MOC General Meeting September 11th


Trip Reports


Caroline and friends went climbing at Montagne d’Argent.

Anna had so much fun at rafting frosh that she went back and rafted again!

Sarah and friends did some trail work near the MOC house.

Leith led a successful biking trip to Chambly.

Hossein went bungee jumping.

Bryony went climbing in the dark with a headlamp and a dog. Fun times!



Trip Announcements

Robyn is going to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire for some surfing. Interested people are welcome to contact her!


Whitewater Kayaking this weekend September 14-15. There are 3 spots left for intermediate paddlers! $30 total, $10 deposit for 3 hours.


Anna is planning an Equinox w/Mohawks trip September 21-22. $100 deposit.


Sarah will be attempting to map the MOC trails with a GPS in the near future. Contact her if you are interested in helping and you can collaborate on dates!


New Member’s Weekend 28-29 of September. $35 includes food, transportation and stay at the house. $25 if you bike. Activities include hiking, swimming, anything you want! $10 Deposit.