Minutes Board Meeting Opendata.ch: June 2, 2015
Participants: André (AG), Hannes (HG), Antoine (AL), Muriel (MuSt) (minutes)
Excused: Matthias (MS), Andreas (AA), Barnaby (BS),

Absent: Yann (YH),  Oleg (OL), Christian (CL), Giorgio (GP)

  1. Approval of Minutes (Board Meeting 5.5.15)

see link Minutes approved

  1. Exchange of information
  1. make.opendata.ch Research Hackdays

  1. Board Retreat Opendata.ch, June 30

* Strategy:
        Hannes & Christian will “launch” the strategy-discussion based on
        experience within
Data Innovation Lab (60’):
        André would like to talk about “Data Innovation Lab” (45’)
* Relaunch Romandie:
        Linked to having the conference in the Romandie for 2016

* Finance & Fundraising (45’)


  1. Update on Opendata.ch/2015

  1. General Assembly

  1. Finances & Fundraising