Hey… please stick your name in here, with some info on what you’d like to get out of hotwire (talks, performances, activities, workshop ideas etc) and things you’d like to contribute - like running a workshop for example, or doing a performance, or something like that.


Things you can do / provide / teach

Things you’d like to learn / do / see / hear

Michael Straeubig

Gamedesign, Creative Coding (Processing, p5.js), Web Audio, Web VR

crazy stuff

David Strang

basic electronics, noisy circuits, Mini FM broadcasting, video sniffin’ (CCTV hacks), audio / light transmission, steganography, various hacking projects - toys, cassette tapes / walkman, field recording.

openFrameworks, cartography, advanced electronics, wearables,

Andrew Prior

MaxMSP, Brain surgery for beginners.

Projection Mapping, live coding, electronics. Oh, and also… crazy stuff

Rachel Dobbs

basic soft circuits / soft switches / LDR tone-pitch-follower (wearable & lilypad arduino), very basic projection mapping,

how to solder, electronics, how to make speakers out of things, steganography (yay!!), more arduino stuff,

Mike Blow

Arduino and microcontrollers, electronics, touch instruments, sensors, max, PD and processing, performance, soldering, 3D printing, modelling evolution  and other natural processes

Improvised performance strategies, modular/analog synth patch creation, PCB fabrication, advanced Max and PD

Kayoko Blow

experimental improvised music performance (guitar, voice, and electronic devices)

something intense and vertical

Nick Walters

Improvised music - jamming - experimenting - with real instruments (guitar) mixed with electronic pedals and arduino and samples and stuff and performance - singing - improvised acting/ dance, poetry..

Really enjoy the jams we’ve had - and support/ comeradery/ interaction  of fellow explorers - maybe guided/ facilitated  discussions/ dialogues?

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Also what Projects would you be interested in doing? (like festivals…)

Possible Contexts for Projects

Secret Garden Festival


Maker - Random Arms

Organize a ~hotwire~ Hack~a~thon / Make-a-thon

Plymouth Arts Weekender