Manitoba Internet Exchange (MBIX) Inc.

Annual General Meeting

April 16th, 2015

Location: Epic Information Solutions, Winnipeg

Attendance:    Theo Baschak, Director

Glen Beer, Director  (Global Server Centre)

Leslie Bester, Director   (LES.NET (1996) INC.)

Jeff Klause, Board Chair  (Rainy Day/Voyageur)

Jacques Latour, Director  (CIRA )

Gerry Miller  (MRnet)

Bill Reid, President

Jason Rogers  (Rogers West)

Evan Shroeder  (Swift High Speed)

Jonathan Stewart, Technical Support

Adam Thompson, Director

Start time: 12:10pm

JK started the meeting off with everyone introducing themselves.


Moved acceptance: JL    2nd: GB   Passed

Acceptance of minutes from June 26th, 2014 AGM.

Moved: BR     2nd: AT    Passed

Treasurer Report:

JK reported that Hartmut Sager did an excellent job of auditing our books. HS stated that similar to last year they are in perfect for the fiscal year 2014. HS also praised the impeccable work of Obi but cautioned that Obi has left Rainy Day and it was not clear who was going to do the books in the future. JK stated that we should be able to contract with Obi to continue with the MBIX bookkeeping. JK reported that we have a positive cash flow.  

There was a discussion about what is our actual member count. After some discussion we decided to have two groups: members and connected. Akamai and PCH would be defined as connected not members.  

AT asked if there were funds in the budget for creating a remote MBIX node. BR will talk about this in his report but the short answer is no.

Moved acceptance: JR  2nd: AT   Passed

President Report:

In the last year we have had one new member Fiber.CA and one of our original members VOI did not renew.

With the return of students in September the MRnet/Akamai traffic increased our throughput from around 40Mbps to 300Mbps. We actually are now peaking close to the 1Gbps. Currently the MRnet link with MBIX is 1Gbps but it will be upgraded to 10Gig by the end of the summer.

In November of last year Jonathan Stewart and I attended the IXP Symposium and the ISP Summit in Toronto. At the IXP Symposium we were on a panel of Canadian IXPs. We had a tour of TORIX and a great opportunity to meet a number of people involved with Canadian IXPs. Thanks to CIRA for sponsoring the ISP Summit registration fees and the IXP Summit for Jonathan's airfare.

In September of last year MBIX was the local organizer for a very successful Arin on the Road. ARIN staff made a number of presentations and Sean Wallberg and Ron Dallmeier gave a presentation on IPv6. About 60 attended. Epic Data Centre provided lunch and CIRA sponsored Beers and Peers after the event.

Last month we submitted an application to CIRA's Community Investment Program. We requested funding for a redundant Supervisor module to for our core switch to improve uptime and the cost of extending our core switch to a remote location. We should know if we are successful in a couple of months.

Of course we would not be were we are without the support of many companies: CIRA, Cisco, 100% Help Desk, Global Server Centre, LES.NET and Rainy Day Internet. Thank you.

Moved acceptance: BR   2nd: JK        Passed

Operation Report

JS reported 100% uptime on our core switch and only new connection was MRnet. One route server crashed and was replaced by a new server donated by BR. The NTP servers are not functional. JS requested assistance in putting them into production.  

JS has made enquiries with Netflix about installing a Netflix cache. They reviewed our connected AS’s and concluded that since the traffic was under 1gig it would not be cost justified. The suggestion was made that perhaps we should try and get one to encourage new members.

 We also discussed a Google cache. There was a suggestion that WPGIX has a cache installed at GSC. We will investigate this further.

AT asked if the routing problem we were having with HE has been resolved. JS stated that it has.

Looking Glass not reinstalled completely on the replacement route server. BR will work with JS to resolve this problem.

Moved acceptance: JF   2nd: AT    Passed

New Business

 Moved that there is no new business:  JK      2nd: JR    Passed

Election of Directors

BR asked for nominations for the open Director positions.

Nominated by GM  2nd: GB    Ron Dallmeier

Nominated by JK   2nd: AT     Les Bester

Nominated by LB   2nd: JL     Jeff Klause

Hearing no further nominations BR declared the Directors elected by acclamation.

Motion for adjournment at 13:15pm: JK   2nd: JR