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6. Calling pt 3
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Thank you for coming everyone... also, if you have any cell phones if you could please set them to something so that only you would know that they're working... also, I would like to thank our online listeners, for joining us today—and, We will open up in prayer.

Father we are thankful to you for the Spirit of God.. that Already dwells within each one of us personally. And Father, we hold onto  your word-and we believe, that by the anointing of your Holy Spirit, which we Already received from Jesus, we believe—and stand on your word that in Him we Are enriched with everything. Every word, every knowledge... we believe that in Him, we don't have lack in any Godly gifting. Father, we are thankful to you for this gift. We are thankful for everything—that each one of us needs—we Already have everything that we need... for life, and for righteousness.  And we ask you Father—forgive each one of us personally... if we were in anything inattentive—to your requests and instructions, if we were limiting you in anything, putting up obstacles—to the power of your Holy Spirit—we repent and render them void in the name of Jesus. And we ask you—by your Holy Spirit, help each one of us to move in your Gift,  Help us to correctly understand and correctly accept immeasurably more than we think or imagine.. and we thank you for these great abilities and opportunities which we have by your Holy Spirit in our spirit—Already. Thank you Holy Spirit. We are thankful to you. We are thankful to you, that Right Now, by your Power—light is being poured out over every darkness... and—the soul blind—receive their sight and the tortured receive their freedom in the name of Jesus! Thank you Holy Spirit for the anointing. We are thankful to you for the Great light that is flowing—right now. We are thankful that burdens are being demolished and yokes removed.  I take authority over every lying spirit, over every religious spirit, I take authority over every irritating spirit, confusing spirit, annoying spirit, and distracting spirit of those present and joining us—and I command them: Leave this place—right now, in the name of Jesus. Where the spirit of the Lord is—there is freedom. Thank you Holy Spirit. We are thankful to you for today's service. We are thankful to you that you are, already, leading and guiding each one of us personally. And we receive with thanksgiving that we will Never remain the same. Thank you for those abilities and opportunities... which are being opened up right now—by your holy spirit in each one of us personally... in the name of Jesus, AMEN.

Glory to God for the anointing.

Level 2 Lesson 6 – Calling part 3 – by Oleg Remez, translated by Irina Narivonchik

Let me recall a few main moments out of the material we have went through in our previous lessons. We said—that a calling: is not something you will learn... a calling is something that you Already Are. A profession is something that we acquire through education... a calling is something that we receive from God as Our Mission. We call our mission—a calling; we may call our mission—destiny; but scripture says: that Gifts and Calling are Irrevocable. In other words—they are given to Every spirit that comes to this earth in the flesh. Gifts and Calling are Irrevocable. It's calling that Apostle Paul prays about... when he prays in the book of Ephesians... that it would be opened up to them—what is the hope of their calling. And I believe that this prayer is answered... and the Spirit of God is moving... opening this up to each one of us.

The next thing I would like to note: in our last lesson, we said that the life of every man—that DESIRES to fulfill their calling—consists of 3 parts, or 3 intervals... the 1st interval—is the life of man Before calling—an amazing interval, because in this interval... MUCH is formulated of What the man lives by upon Entering his calling. Therefore, I will always remind, and speak of—that in the time interval of Before entry into calling... is Very Important to SOW... Yourself into people. This is manifested in Love, this is manifested in fellowship, this is manifested in many correct actions—that are based on Love. This is to sow Yourself into People. To Care for them... scripture says: that the faithful for others will be put over their own.... faithful in little will be put over much. Therefore, wisdom itself teaches—that if you want to enter into your own... then begin to sow yourself in Others. If you want to have More—then be faithful in little. This is a wisdom—that is very important to Do! some—sit and wait, that someday... their calling will be revealed... but, you need to Begin to be Faithful in Others... so that yours will be revealed to you.

The next interval of time that will be looking over—is Entry into calling. It contains the most amount of reforms—because its specifically in this interval... where you can no longer be as you were before... but those around you can't see you as you are, can't Really see you as you are. Therefore... this is a very difficult period. I call this—Nazareth. Each one of us will have a personal Nazareth. Their own time and their own place—where people will not want to see you in the new, but you can no longer be as you were. This is your personal Nazareth.

The 3rd interval of time is—the manifestation of calling. Here you can't really say if it's easy or hard... I think this is a period of obedience, a period of practice, a period of application of All that you had learned previously. OK.

Today we continue to look at the subject of Prayer... specifically—how to enter your calling by your Prayer Life. As Always—our foundational verse: John 6:38 the words of Jesus. We remember that Jesus—for us—is the standard and image. Jesus is the manifestation of Truth in the Flesh-of the Spiritual Creation Man. Therefore, in reading these words—I am not reading them so much as of about Jesus... but more as about Each one of us... and FOR each one of us. Be attentive! Jesus says : For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, this is an image...  but the will of Him (the Father) who sent Me. Each one of us—is a spirit in the flesh. Each one of us has come down from heaven to fulfill their mission. Therefore... for each one of us, as a spiritual creation—it is very important to Enter our calling, and to fulfill our mission. And of course, taking into account that we are in the flesh—to fulfill our calling... then the one who sent us in the flesh—is interested MORE than us... that would know it. “brother Oleg, then why don't I know it?” No, you know it! You know it in your spirit... but you don't yet know it in your mind... and scripture says: “that you don't have—because you don't ask.” therefore, there is our part... and God's part will always be in ITS OWN TIME. :)

in our last lesson we talked of Prayer—prayer by the Surest Prophetic Word—a very important, practical part of life at the entry into calling, and at remaining in calling.

Today we will be talking of prayer FOR calling—in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. In the Gifts of the Spirit. Of course, we'll mostly be talking of the gift of prayer in the spirit, or prayer in the gift of tongues.

Perhaps you don't pray in tongues, perhaps you don't practice this gift—in which case, Practice the Surest Prophetic Word... even though, in talking of prayer in tongues—you will frequently hear... and I will be emphasizing this—that entry into calling, as well as Life in calling... is, in large part—a mystery to you. A mystery for your mind. And to MOVE in this mystery—you will need to move Supernaturally. What does it mean, to move supernaturally? This means... Over the natural... Above the natural... Super natural.... this means, that in some sense—this is not understandable to your mind.

Therefore, today, we will be talking of how to Supernaturally ASK.. and Supernaturally RECEIVE. But when I say the word, “supernatural”, it refers to your body for the most part... or to the natural physical area. That, which is supernatural for the natural physical area... is Natural for the spiritual area. Therefore, for your spirit—the supernatural—is Completely Natural. To your body—or to your mind, the Contents of your mind—for today, this seems to be Supernatural because it's hidden from the 5 physical senses.

And so, today we will be talking of—how to supernaturally Ask, and how to supernaturally Receive... basically, of how to supernaturally Enter your calling, and how to supernaturally Move in it... as Everything that has to do with calling—it's immeasurably more than you can ask or imagine.... All that has to do with calling—is a secret for your mind, but not for your spirit. All that has to do with your calling—is Always immeasurably MORE... even to those around you, I'm not even talking of you anymore.

That's why praying in tongues, or supernatural prayer—It is Very effective, and Very Vital.

And today we will begin from Ephesians 1:17-21. Apostle Paul is praying... this is of the church in Ephesus..  I do not cease to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers: that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, 18 the eyes of your understanding[a] being enlightened; or, Opened up to you... this is Revelation! It doesn't say here How this will happen, or How it will be attained... here it's written that this will be done by the means of the SPIRIT of Wisdom and revelation! May give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, the eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that and HERE is the purpose! Let's find out why Apostle Paul is praying that the spirit of wisdom and revelation would illuminate the eyes of our hearts... for what purpose? What is the purpose of this prayer? THAT you may know you hear the purpose? Knowledge. That you may KNOW... knowledge of who or of what? Let's read on: That you may know what is the hope of His calling, ONE. So that you would know! :) SECOND-- what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, and Third... 19 and what is the exceeding greatness of His power in us who believe, according to the working of His mighty power 20 which He worked in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly places, 21 far above all principality and power and might and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this age but also in that which is to come.

And I will also read Ephesians 3:20-21 Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, THE POWER THAT WORKS IN US... I WILL NOTE, “IN US”... Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us. Why did I note these 2 scriptures? Because here, in one way or another... it notes: MORE than we ask or think or imagine. In other words, here it touches on the Spiritual dimension, where it's Impossible to move in natural ways.

In having a relationship with God—a serious relationship—you will always have to move in That dimension... where your 5 senses are basically ineffective.

In having a relationship with God—you will always have to strive forward MORE.. in the gifts, than in the natural, understandable for you—way of life. So if you want to enter into your calling—and we are living in an amazing Time, amazing in that no one is happy for your calling... and no one is waiting for your calling... and everything is already divided up, and believe me—you are far from being on time.... therefore, you will Have to—Supernaturally Enter, supernaturally Move, supernaturally receive, supernaturally, supernaturally... because what has to do with the natural—there are So many fences put up... that its Only possible to do it supernaturally!

And so, I will recall: Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, today we will be talking of what is Exceedingly Abundantly More... of Supernatural Movement in the fulfilling of Calling. Well, as the entry is supernatural, so is its manifestation. We will be talking of the Application and use of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Of the Application or Use of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

In the last lesson of the first level, we talked of how to loose the working of the Gifts.... so today, I won't be talking of how to loose the gifts for prayer. Today I will be talking of the Application of prayer in the spirit.

Romans 8:26-27 Likewise the Spirit it's talking of the Holy Spirit here....  also helps us. The word “helps” basically means—Gives Us Power! Gives us power. Let's look at what this ties into—why he gives us power? Also helps us in our weaknesses. The word “weaknesses” doesn't speak of sicknesses here, although we can apply it to sicknesses as well. The word “weaknesses” in this context—makes more of an emphasis on the IGNORANCE... For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us.. in our weaknesses, for we do not know! Tell me, we don't know in our spirit or in our mind? In our mind! But we know with the spirit! therefore—to Receive something from God, or to Move somewhere... then we have a Supernatural ability, which circumvents the Mind. You can strive forward... actually, I can tell you—that you can be praying for something 10 years in the future! Because the spirit of God is Outside of time... it's not confined to time-space. I am confident that much of what is realized now, in my calling—I prayed about... years ago. On the other hand, they were hidden from me—but, I Prayed them through... because, to enter and to move in your calling... and to receive your provision INDEPENDENTLY of everything that is going on around... it's all formulated Long before you actually enter it.

For harvest to come... so that the reaper can be sent—first there needs to be a sowing! But, sowing doesn't always happen in the same day... and the harvest also... not always on the same day. There are sometimes lengthy processes—which stretch years sometimes... and they aren't always revealed to you... for your own benefit!

So for the most part, right now we are talking of supernatural processes, where we—by using the Gifts—Move supernaturally... and receive, in the same way—supernaturally. Here it's written: For we do Not Know what we should pray for... in our minds, we don't know what to pray about today! Let's take a firm direction. We are saying—that for now, we don't know our calling, for example. So for now, in our minds—we don't yet know our calling. And of course, you already have a huge desire that your prayer be deliberate in regards to your calling... the Will of God as it concerns you.

And you don't yet know specifically What to pray of... and HOW TO.. it says here. But, you know that the Spirit knows! You know—that the spirit knows! Picture this: that you are going to your prayer room with the one—who knows EVERYTHING about you. Tell me, what is left for you to do? simply—to pray in Agreement with him, after all... He KNOWS what to pray about, so why should I  make anything up? I will simply support him in prayer... he is praying FOR me, he is praying ABOUT me, and everything that he is praying about—is for My Benefit... I will simply say, “Amen,” “Hallelujah” “Glory be to God” “Agreed...” and move together with him—in the spirit. I am talking of the Spirit of God.

Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, Specific. What about... Specifically... What to say... but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us. Here it speaks of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit Himself. In other words, its not hard to guess... that the mission of the Holy Spirit—one of missions of the Holy spirit in your life—is that you would Pray... or the Prayer, as a creative process... that you would CREATE... Create the Will of God—even the one you don't know of yet. You don't yet know your calling—but you can already pray of it! You don't know the provision of your calling—but you can already pray of it! You don't know how much you need, what you need, where you need—but, you know that HE knows! And you can completely, in confidence in the Spirit of God... move, supernaturally receiving That—which is not yet opened up to your mind.

You can pray in this manner about everything! “brother Oleg, I don't know who my husband is going to be...” Pray in the spirit! I can tell you for sure—you'll never go wrong! Because the spirit—Knows who he is. “brother Oleg, what if the spirit will give me.... some... some...” He wont! Because scripture says: that the Blessings of God—they Enrich. In other words, he won't be living on your back... on your provision. They Enrich—and they don't bring sorrows! He'll be bringing you joy Every day... I don't know how, but he will!

For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. Or, words that are not understood by our mind.. 27 Now He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He makes intercession for the saints... according to the will of God. This is the Will of God—for the spirit of God to direct and lead you in prayer, you hear? :)

right now we are talking of Supernatural prayer... of supernatural receiving. When you pray—and your mind remains without fruit. For example: you enter your prayer room... you are determined to pray of your calling, to enter your calling. You don't know where to start.. praying, what about... how to pray. But, you Know that the will of God is in that you DO enter your calling. For this—you need to take a scripture, or a promise... some verse—from where you can Begin praying in the spirit. I recommend: Mark 11:23-24... a very universal scripture. Jesus says: “Have the faith of God. For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says. 24 Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them. It's amazing, but here—it doesn't say to pray in an understandable tongue. Here it just says... Believe that you Receive! Here it says—you will have WHATEVER you say. “oh, holy spirit—I am thankful to you that you are with me in the prayer room... and I will be praying right now of calling... I will be praying—to Find out what my calling is... and to Move in my calling.... realize my calling... and I believe, that right now—you will be interceding, leading and guiding... because it's written: that YOU know how to pray and what about... and I RECEIVE... that everything that I will be praying about right now... I Receive Right Now... as Jesus said, Whatever you ask for, believe that you receive them—and you Will have them”... and then, begin to pray in the spirit. “but brother Oleg, I don't understand what I'm praying about” here it doesn't say that you will be praying on an understandable language! YOU—are praying in Trust, in Confidence of the spirit of God. You will need to learn to Trust the Spirit of God.... in much, by using your mind—you limit yourselves. In much. If right now—you were told a tiny fragment of God's plan for your life... I think that you could get really upset! because—you would IMMEDIATELY turn on your mind... and you wouldn't find such funds in there...! you would immediately count everything up... realistically... and everything would end right there and then! God gave us a supernatural ability to pray of THAT... which is FOR us, but which is, for now—is Not understandable to our minds.

Let me describe a bit.. of how this looks! This is also an interesting example! Picture this—you have a child... who is 2 yrs old. In other words, all that he can do—is repeat certain sounds.. he doesn't understand these sounds, he doesn't know the meanings of these sounds—but, if you will say, “say.. Dog” he will say—Dog! Basically, he doesn't know what's being talked about... unless you point at it with your finger... and even then, he probably won't know why you're pointing at this running thing! so—picture that you have a child... and he's 1 or 2 yrs old... he can repeat sounds after you—but doesn't understand what these sounds mean. And in that country where you live—the King has proclaimed: “children are NOT to be given candy until they can count to 100” and you understand... that a child will begin to know how to count to 100 when he's 5.. 6 or 7... but, you want to give your child a candy! So, what to do? You will come up to your child... and you'll say: “say.. 1” 1! “say.. 2” 2! “say... 3” 3! “say... 100” 100! and—you give him a candy! :) tell me, did he understand what he was saying? No... in this same way, God says: “say... dir” dir! “say... bir” bir! Good for you! Receive! :)

a DEEP prayer! :) “brother Oleg, but I didn't know what I was praying about!” who cares? God is leading you! Because it's God's grace, His Goodwill... that you would fulfill His Will on this earth... but His will is so Large... and so saturated... and, and and... that you... can only limit yourself with your mind! therefore—God gives us certain gifts, and abilities—so that we would be able to move in His abilities and His opportunities... and to strive to what is Immeasurably more than we ask or imagine. That's why if you pray in the gifts of the Spirit... you must Trust the spirit of God—that What you are praying about... is for your GOOD. It's not necessary that you Understand everything, but it's necessary that you trust. It's necessary to Believe that what you're praying about—you Receive—When you are praying of them! And, praying in the gift of tongues—I consider this one of the most Effective... in supernatural Receiving. Especially in cases where you've already entered your calling—and you understand that you need a Large provision for the realization of your calling. That you need a Large provision of not only resources... finances... but that you also need people, knowledge, technology... need, need, need... and I can tell you... that for my offices, location, provision... I began to pray for YEARS before. I simply prophesied.. “let us Have a new office” and then prayed in tongues! This took 2-3 minutes...! in the spiritual world, wordiness isn't what's effective! It's the Sowing... because the Kingdom of God is Like a SEED... which a man scattered on the ground.

Consistency!.... this is a very important quality. Consistency... you NEED this. This is Necessary! There are things that you don't need to constantly think about, but you do need to constantly Speak Them! Speak them! “brother Oleg, until when?” until the morning star rises! This is a process! And especially, if you affirm your prayer by the spirit... then you believe... that in praying of this—this Will Come to Pass! “oh, how will this happen?” I don't know! But the spirit knows! I have a leading to pray of this... but I don't know HOW to pray of this... but I know someone who Knows HOW to pray of this—so I plan on trusting him! “holy spirit... we're praying” and... off we go. Praying in the spirit... prophesying... prophesying... and this will somehow be happening... and I say somehow—because in this question... “the ways of the Lord cannot be uttered” you don't know Where he'll come from, how... through whom.... and you don't need to think of all these things! Your part—is to prophecy. Your part—is to pray... in the spirit. If you have a leading to realize some serious things—then begin to prophecy of them, stop simply thinking about them! They're immeasurably more—anyway. Immeasurably more, you hear! So Begin to Prophecy! “let there BE... and, list: 2 camcorders, and so on...” and, you pray in the spirit... “dir, bir” please don't write this one down!

So when you enter your prayer room, especially if you have a leading.... if there is some situation... for example, you encountered some sort of problem.. you don't know how to solve this problem.. please understand—that if you don't know how to solve this problem in your mind—this doesn't mean that you don't have the solution in your spirit! On the other hand—even though you still don't know how to solve this problem in your mind... you can come to the Lord, do a communion... and say, “Lord, I know that You are the answer to this problem... because... in You... all my needs are Filled... therefore, in trust to you, to your spirit.. I open up, and I ask you for Wisdom in the solution of this situation. And I believe, that right now, when I will be praying in the spirit... I receive the necessary wisdom for the solution to this problem” “brother Oleg, and how long do I need to pray?” until you understand :))) “brother Oleg, how long can this take?” well, if you will Practice this—then quickly. Anyway, for me, it's quick... I only need to present the theme, the subject, and that's it!

This is how I prepare my Saturday subjects—I enter, I speak the subject that I'm going to be working with... and he gives me all the points... then I unfold them... and here is the material. This takes... about ½ an hour. This is possible for your spirit—because in your spirit there are answers to All questions... in your mind... are all the questions to which there are no answers. :))) so, who are we friendly with?

The prayer room is a place for your spirit! Your mind—could be doing the most various things in that prayer room... it could be cooking, or redecorating... and your spirit, during this time—is praying. Receives... the Gifted from God. This is Very important. If you don't set time aside for deliberate prayer in tongues... then I can say: that later on you will experience difficulties—and why? You aren't formulating... supernaturally... That—which is really hard to receive any other way. because—you will always be limited, on all sides, by your own body... and God... is preparing you, and For you. Whenever you enter your prayer room... when I enter My prayer room—I listen: what the spirit of God will tell me... first he told me one thing, then another, then more, then more... and he begins to unfold a picture that already exists in my spirit. I don't speak what's not in my spirit... but that, which is in my spirit... it comes out into the visible, by levels... or in stages.

What am I doing? I'm creating. I'm creating! In this way—you can create your family, create your relations with your husband or wife, you can pray in tongues for your husband... and Stop saying that he's unsaved. “brother Oleg, how will he get saved? He just sits there and stares into the TV!” begin to pray for him in the spirit... “and what will happen then?” aren't you interested? You want to find out... begin to pray! “brother Oleg... what if I don't have a TV... or a husband... and I'm past 40...?” pray in the spirit! Pray in the spirit! EVERYTHING is possible with God!

But I'm telling you—set a goal... begin to build these relations. I'm talking of how to supernaturally enter and how to supernaturally receive. Supernaturally enter your calling... for example... picture this: in the time that you will enter your calling... this will be in a year or 2—why do you need to wait? Pray NOW! Pray about it Now! Prophecy NOW! NOW! “brother Oleg, what do I need to pray about now?!” just START... and you'll find out!

In one of the lessons—I've already said, or will say—that when I entered my calling, I began to analyze my actions a bit... the ones After repentance.... looking for a tie. And you know how many ties I found? A LOT! I began to see that just a few months after I repented, the spirit of God began to lead me in THAT—which later reflected on my Entrance into calling.... but wait... 6-7 years had passed at that point! And for 6-7 years... I did that—which I didn't understand... and what I did—reflected on what I entered into. This is how it opened up!

So it's not hard to guess... that if, right now—you will be consistent and diligent in prayer.... in the spirit.... then ALL that you will pray for—will reflect, affect and formulate.... what you will enter into later on. “brother Oleg, why should I pray... I don't know what to pray for anyway” and take JOY from this! Because you don't do everything that you understand, anyway! But in this way, at least something will be happening supernaturally.

I am telling you for sure... many don't do—simply because they understand.... and understanding this—they understand for themselves... that “it's not the time yet... because I don't understand everything yet” and that's it! But IT IS the time! Because you'll fully understand everything... only after you BEGIN to do it! And until you make that first step... until you begin... you are shown as if through frosted glass... and will be further opened up when you actually ENTER. Some believers just sit... and that's why God is So Good and Loving—that he gave us this gift—so that even the Lazy wouldn't be able to stop... and would be able to strive forward in this manner.

I want to lead you up to this—so that you will understand... how important it is to pray in the spirit, in the gift of tongues. Jealously move in this... and especially if you don't yet know your calling, I simply recommend to you—pray at least an hour a day... in the spirit—about the fulfillment of God's plan... at least an hour! You must line up your life According To God's plan... therefore, prophecy on your life, prophecy on your life... “brother Oleg, where will I find this much time?!” you'll NEVER find it! Understand this—on this earth, you will Never find time for God.... ! Here—you will need to apply serious effort—to get this time—otherwise, you will never have it.

That's why No One Ever said—that it's easy to start. No one says this... to Begin something—is Always hard. But you know, it's better to begin, and it be hard... in the Right direction—rather than it be hard, and in the wrong direction as well!

It was hard for me when I started... because all that I'm telling you right now—no one told me! Everyone always told me, “If this is the will of God, he'll give it to you! He'll lead you!” I was always curious as to where he would lead me to. “well, first he'll lead you into the desert!” and I was thinking... “I just got out of there!” haha :) except, I was led around by satan there... now I repented... and looks like I'll go back there with God now. “Go with God!” haha

so for me, this was always a paradox—why repent to go back there??? I could have simply Stayed there...! until I was old... then searched for God on my deathbed, right? That's the usual turn of thought, right.

No, the old also want to live. The elderly want to live so much! I can see this in my mother... she activates more and more with each passing day... and she wants to do Even More.. and more and more! And if any of the younger generation... is too slow, she's right there, almost giving them the boot just to move them along! :)

so don't think that the old are... that's it. Perhaps they're acting like this, but in actuality, they're just boiling over with life.

And so, here it says: Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, and here it doesn't say—to ask in an Understandable language! This scripture is fully applicable to the use of the gift of tongues. WHATEVER THINGS YOU ASK... but, in asking—first I speak in an understandable language, of what I am PLANNING to believe God for... therefore, the Spirit strengthens me—if I don't know how to pray, or what for... then he intercedes for me with groanings which cannot be uttered. I connect my faith with what the spirit of God is leading me in prayer for calling.

“brother Oleg, how long will this take?” not the prayer itself.. but for how long—in whole? Maybe 1 year... 2—no one can know that part... but, what brings joy—is that what you're praying about—WILL come to pass. I can't tell you precisely how long I prayed for my calling... I can't tell you precisely where I entered into it, and where I SAW that I've entered... I don't know! But, I know—that I entered, as soon as I repented.... on the other hand, I didn't really go in that direction... but, as I continued to pray, God was straightening my path, straightening me... onto my path. But again, this has a LOT to do with prayer—therefore, the prayer room needs to have QUALITY... Quality! And of course, prayer for calling—must take up a certain amount of time! therefore—when we pray in tongues—we pray... not to Man, but to God... and that we don't understand something... doesn't mean that what you are saying is not good for you. Believe me, what is hidden from your mind—is MORE than what is revealed. therefore—let's not limit God by our mind. Allow the gift of tongues to get you to there—where for now,   your mind can't go.  I don't think—that living in this country—you are building some Amazing plans for the future... especially, anything that has to do with finances. Most people, actually... are minimizing their future right now... so that they could control it, in the bank.

understand—people are living in fear. They don't know what's coming! Some are waiting for a flood... some are waiting for the end of the world.. some are waiting for a plate... a spaceship to come and take everyone away... in other words, Everyone is waiting for something, but no one is waiting for anything good... and why? Because they have nothing to hook into! But we—we are waiting for only the Very Best—the Kingdom of God. We are waiting for Eternal Life. We know that there will not be an end to light, there will be an end to darkness... we know that there will be no flood—we have the rainbow. We have God's guarantees... something they don't have! That's why they need to see, hear, feel, smell, touch... and for us, it's enough to say “dir, bir” and grab a hold of it! You understand where we're different? Because we can move supernaturally... basing ourselves on His Will. They Can't move supernaturally—so they need for someone to come, read some leaves, roll some eggs... or whatever.... they need Something to grab a hold of, but they cant even hold onto this. I am leading you up to that when you are moving in your calling... you will always hold onto only the supernatural.

potential—is that, which isn't yet opened up... and what's opened up already—that's not potential! What you still need... is what's still hidden... and what's already opened up—that's being used! It's already in process! God wants—so that you would always go... prepared for 10 years.... that's why many of you are already praying for eternity. “brother Oleg, why would I be praying about eternity?!” perhaps you're praying for some planet in some galaxy... “any why would I be praying for that?” well, to make a lake for fishing... I don't know what you're praying about. It depends on what kind plans God has for you in eternity... but you can, already—be stretching into that.

Praying in tongues... is an amazing thing. When you will be entering into your calling, when you will move in your calling... you will understand—that for you, this is the most important instrument, because—there are still secrets... things hidden from your mind. I recommend to you... everything that has to do with living spaces... homes... because I know this question is a serious question for many believers—pray in the spirit. Prophecy, and pray in the spirit. Prophecy and pray in the spirit. This needs to happen supernaturally. You need to learn to expect MORE supernaturally than naturally. I think you will come to this yourselves anyway.

Frequently, when people come to the Needed level of repentance—is when they're... that's it, they're at a wall... scripture says of the woman with the issue of blood—that having spent All She Had... of the son that found himself in the pigsty—Having Come to his Senses... in other words, when everything else runs out, understanding comes. :P

it's better not to get to this situation, but to get the understanding—that the best thing For me, for now—is hidden from my mind... therefore, it's better to pray in tongues. If in my calling—is hope and a future... then I will pray about it! “brother Oleg, I don't know yet how to pray about it!” the holy spirit knows how to and what to pray about! therefore—fully putting your trust in the Spirit of God—enter your prayer room... and set aside a deliberate amount of time... perhaps an hour or ½ an hour... prophesying and praying in tongues of calling... on your life... and you will supernaturally direct yourselves into it, and supernaturally receive there.... while you're not even there yet. Supernaturally. there—you will pray about protection, safety... there you will pray about inheritance, people... you will pray about Everything there. You can't go there with the mind anyway!

Just imagine... that your calling will be realized in a city... in Germany somewhere. You don't yet know German, you don't know the city. You don't know who you'll be realizing it with, you don't know, you don't know, you don't know.... you don't know at all... but, regardless... God can already be leading you in the gift of the tongues... supernaturally... you will be praying of your home, provision, people, technology... and all that …. in Germany... and you don't even know about it!

The only thing, is maybe that you are praying in German, with a Chinese accent... :) and that's all that may be telling you anything. “oh, yes brother Oleg... listen to how I pray... perhaps you'll find something out...” No, I don't do such things. And I recommend that you don't do these things either... because I know—that some like to listen to how they pray in  tongues... “oh, what interesting sounds...”

OK, let's continue. 1 Corinthians 14:2 For he who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God, for no one understands him; however, in the spirit he speaks mysteries. Mysteries! Once again, the word “mystery” here really says that it's not understandable to your mind, but your spirit—knows of this! That's why prayer in the spirit has such an edifying effect! The spirit is happy! “oh, glory be to God—Finally he's started to create this! Finally he's started to speak this!” and this is a very important experience, that when you have a witness, in your spirit... that what you are praying about—is being created.

Sometimes, when prayer meetings are held... for example, for us, it's every Wednesday... and we pray... and you can feel it, that there is Movement in the spirit... and you can Feel that you are praying about something Important, Needed... and then, sometimes, at the end.. there are moments where it climaxes... and Everyone knows that this something has been Done... in the natural, we can't see it yet... but in the spirit, This is Already Done. But... in the natural, the 5 senses... they aren't giving you any information yet... but, it has already happened! It has already happened! It has already happened.... and you—Prophecy... Prophecy... in the gift of tongues... and it has Already Happened.

I am making an emphasis on this—because life in calling—it is Always anticipation, or advance. Anticipation of time, anticipation of your understanding, anticipation of provision-which you already have... always anticipation. And, in moving in anticipation... you know, scripture says: that the pharisees and scribes said: we can't keep up with him! You will be the Head, not the tail. On top, not on the bottom... this is anticipation. Prayer in the spirit—is anticipation. You will always be ahead... MANY YEARS ahead... even though, with the body.. you are here, in this year... by your prayer... you are in another year! And some say, “brother Oleg, did you hear what they're saying about what's going to happen next year? The crisis?” that's Them! They will have the crisis... but what you are praying about... you will be on the RISE.

Therefore... be very attentive in your prayer in tongues... what the spirit will be telling you. Perhaps for you... you will see a picture of your calling. If you are praying in the spirit... and you have an inner witness that you are praying of deer... then this speaks of something! “brother Oleg, what if I'm praying about deer... but not for me?” this could also be the case! Still, PRACTICE this! Perhaps you are praying of yourself! You don't know... ! God's mysterious ways... :)

I am simply showing you different sides—because we sometimes begin to limit God... limit in the sense that we try to imagine everything with our minds... with a bit of logic mixed in. but believe me—in this case—It's Truly... God's mysterious ways!

therefore—the gift of tongues... in the entering of calling, as well as receiving supernaturally... the provision For calling... it's just better to simply trust God. Where it will all come from.... the important thing is that it WILL come, understand? And this already brings joy! Who cares, where from? And how much... well, that is important—but you know... that from Him—you will always receive however much you need. Perhaps this will be from various sources... but, it still brings joy. And all of this—in the gift of tongues. Supernatural prayer... supernaturally receive.

Therefore, Always—in practicing prayer in tongues—Believe that what you are praying about... and you speak in the beginning what you are praying about—Believe that you Receive it WHEN you are praying.... and your FAITH.. as it says in Hebrews 11:1... is the Substance of things not seen. You are praying—and you are waiting... that what you are praying about—you receive WHEN you pray. “brother Oleg, you are telling me that what I prayed about in tongues... I will leave here, and it manifests? And it will manifest?” I can't absolutely say Yes, and I can't absolutely say No, but I know—that the process has started!

First the stalk, then the head, then the full kernel in the head... perhaps for you, this process happens immediately.. perhaps by the time you reach work, you will already be in the harvest of what you prayed about... I can't say. I can't tell you of times... because dates and times are in the power of God... but, I can say for sure—that the Spirit knows How to pray... and What about. THIS is what you need to hold in front of yourself.

A bright example of this prayer.. of trust... and of supernatural, amazing guidance... is the example of Noah's Ark. Tell me, where in the ark was the rudder? By which he directed the Ark? He didn't have a need of directing it! He didn't know where to go to anyway! But, I believe that the covenant which God made with Noah.. was the foundation—on the basis of which Noah talked in the Ark... and I'm sure—that when his relatives talked to him, and asked him, “where are we going” .. he said, “we're in a covenant with God... he'll direct us where we need to go. He'll direct us where we need to go. He'll direct you where you need to go. He'll direct me where I need to go. Prayer in tongues... is: we'll get—to where we need to be! “brother Oleg, not to the mountains of Ararat I hope!” you know—he will raise you to the peak of the mountain :) there's a promise like this! :D

I pray that he will take me to the peaks.. to the heights of the world. .. I pray this, prophecy this... but of course, in a slightly different format. “I will be On top, never on the bottom!” and God will be leading you... and prayer in the spirit... is kind of like the Ark, in which you are floating... but which is directed by the spirit of God... and you have no need to stand behind the wheel... because the spirit of God Knows How to pray, and What about.

The 5 senses... they are not performing any leading roles... like, telling you what to do or what not to do.. where to go or where not to.. you are constantly listening to the spirit..  because from there flow rivers of life. You understand—that the entire process... it doesn't happen at the level of the mind, but at the level of the spirit... and if there's a need—then what does the mind have to do with anything anyway... we need to receive our provision from the spirit.

It's very important... that in entering your prayer room—you would always Speak... Prophecy.. Prophecy.. Prophecy... you came to a phase of time where you must CREATE the will of God... Every Day. You hear? CREATE... therefore, create the will of God. There is... creating the will of God in an understandable language... Prophesying the promises, and there is creating the will of God in a NOT-understandable language... for your mind... praying in the spirit. both—are beneficial to you! both—are important to you! But, do this! Don't leave this for Sunday services or for prayer meetings.. these things are important... but your prayer life needs to be REGULAR! Consistent!

Therefore... Quality prayer room... and life will also become quality, saturated, beneficial... effective... where you have time... and with time, time for rest.

OK, I will note once again: Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, this has to do with calling, this has to do with provision, this has to do with... ALL the mysteries of God... BELIEVE... believe when? When you pray in the spirit... we believe that everything that we ask for—we receive. Glory be to God! “I receive that—which I'm praying about... and I receive the mysteries which are coming out of my spirit... Right Now” and then you pray in the spirit. You pray in the spirit. “brother Oleg, you know, some weird mysteries are coming out... what's with this accent?!” don't pay attention to the sounds! The sounds of the words don't speak anything of what kind of mysteries are coming out! Your part—is that what comes out of you... comes out FOR you, and that it Enriches you, and doesn't bring sorrow. You need to hold onto this! And with time... the hidden, the secret will be revealed... will come to light... because the will of God—is that you would KNOW the gifted, and SEE this in your lives. The Will of God is so that Your life—would be built, be filled—by what HE prepared for you... and HE wants everyone to See the difference... between the saved, and the not saved.

And I would like to note once again: that life in calling... it's supernatural. And there's Always More Of... the supernatural. The natural always takes a back seat to the supernatural. It becomes a resource, an instrument... it simply becomes... something that you use. The supernatural becomes the main thing, because you understand—to move in the things of God, with the mind... will be impossible.

So I will say it this way: you need to understand God with the Spirit... and begin to practice this! And we begin to practice by praying in tongues.. using the gifts, the gift of knowledge, the gift of wisdom.. gift of discerning of spirits... these are all gifts that will help you in your prayer room—to supernaturally pray of calling, and to supernaturally receive.

So I will make an emphasis once again.. that if you want to enter into your calling, if you want to move in provision of your calling.. then bring your prayer life and room in order... and always set aside quality time for it. The more, the better—for you. There's no such thing as too much time—for prayer. There's sometimes... not enough, but never too much.

OK, let's thank God...

we are thankful to you Jesus for today's lesson, and I pray—help everyone present to organize a quality prayer room... in the name of Jesus! Let them See a quality prayer room... let them see the Plan of a quality prayer room... in the name of Jesus. Thank you Holy Spirit—that you are opening up to us the ways of God, the will of God... and that you are interceding for us... we are thankful to you holy spirit. You are the most valuable and precious thing that any one of us has... and we are thankful to you that you open our calling... to everyone present.. in the name of Jesus. And may we fulfill our calling in all fullness and without any lack... in the name of Jesus, AMEN.