Consultant Helps

 Here are several items that anyone can use that will help family history consultants be successful in their callings. It is also important that High Priest Group Leaders and Ward Council members understand their callings related to family history. We’ve heard over and over again, “if the priesthood ‘gets it’, then family history gets done in a ward and stake. What prophets have said about this work is also included. How Indexing interfaces with family history might encourage more indexers. Consultants and missionaries want to be One with the family history leaders, but some conflicting messages make it difficult at times. A comprehensive source checklist is a little overwhelming, but very interesting. It appears man has left a huge trail of sources in his wake.

      There are also suggestions for Youth Activities that will lead to long term family history activities, and not just the quick fix of quick click on green arrows. Pioneer Trek helps too.  And here are also a couple of funny items, just to keep us all sane and balanced. The Dirty Data Ditty is a funny poem that details the problems we encounter with the Family Tree records at times. It also catalogues the problems by name in parenthesis. And finally, a powerpoint entitles Funnies for Family History is just the ticket for those down times, or when you want to start a class with humor. Make suggestions, contact Thanks, CA

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         Microfilm Distribution Discontinued to FH Centers, Aug,. 2017

        How to Implement Find, Take, Teach Successfully, Powerpoint, KGrant, Dec. 2016

         How to Help People Love Family History,

         Find, Take, Teach Sunday School Course, by Mark Shepherd, most helpful

         Find, Take, Teach Handout for SS Course, by Mark Shepherd

         Consultants Helping Consultants, Advice

         What is the purpose of Family Discovery Centers? by James Tanner

         What is the future of Family History Centers? by James Tanner

Consultant, FH Center Directors & Priesthood Leader Helps, and Humorous Items:

        Where do FH Centers fit into Genealogical Research?, by James Tanner, Sep 2017

        Family History is not (just) a Sunday School Course, by James Tanner, Jan. 2017

        The Demise of Family History Centers and Conferences, James Tanner Dec. 2016

        10 “Must-Do” Genealogy Activities for December, from Ancestral Findings

         FamilySearch new Family Discovery center in Layton, Utah, Oct. 2016

         FT Training from Idaho Falls, Idaho

         FT Training from Rexburg, Idaho

          3 Simple Ways to Discover your Heritage at Family Gatherings, FS blog

          Learn About the Find, Take, Teach Process, 4 FS Blogs

         The Future of Family History Centers, J Tanner blog

           4 Ways Innovators can Redefine the Genealogical Industry, FS blog, S Rockwood

           Turning the Model Upside Down, Steve Rockwood, BYU Gen Conf 2016, Ancestry Insider

          Consultants Helping Consultants, ideas from consultants, and links to items from FS too

           Family History Center Directors site on

           FH Consultants Page on

           3 Ways to Use Instagram for Family History, FS blog

           7 Ways to Get Started in Family History, FS blog

          Family History Center Operations Guide, New and ImprovedFS blog

           Family Discovery Centers, What to do there, A Archibald blog

           Sunday Family History Activities for Kids, 3 to 11, 12 to 17, FS blog

           Activities for a Family/Childrens area in a Family History Center, gdoc by

Tamara Stevenson, as seen on Yammer

          Add Family History to your Stake Youth Conference, from

           Consultants - Teaching to Individual Needs, Roots Tech 2015 video, Todd Jones

           RootsTech for FH Center Directors, video and blog by FamilySearch

           Research Helps for FH Consultants - GSlides by CA, quoting the best genealogy

blogs from FamilySearch, Help Center and genealogy bloggers

           Find a Family Discovery Day Event in your area. After putting in your city and state,

        click on the locator to see a free event.

           FamilySearch Discovery Center - the Museum of Me

        This is an introduction to the new FS Discovery Center in the Joseph Smith Memorial 

Building. Families and other groups need to call in to make a reservation time.

          Basic Challenges in LDS Family History

          This is an issue all Consultants need to examine and try to solve. This James Tanner

expose’ on the problems that exist when we turn LDS family history over to youth who

are tech savvy enough to use Family Tree, at least shallowly, but know little about their families or research strategies,  and the experienced older genealogists who know their families and how to research, but may not be as swift on the tech side, especially with all the up and coming Mobile apps.

        Research Basics for Consultants, new, long awaited video on FS Help Center. All

consultants should review this quick, nifty video.

50 Free Genealogy Sites to search Today, by family history daily blog

           Monthly Reports - The Voice of Family History Centers, FS Blog, 02, 2015, F Graham

            Consultants, High Priest Group Leaders, and the Ward Council  

            GSlides with instructions from the “Handbook of Instructions”, “To Turn the Hearts”,  

            and (consultants or HPGL) by CA

            Consultants Create Teaching Materials for FT   Gdoc

        Five Ways to Jump-Start your Family History, blog by James Tanner

        Organize a Family Discovery Day, FS Blog

Discovering Finding Hidden Treasures.  GSlides by CA

Prophets’ Prophecies and Promises   GSlides by CA

Indexing: What it does for Family History   GSlides by CA

How can we be One, with Mixed Messages?   Essay by Kent Jaffa

Comprehensive Source Checklist  List by Haywood Co. Historical - Gen Society

Discovery Centers, Family History Centers, and Family Activities. FS blog

How to Order Stuff Family History Discovery Materials, free, FS Blog

Discovery Centers bless New Converts and Returning Members. FS blog

FH Center Directors find new Ways to Help Patrons Find, Take, Teach. FS blog

Who Inspires You? Celebrating Generations.FH Center Wall Decor and more. FS blog

Family History Christmas Projects for Children.  FS Blog

How Well do you Know Your Ancestors Quiz.  Teacher Problems

Ancestor Guru Games for Families. James Tanner blog

Funnies for Family History   GSlides by CA

The Dirty Data Dittie    Poem by Dixie Cragun and CA

Genealogy Giggles    GSlides by CA, from Yammer and others