RiverBend BaseRunners

Player/Parent Participation Contract

The Riverbend Base Runners will play in approximately 4-7 tournaments beginning in April and ending in early July. *Players will play league games with teams in Fulton/Albany Rec League during the week.br logo.png

RiverBend BaseRunners

Player/Parent Contract

Our club rules, code of conduct and procedures are explained in detail throughout the following pages. Please read through each page closely and discuss with your son/daughter. Be sure to keep a copy of this contract in your home for future reference.



2017 Season Notes

Signature/Sign Up Page


Player Name_____________________________  

Birth Date_______________________

Parents/Guardian Name ________________________________________________


Home Phone___________________

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Email Address______________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Info__________________________________________________________________

I have read, understand and agree to comply with all rules & policies of the Riverbend Base Runners baseball/softball as outlined in the text on previous pages of this contract. I also understand that repeated rules violations could result in removal from the team.

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Player signature & Date                            Parents/Guardians (both) signature & Date

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