So you’re considering moving to Colorado Springs? Good for you! Colorado Springs is an awesome place to live. Here is a short guide to living in proximity to the Downtown Area.

Summary Of Downtown

Downtown, to me, is considered North of Cimarron south of Unitah, east of I-25 and west of Wahsatch (Map credit: /u/poopin)

Downtown includes Colorado College, a community college, a large library, several parks, gyms, many independently owned stores, a number of restaurants, several coffee shops, a few “nightclubs” and several good bars. There is a Safeway on the upper north end of Downtown.

Downtown is also in close proximity to the interstate making travel to the various regional & national parks, the slopes, denver, or other parts of town fairly easy.

The area is very flat and conducive to walking most places or riding a bike (even in the winter). The cost of a cab is max 10 bucks to get from one end of downtown to the other. Street parking is typically not an issue during weekdays. During the weekend, there are several free and low cost parking garages.

Living in/near downtown can be done fairly cheaply in the Old North End Neighborhood or ONEN.

There are several free yearly festivals that occur in the “Central Park” of downtown. In addition, free live music can be found at ease most fridays and saturdays at the local bars/coffee shops.

The Breakdown

  A little about the stuff that makes up downtown:

Colorado College is a private liberal arts university located at the northern end of     downtown. The college is beautiful. During the summer, there is many free family friendly /dog friendly music festivals on campus with a cash bar (Beer/Wine) They also have a student run weekly Community Kitchen located near their chapel anyone can volunteer at. There is a running track the public can use. Also, located on campus is public Youth & Master Swim Teams 

Sports. There many sports you can watch for cheap. Colorado College’s hockey team is D1 and is pretty sweet. I’ve heard good things about their D1 Women's Soccer team too.

The Fine Arts Center is located adjacent to Colorado College and offers rotating art exhibits. Every third tuesday of the month is free entrance, however it is pretty inexpensive anyway.

Pikes Peak Center Performance Hall has a nice lineup of events most summers.

The Library from the street, It looks as though it is one story, but it is three. Very well equipped with study rooms, computers and an awe inspiring catalog of books/dvds/audio. Very, very friendly staff. There is metered parking behind it. It is located next door to Pikes Peak Community College Downtown Campus.


Monument Valley Park is located at the northern end of downtown It has a pond, outdoor swimming pool and is the most notable entrance to a major running/bicycle trail called the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail.

Antler’s park is a little further south. It is very small, but has a great tree coverage and is an awesome outdoor location to hide from the heat and read a book. It is practically next door to the downtown library.

America the Beautiful Park is on the south end of downtown. It is very large, very beautiful.

Acacia park is located in the heart of downtown. It has many weekly events.

Farmer Market, Free Concerts, etc

Also located on the park, during the summer, is a kids water park area. Unfortunately, the Colorado Springs website does not seem to have an overabundance of information on this park.

Downtown Lifestyle (Shopping/Coffee/Bars)

Reddit Favorites:

Poor Richard’s Complex downtown (Cafe/Book Store/ Restaurant/Toystore)

Kimball’s Peak Three Theater Movie theatre with great beer/wine selection

Josh and John’s Ice Cream Fresh made, also huge chalkboard wall for drawing

Brewer’s Republic Craft beer bar, very friendly, also board games.

McCabes Tavern Has a huge bike rack! Cruiser bike rides every Wednesday at 6pm night!
Urban Steam Awesome Coffee house! Super bike friendly, great cocktail menu.

Zeezos Costumes Awesome indie year round costume store!

Escape Velocity Comics COMICS! Get your geek on!

Nosh Restaurant and bar, arguably the best food & drinks downtown

Shuga’s close contender to Nosh, more bar than restaurant but pretty good food too.

The Perk Coffee downtown with cool loft seating and patio.

Jack Quinn’s Running club Bar that has a weekly 5k, tons of people, great place to meet.

Coaltrain Wine and Spirits Best liquor store in town. Upscale, very knowledgeable staff.

Wild Goose Meeting House Coffee House / Gastropub! Great spot hang over coffee/beer

        SuperNova Bad Ass Barcade! Trivia is pretty great here Thursday Nights at 8pm!

Colorado Springs Breweries / Distilleries!

Fieldhouse House Brewing Company New Brewing Company in Downtown Colorado Springs

Phantom Canyon Great location, Pool tables, awesome happy hour! Their staple beers are so-so but their new stuff, in bombers, is awesome!

Bristol Brewing Company Honestly, all their beers have the same after taste and not a lot of complexity in their flavor. However, the brewery has huge following and is a mainstay in Colorado Springs. Bristol has contributed immensely to Colorado Springs area. Their location, the Ivywild School is definitely worth your time!

Distillery 291  Whiskey for everyone!!!!!

Recreational Marijuana

City Council in Colorado Springs is not progressive. Therefore, for better or worse, recreational weed is not for sale in Colorado Springs.

However! Weed is still legal in Colorado Springs, and you can enjoy it in your home, or on your porch, or at
Studio A64! It’s a bring your own Marijuana club in Downtown Colorado Springs.

Grocery & Other necessary things: (located just north of downtown)

The Bon Shopping center contains the nearest grocery, Safeway, it is pretty popular with the Old North End Neighborhood crowd & Colorado College students. The same shopping center has a dry cleaner, 24hr gym, Ace hardware, an awesome coffee shop, pet store, etc. I has lot’s of places to lock up bikes and plenty of parking for shopping.

It’s also next to another large park (Bonforte), that’s just a bit outside of the “downtown” area

A little further west, and across the freeway, there is a KingSoopers, it’s a bit bigger than Safeway and the prices are lower. It’s not walking or biking distance.

Downtown Nonprofits! 

Citizen’s Project they cover issues in the Pikes Peak region and mobilize people to strengthen the traditional values of our nation: equal rights, individual freedoms, separation of church and state, civic engagement, and respect for diversity

Urban Peak Is dedicated to fighting youth homelessness in Colorado Springs.

Kids on Bikes Rad Non profit aimed at getting “at risk youths” on bikes

Other Notable Downtown spots, because, you know, suff!

Running Runners Roost & Colorado Running Company (CRC has a great running club, also carries a limited supply of swim gear) Both are great!

Hiking/climbing/camping Mountain Chalet (a bit pricey, but downtown, great selections awesome staff)

Bikes: Old Town Bike Shop (also bicycle experience, but they are outside just outside of downtown.

Rock Climbing: City Rock Indoor climbing gym, super great for the cold winter!

Gym: There’s a YMCA downtown!

Swim team: Year round Youth & Master Swim Teams 

Love the outdoors? Check out UpaDowna!! 

UpaDowna’s mission is to provide access to outdoor adventures for all through events and programs that empower individuals, create healthier communities, and foster a respect for the environment.

More info on things to do brought to you by our local free independent news paper. It’s honestly a great resource and is free just about anywhere.

Here’s the Colorado Springs Downtown Yelp (80903)

Here’s the official Downtown WebPage 

Also! Check out the Colorado Springs

If you’re convinced living downtown is the thing to do, here’s where you can start looking for a new pad to call your own:

The best neighbor is called the Old North End Neighborhood, or ONEN. It starts downtown and extends 5 or so blocks north of Uintah. Check out craigslist. The best spots to rent are North of Boulder St. & South of Fillmore St. The closer to Colorado College the better. Colorado Springs is a whole different city when you live downtown, and in my opinion, much better than the the sprawling suburbia.

There are loads of older victorians for rent. Many old Mansion/Estates have been converted into apartments.

Sunflower Property Management has a lot of cool properties

Van & Co is another great management company. They don’t list anything online, but is run by a very sweet old lady and husband. They have loads of very well maintained properties. (719) 473-7274

If this doesn’t answer your questions start a thread! We’re a friendly bunch of redditors and are looking forward to meeting you at our next meetup!