2018 NY-NJ Bolt Action Escalation League

2018 New York-New Jersey Bolt Action Escalation League

Rules Pack

        Welcome to a Bolt Action escalation league dedicated to cultivating a friendly, mature community of gamers across New Jersey and New York. This league seeks to achieve this goal through regular games in low-stakes, mildly-competitive, and supportive environments. From February to May of 2018, participants will play a number of games of gradually-increasing point values, from 400 to 1,000.

Please read the following rules carefully before registering. Questions should be directed to Peter at northjerseyboltaction@gmail.com.

Quick Summary

  1. The league is divided into two conferences, the North and the South. Each conference is run by a captain who will be players’ primary contact. Participants must play and score at least one game per round in their conference.
  2. The league has four, month-long rounds from February to May, beginning at 400 points in the first round and increasing by 200 points each month to a total of 1,000 points in May.
  3. Players may play as many games as they like each round, but score the first two. After that, each additional game will be worth one league point (for more on “league points” see “Scoring” below), regardless of the result. So, whether you played two games in a round or five, your league record will only show a maximum of eight recorded games.
  4. Each game, players will choose their own secondary objective from a list provided each round. Achieving secondary objectives contributes both to score of the immediate game and to their league standings. If two players draw, but one achieves their secondary objective, the player who scores the secondary wins the game.
  5. Prizes are awarded on a month-by-month basis, and are often not tied to league standing. So, if you miss a round, you are not out of the running for something cool!
  6. But competitive types fear not! The league’s top performers will have their entry fee waived for the concluding tournament in June.
  7. Score a painting point per game you field a fully painted force.
  8. Lists should consist only of a single reinforced infantry or tank platoon.


Registration for the escalation league is open for the duration of the league, and players are welcome to begin playing games during any round or resume after a hiatus. The registration process is as follows:

  1. Email Peter McLellan at northjerseyboltaction@gmail.com with the following information:
  1. Your name
  2. Your email address and/or a link to your Facebook profile, noting which one is the best way to contact you
  3. Which state, NJ or NY, you play most of your games (even if you live in a different state). This information will determine your conference (see below), which the league organizer will assign upon reviewing your application.
  4. Your army’s nationality
  1. Players are divided into two conferences, the North Conference and the South Conference, each with a captain. The North’s captain is Jason Murphy (jmurphsbox@gmail.com) and the South’s is Chris Gilbert (cgilbert47@gmail.com). Once you have been assigned to a conference, it is recommended you contact your captain to introduce yourself and learn more about the players in your conference (who they are, where they play, etc.).
  2. Pay your entry fee of $10.00 to your captain through agreeable means (check, cash, online, etc.). Players are permitted to play games before they pay their fee, but payment must be received by conference captains by the end of the player’s first month of participation.

League Format

  1. Players can play as many games as they like each round against other league participants. But only their first two games will be scored fully, at least one of which must be played against a conference opponent. Successive games played, regardless of result, will be awarded one league point (see “Scoring” below).
  2. Starting with games at 400 points, each subsequent, month-long round will increase by 200 points, as follows:
  1. February: 400 points
  2. March: 600 points
  3. April: 800 points
  4. May: 1,000 points
  1. Two mission options will be provided each round.
  1. Players should try their hardest to play both missions over the course of a month.
  2. Players must follow the rules as written in the mission pack. Any confusion that arises before meeting to play the game should be addressed to either the conference captains or the league organizer; in-game issues should be worked out between the players, but brought to the captains or organizer when reporting the game (see below).
  1. Scoring:
  1. Players can score points in three ways, two of which contribute to the score of each immediate game, all of which contribute to their league standings.
  2. In-Game Scoring:
  1. Primary objectives: these are the objectives as described in the mission.
  1. Win=3 league points
  2. Draw=1 league point
  3. Loss=0 league points
  1. Secondary objectives: these are objectives are ancillary to the primary objective, and can be chosen by players from a list, which is provided and altered at the beginning of each round.
  1. Secondary Objective=1 league point
  2. See “Secondary Objectives” below for full rules.
  1. Examples:
  1. Player A defeats Player B. Player A does not score a secondary objective, Player B does score a secondary. Player A wins the game 3-1. Assuming these games are scored in the standings (see “League Standings” below), Player A adds 3 league points to their standing, and Player B adds 1.
  2. Player A and Player B draw. Player A does not score a secondary objective, Player B does score a secondary. Player B wins the game 2-1. Assuming these games are scored in the standings (see “League Standings” below), Player B adds 2 league points to their standings, and Player A adds 1.
  1. If a player has already played two games in a given round, any following games earn you one league point (no more, no less), regardless of whether they win or lose.
  2. If a player concedes, their opponent will score a win along with its three league points. It is up to the players to determine if the secondary objective was achievable or not. If it is, then the winner will also score that point.
  1. Secondary Objectives
  1. Players will be provided a list of three different secondary objectives before each round.
  2. Before the start of a game, but after a mission is chosen and lists exchanged, players must secretly write down which secondary objective from the list provided they will use. This objective is not revealed until after the game.
  3. Any secondary objectives a player has already used in a given round are not secret and should be revealed to their opponent if asked. In other words, players should have the opportunity to guess which objective their opponent is gunning for.
  4. Players must use all three objectives once in a round before choosing them again.
  1. Painting Points
  1. If a player fields a fully painted force.
  2. These points do not contribute to the win-loss-draw scoring of the game, but do contribute to players’ overall standings.
  3. The most possible league points a player can therefore gain from painting in a round is two.
  1. Prizes
  1. 100% of entry fees will go toward prize support
  2. Prizes will be awarded monthly, at the end of each round, with winners in both conferences.
  3. Prizes will be awarded for unique objectives. While awards will be tied to good gameplay, they will not necessarily be awarded to the player who gathers the most points in a given round.
  1. League Standings
  1. Players will submit their results to their league captains throughout a given round (see “Playing and Recording a Game” below).
  2. Their first two games, at least one of which will be played against a conference opponent, and the awarded points from additional games after the first two will be added to their League Standing Point Total.
  3. The top half of players in each conference will receive one tournament point for the concluding tournament in June. In addition, at the end of the league in May, the top-ranked players in each conference will receive a prize.
  4. Tie-breakers are determined as follows: (1) head-to-head results, (2) primary objective points, (3) secondary objective points, (4) total of additional games, (5) a roll-off (but only to determine final league-end standings).

Playing and Recording a Game

        Players are encouraged to play as many games as they like throughout the league, but should follow these rules for each game they play.

  1. Find any league participant and get started! Players are encouraged to play as many different opponents as possible, but not required.
  2. Agree upon one of the assigned missions for the current round. It is recommended that players try to play as both missions before repeating, but this is not required.
  3. After exchanging army lists and decided on a mission, but before setup, players should secretly choose one of their remaining secondary objectives and write it down.
  4. Play the game!
  5. Following the game, each player should contact their league captain ASAP with the following information, even if they already scored their first two:
  1. The name of your opponent
  2. Number of games played (i.e. Is this your first, second, third, etc.?)
  3. The date of your game
  4. The result of the game, including
  1. Primary objective score
  2. Secondary objective score
  1. Whether you fielded a fully painted force
  2. Any questions on rules or the mission that arose during play
  3. Any concerns over your opponent (e.g. Were they unnecessarily nasty, or did they cheat?)

Force Composition

        This league has few restrictions on army lists, but each list must follow these rules:

  1. All army lists must fall within the point totals of a given round (see “League Format” above).
  2. Players must play the same nation through all four rounds. For example, Player X may play an American Army list one round and Marines the next, but they may not play American Army followed by German Panzergrenadiers the next month.
  3. Lists are restricted to a single reinforced platoon.
  4. Armored platoons are permitted.
  5. Theater selectors are permitted.
  6. Special characters are not permitted.
  7. Many unofficial PDF army “books” and theater selectors (like, e.g., the WWPD Hungarian PDF) will be accepted, but should be discussed with the league organizer at registration.
  8. Armies with a special rule that permits them to take a free unit, like the Soviet free inexperienced squad or British artillery observer (among others--you know who you are!), will only receive that unit from the second round (600 points) and onward.

Concluding Tournament

        The league will conclude with a tournament in June. Date and location TBD. The rules for the tournament will follow those for the league.