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Cancellation Procedure

Our schedule stays consistently busy and we ask that each client be understanding that these time slots are very valuable. It is because of this that we are creating a cancellation policy.

A credit card will be kept on file for ALL APPOINTMENTS and ALL CLIENTS.

You will be CHARGED FULL PRICE for any service that you NO SHOW.


You will BE CHARGED 50% of any service that you:

- Give less than 48 hours cancellation notice

- Arrive more than 10 minutes late to an appointment ( & requires the appointment to be rescheduled) Initials______

Client Record

Do you have any known allergies or sensitivities to cosmetics, solvents, adhesives, or tapes? Yes___________No_________ If yes please describe:


Have you used any Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) or glycolic products in the past

48-72 hours? Yes__________ No__________ If yes please describe:


Are you currently or in the past 6 weeks using Retin-A, Renova or Accutane (an

oral form of Retin-A)? If yes please circle which one. Yes__________ No__________

Are you currently using any type of medication, antibiotics, or have any conditions that may interfere with the service being offered? Yes__________ No__________

If yes please advise:


Please note that there may be side effects to the services being offered.

By signing you certify that you have read, and fully understand the above questions and accept any risks associated with services offered by Primp Spa LLC;

Client Signature:______________________________________________________________________

Lash Consent

1. I agree to use only recommended products on my eyelash extensions.

2. I understand that there are many variables including: natural lash growth cycle, use of cosmetics and skin care products, and the overall maintenance given that will influence how long my lash extensions remain in place.

3. I acknowledge that I should not pull on my lashes after they have been applied.

4. I understand that there is a potential possibility of eye damage and harm to my vision when having lash extensions applied.

5. I understand that there is a potential risk of allergic reaction- as with all cosmetics. It is my responsibility to inform my extensionist of any known allergies and/or sensitivities to paper tape, adhesives, or glues.

6. I have been advised that using mascara on a regular basis will shorten the length of time my extensions remain in place.

7. The use of oil based and waterproof products will dissolve the adhesive and should not be used on or around the eye.

8. I understand that touch-up appointments are necessary as soon as two to three weeks after the application and there will be additional fees for this procedure.

I have read the above information and agree to the terms.

Client Signature:                                                         Date:

Photo Consent

Date: ______________________

Client Name (Printed): __________________________________________________________________

I consent to the reproduction and use of my photo(s) (without identifying client name or marks), with the consent of the producing agent(s), Jettie Watkins, Primp Boutique Spa LLC and Pink West Salon ONLY. Consent shall involve the use of my photos for any educational purposes, including instruction, display to professional organizations, websites, social media and advertising thereof.

This consent, as stated above, shall be a continuing consent for all procedures, past, present & future. Written notice must received from the client asking to discontinue use. (60 days written notice required)

I give Jettie Watkins and Primp Boutique Spa LLC. permission to use my photo(s) as marked below.

Full Face _______ Initials

Eyebrows w/Eyes Only  _______ Initials

NO PHOTOS_______Initials

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