4th grade is such an exciting year for demonstrating our growing musical skills and we didn’t waste any time getting started. This month students were introduced to a listening lesson using Handel's Water Music Suite No. 3 in G. Students listened to the piece of music and identified the form of the piece using colored strips. The next task was to perform different body percussion motions to show the form (and that they were following the changes in the music). Then students recreated the form in their groups and transferred their beat to small percussion instruments, demonstrating knowledge of the piece's form along with rhythm.

IMG_1874 (1).jpg

Students in Mr. Caldwell’s class demonstrating FORM with percussion instruments!

Meet the Percussion Family


This month we have enjoyed our percussion days!  Students got to explore all the instruments that you can shake, scrape, or hit to make sounds.  We found new ways to make sounds with the wood, metal and skin instruments.