Refugee Stories

Stories of people who’ve fled war or persecution to reach safety abroad.


Detention Centre is an interactive documentary that seeks to reveal what life is like inside an immigration detention centre.

It tells the stories of those who have lived and worked within some of the nation’s highest-security detention facilities, including seven former detainees, two former employees and a volunteer.

Beyond their experiences, Detention Centre examines the history and future of immigration detention in Australia, including dynamic data visualisations, and compares our system with others around the world.


‘Woven Threads’

A documentary series under development which animates short stories that shed light on who people are, not just the circumstances they fled.

Personal Stories – The Refugee Council of Australia

Personal stories of former refugees who have found a new life in Australia.

Sanctuary Australia Foundation: Refugee Stories

Read first hand refugee accounts and gain insight into the difficulties refugees face.

How Far We’ve Come (SBS)

The lives of refugees in Australia over time – stories of refugees first interviewed by SBS up to 25 years ago, to find out what has happened in their lives since. Each story is accompanied by a fact sheet with background information on the person’s country of origin and the conditions which forced them to flee.

Long Journey, Young Lives (ABC)

This online interactive documentary follows the journeys of young refugees from conflict and violence in their homeland, to their dangerous journey and subsequent detention in Australia. It also explores the opinions of Australian school students on asylum seeker issues.

Welcome to Australia

Authentic friendships begin with a genuine welcome and are deepened through greater appreciation of the stories of those we befriend.


Refugees’ Australian Stories (Researchers for Asylum Seekers)

This multimedia project uses images and the spoken and written word to tell the stories of refugees from around the world who have made Australia their home.

Refugees: Telling Their Stories

Between 2003 and 2005, UNHCR’s Canberra office ran a writing competition for high school students to encourage them to make contacts with refugees living among them in their communities and listen to their stories. This publication contains the winning stories from the 2005 competition.

Rethink Refugees (Amnesty International Australia)

Amnesty’s “Rethink Refugees” website aims to break down myths about refugees and asylum seekers. The site includes personal stories of refugees who sought asylum or were resettled in Australia.

Scattered People (Refugee Claimants Support Service)

Originally developed as a complement to a collection of songs written and inspired by asylum seekers in Brisbane, this website includes stories from asylum seekers about the different stages of the refugee journey as well as a photo documentary.

House of Welcome

Stories of those who have fled their homes, their culture and way of life because of persecution and danger.

Refugees in the United States

Dozens of incredible stories, by the UNHCR in Washington.