Quantitative Methods Workshop

Course: CEBA 10000


FALL 2013

Duration:  Wednesdays, September 18 through October 30, 2013

Time: 6:00 – 9:00 pm

Location:  1005 HHB

CRN:  90049

Cost:  $700


The Quantitative Methods Workshop is intended to provide the graduate student with a review and/or introduction to many of the mathematical techniques and applications likely to be encountered in the working world. Classroom attendance is essential. The textbook will be provided, but must be returned at the completion of the workshop.


Course topics

Overview of algebraic topics including exponents, solving equations, functions, graphics of linear and quadratic equations, solving systems of equations, logarithms, and other topics as they may arise:



Please note – Taking this workshop satisfies the quantitative methods prerequisite for the Master of Business Administration program. No university credit will be awarded for completing this workshop. This workshop is not eligible for Financial Aid.


To register


For help with registration contact PACE at 248-370-3277 or oupace@oakland.edu