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About She Peppers

Stephanie Freeman and Vickie Lucas created She Peppers in 2014 with the goal of becoming the Washington DC area’s largest independent supplier of sustainably farmed and prepared pepper related products.  Born from their gardening obsession, She Peppers has morphed from backyard gardening to creating small batch condiments and spice blends. Together they grow over 60 varieties of peppers, as well as other produce and herbs. In addition to pepper seeds, plants, and produce, She Pepper products include hot sauces, chili pastes, marinades, and spice blends.

She Peppers offers everything peppers from seed to sauce, providing both retail, wholesale, and private labeling services. Growing their own ingredients and building a network with like-minded local farmers ensures that their produce and products are local and fresh. She Peppers products are free from pesticides, and have a fresher quality with more intense colors and aromas.  Their focus is on using the best available ingredients to develop complex layers of flavor to compliment food rather than overpowering it with heat.  Offering a wide range of flavors with varying heat levels ensures there is a sauce for every palate.

About the Founders

Owners Stephanie Freeman and Vickie Lucas combined their love of gardening with their appreciation for hot sauces and the like. With over 10 years of growing experience, they take pride in providing products that are locally grown. She Peppers believes that knowing where the ingredients are sourced and how they were grown is important to the tasting experience.  Together they share their passion for educating others on sustainable growing practices, and in the kitchen by providing alternative ideas for seasoning and preparing foods.  Over time, She Peppers has grown their line of hot sauces to include marinades and pepper sauces, dried peppers, and spices blends. Customers have a large variety of pepper related products to choose from to spice up any recipe.  She Peppers brings freshness, flavor and variety to the table without sacrificing heat.  

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