIME clubs and activities this week are:

L:  READ every Monday The Squishy Comix Crew will meet in the Learning Commons Tues, Thurs and Fri during lunch at 2nd bell.  Come have fun and create some comics.

READ every Tuesday:  Do you like to sing?  Mrs. Leonard will meet with anyone who wishes to take part in karaoke at recess in Room 111.

l:: READ each Tuesday : Tristan Sampson, Student Support Worker at PRMS, will be running a club “Tuesdays with Tristan” at lunch each Tuesday. Meetings will be in room 202.

Read Tues-Fri - There is a sign up-sheet by Mr.Saunders' office for those interested in playing table tennis at lunch time.

 g: Read every Wednesday: There will be a GSA club meeting today at first bell at lunch in Mr. Stevens room.L:

L:Read on Wednesdays and Fridays - Anyone interested in Musical Theatre are invited to join the Musical Theatre Club.  The club meets Wednesdays at the lunch half bell in Room 110, and on Friday at the first lunch bell in Room 109.

ls ;  READ every Thursday Walking Club is on Thursday, meet Ms Nelson in the lobby at the beginning at lunch.

L:  READ every Thursday  Gaelic Club will meet at lunch in Room 217.

Read Friday: Reminder for students who returned their forms that guitar club is today at 2:20.

Reminders for AFTERSCHOOL clubs and activities this week are:

s : READ on Monday and Wednesday: Panther Paws Club will meet today after school.

The Volleyball club starts on Thursday.

s:Read every Wednesday - Debate Club - The Debate Club will meet today from 3:30-5:00 pm in the Library.

ls;Read on Thursday:  The yearbook committee will meet after school from 3:30 - 4:00.

le: Read every Thursday - Volleyball Club -  The volleyball club will meet today after school.

L;Read every Thurs - Tech Club - The Tech Club will meet today after school until every 5pm.  The Tech club meets every Thursday after school.

Sports and Teams  Updates and reminders for sports and teams this week are:

R : BASKETBALL: Girls and Boys basketball seasons have come to an end. Congratulations to both teams on a great basketball season. Please return your jerseys to Miss Verran in the Gym or Mrs. Chalifoux in the office.

R: Hockey: There will be a meeting today at recess in Ms.Blois’ room (#108) to talk about next week’s tournament. All players must attend.

R: Unified Basketball:  The next Unified Basketball practice will be on Monday February. 26th at lunch.

S: Badminton: There will be a badminton practice today (Wednesday) at lunch for all students who have signed up for the Badminton Team.


L ;Cafeteria Specials -  Today’s special is Shepherd’s Pie, veggies and milk for $5.  Please put your order in at recess.

S: Prowling Panthers (see paper)

L: A reminder to all staff and students to check out the Community Events section of our website for upcoming camps and other opportunities for students!

: Birthdays -  there are no birthdays today.  But, if you have celebrated a birthday since September don’t forget to come to the office at recess and get something out of the Birthday Box.

S:Please remember the Panthers’ Pact and the importance of demonstrating Respect for self, others, learning, and the environment.

R: Those are all of our announcements. Please rise for the playing of the national anthem.

Monday: English

Tuesday: French

Wednesday: 11 lang or Eng and Fre

Thursday: Mi’kmaq

Friday: Black National Anthem

Please note: Please play the songs in the order above so some classes can know which version to sing on which day. Thanks :-)

Mi’kmaq Honor Song

O’Canada sung by Gord Downie

Mi’kmaq and English




Staff and students are reminded to refrain from wearing heavily scented products in school as there are people who have sensitivities to scents.

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Lice Matters.jpg

A reminder to all classes to put chairs up on desks at the end of every school day-thanks!

Arrangements for where students are going after school need to be made prior to coming to school. Our office is a very busy place and we cannot have students coming to the office all day long to call home to make alternate arrangements. It is also not possible to have students show up in the office late in the day to have bus notes signed. The time to have bus notes signed are: Before 8:50, during recess, during lunch. If students need to call home during the day due to extenuating circumstances (e.g. An after school activity is cancelled last minute) teachers are asked to allow students to use the phones in the classroom.

If you need to call LifeTouch regarding your child’s photo the number to call is:  1-877-305-4337

During recess and lunch students are NOT to carry backpacks, gym bags or purses.

Students are reminded of school expectations around personal electronic devices- they are only to be used before school, during recess, and lunch. Devices can only be used in classrooms with teacher permission. Devices are never to be used in the bathrooms or locker rooms.


Students are reminded if you haven’t already brought in your registration forms and student fees ($25) 45$ per family.

Please check the school calendar for important, upcoming dates!

Our Panther’s Pact:  Respect for Self, Others, Learning, and the Environment.