#91 - Into the Nexus: “Ess of... GONE!”

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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!

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Kael'thas down 10.6% since last week.

Balance Update


Astral Presence (Talent)

Diamond Skin (Talent)

Tal Rasha’s Elements (Talent)

Magic Missiles (Q)

Arcane Orb (W)

Triumvirate (Talent)

Developer Comments: Li-Ming is a little too strong right now. Her ability to deal incredible damage is awesome, it was just happening too often, too easily. We’ve nerfed Astral Presence and Diamond Skin to preserve a couple of her core weaknesses: Mana tension and fragility. We’ve also removed Ess of Johan, because we found that it made landing Magic Missiles too easy. While we know that a lot of players really enjoy Ess of Johan, we think that it will be better for Li-Ming in the long run to preserve her high skill cap.

Li Ming fell 7.8% yesterday.


Lightning Shield (W)

Developer Comments: Rehgar is still doing too much damage with his Lightning Shield. We like the high potential for damage output in this Talent, as chasing the dream is fun! However, we found that Rehgar players were reaching high damage values too fast, and reaching maximum stacks early became the rule rather than the exception.

Reghar fell 0.4% yesterday


Hardened Carapace (W)

Developer Comments: Anub’arak’s survivability is a little low right now, though not by much. We think that increasing it by buffing his low cooldown Shield helps him feel unique, and will give him a slight nudge toward becoming another enticing Warrior option at all levels of play.

Anub’arak fell 1.3% yesterday


Developer Comments: We started to notice a few situations where Stitches, after selecting Last Bite, would feel nigh unkillable when fighting near Minion waves or around Battleground Events that featured lots of small Monsters, like Infernal Shrines. We think this smaller nerf will embrace those situations without allowing them get out of control.

Stitches fell 0.2% yesterday


Current State of Matchmaking

Report since Phase 1 Update

Distinctive Heroes in Quick Match

New rule that will stop the following heroes from being grouped together in QM outside of a premade party.


Dustin Tweets

Team is looking at Arthas’s Talents

Cho’gall will not count towards your 14 heroes needed in Hero League with bans

Stitches Bug is under investigation. No ETA

Death Recap in Playtesting

Future: Li Ming might not be able to teleport out of Pyroblast

Future: Muting someone will mute their pings

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Laning Specifics - Most Valuable Lane and Tips

Dreadnaught put together a great video describing map basics.

Towers of Doom: 1-1-3


Infernal Shrines: 1-1-3


Battlefield of Eternity: 1-4

Tomb of the Spider Queen: 1-4 (Top and Mid Rotate)


Sky Temple: 1-3-1

Blackheart's Bay: 4-1

Cursed Hollow: 1-1-1 (with 2 roam)


Dragon Shire: 1-3-1


Garden of Terror: 1-1-1 (2 Roaming)

Dread Breaks Down Every Map



We can all agree the only time and place to pick Illidan is never. I went full CSI and found out he only has 60 more starting hit points than Jaina....JAINA! The stat that really put the icing on this was this: Zeratul has more hit points than Illidan. 126 more starting hit points and 386 more hit points if you were ever able to get to level 30. Illidan is one of my favorite Heroes to play but hes simply unusable right now. How can he not at least have as many hit points as Thrall? If you were Lord Browder what would you change about Illidan to make him playable again?


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