At RIS.....Let's All Be CyberCitizens!

Welcome Back Students & Teachers!!!!

I am excited to welcome everyone back to Middle School for what I am sure will be a wonderful and highly productive school year. I would personally like to welcome all new staff and students. We are especially excited to have joining us Mr. Tim Fitzgerald as our new Assistant Principal. Please go out of your way to say hello and make him feel at home.

We have wonderful people in the MS and I am sure you will be made to feel at home immediately. I would also like to thank the Technology Coordinator, Tim Pettine, for updating and adding a few new modules to our Digital Citizenship program.

Digital Citizenship is not something we do on just the first few days of school. It is something we LIVE. Believe me when I tell you that I am still wrapping my head around the power and scope of connective technology. The nature of the internet holds both promise and peril. I have observed how the internet has led to world-wide activism and positive change, while also observing ways it can be destructive and dehumanizing. I even had my bank account hacked last year!!!  I suppose my point is this, technology is not inherently good or bad - only in it's application can we find it's morality and unfortunately the source is usually in the mirror. We use technology at RIS because it is used in the world around us. How could we have an authentic learning environment without it?

Please review the schedule above and check out some of the excellent activities. These initial days are intended for getting to know one another, along with the tools/practices that will be the basis of classroom activity. Enjoy them and have fun. Like last year, I will leave you with the same important message in regard to computers: "Don't put anything online you wouldn't want your mother to read!" Follow this self-imposed rule, and you should be fine.  

Best wishes for a wonderful and successful school year.

Ms. Gretchen

Middle School Principal

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