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We need and love our volunteers!

Like the majority of the member clubs of USA-Swimming, ICE follows the model of a parent-run volunteer club. With no administrative staff, the day-to-day business of running the club is done by a volunteer board of directors with the active help of the members of six standing committees. Since it is the active involvement of our families in these committees that ensures the ongoing success of our Club, it is our goal to have every family serve on at least one committee.

Volunteering within ICE is not only a rewarding experience; volunteering ensures that we are able to continue to provide a quality competitive swim program for area youth at prices that are reasonable and affordable. Thousands of hours of volunteer time are needed to put on our swim meets and to keep the club running smoothly. ICE does recognize that all families are very busy and that finding the time to volunteer can be challenging. In order to address the various needs of families, there are multiple ways to meet volunteer requirements before, after, and during a swim meet.

With the help of each family, the work is shared and we all become part of creating a positive athletic experience for our children. Whatever your interests, skills, or availability, opportunities exist to get involved. Volunteerism is both an essential and fun part of club membership!   We truly value and appreciate everything families do for ICE.  Thank you!

Swim Meet Volunteer Requirements

The support of the fantastic parents, family, and friends of ICE swimmers, as well as the swimmers themselves, is critical!  

Meet Volunteer Requirements

Roster Group

Meet Volunteer Points per Season

First Season Frost Families*


Returning Frost, Cubes, Waves, Moray, Seniors


Summer College Swimmers


What are "Meet Volunteer Points"?

How do I earn "Meet Volunteer Points"?

How many meets do we host?

Why do we host swim meets?

What happens if I can't/don't volunteer?

How do I keep track of my volunteer points?

Who do I talk to if I have concerns or questions?

If families have challenges or unique circumstances that might justify pro-rating volunteer hours, these should be communicated to the volunteer coordinator.  These will be addressed privately and confidentially on a case-by-case basis by the volunteer coordinator and board, particularly with regard to any potential financial penalty.  

Please contact the ICE volunteer coordinator (volunteer@iceels.org) with questions and concerns as early in the season as possible.

Committees - Information and Expectations

Much of the club’s business is planned, organized and conducted through the work of six standing committees: Fundraising, Communications, Technical Planning, Merchandise, Social, and Meets.  In addition to having families complete the meet volunteer expectations, it is our goal to have every family serve on at least one of the six standing committees. The active involvement of all families is essential to ensuring the ongoing success of our club. You will be asked to select a committee during registration.

With a wide range of topics, it is easy to find a committee to fit your interests and talents. Information about each committee, including a way to contact the committee chair for more information is available at http://iceels.org/my_ice/committees/. If you prefer, you can fill out the questionnaire and we will be in touch with ways you can help this season.

Communications Responsible for facilitating the information flow among the Board of Directors, the Head Coach and the membership. Activities include preparation of the Club’s newsletter; maintenance of the Club’s website; preparation of an activities calendar; submission of newspaper articles; assisting with the preparation of the meet program and posting items on the Club’s bulletin boards.

Fundraising Responsible for developing, planning, organizing and conducting all Club fundraising activities. These activities include events such as: annual swim-a-thon, holiday wreath sales, swim meet program ad sales, corporate sponsorships. Volunteers to this committee may be asked to assist in sending out mailings, making phone calls, taking in money, and at Mercer during the annual Swim- a-thon. This committee normally does not hold meetings.

Meets Responsible for organizing and directing the swim meets hosted by the Club each year. The current meets are the Irving B. Weber Meet in December, Short Course 12&Under Championships in February, the Amanda Knight Schany Memorial Senior Meet in May, and the Mercer Long Course Invitational in June. Responsibilities include preparing the meet invitation; obtaining the meet sanction from ISI; preparing the meet entries; arranging for meet officials, timers, preparing the final results and financial summary. While all Club members are required to work at the meets, committee members will primarily be responsible for the planning of the meet and the equitable distribution of duties. The committee will hold a meeting approximately one month before hosting a meet.

Merchandise Responsible for helping promote the Club and building team spirit through sales of swimming apparel containing the Club name and logo; and helping sustain the Club financially through swim meet T-shirt and program sales, and negotiating revenue sharing contracts with swim apparel vendors. By joining this committee you may be asked to sell ICE at designated practices, help design new apparel or help keep track of sales.

Social Responsible for planning parties and membership events throughout the year to promote team spirit, provide fun activities, and allow parents to get better acquainted. Examples of such events are the July picnic, Cookie Nights, and the Spring banquet. This committee generally does not hold meetings.

Technical Planning Responsible for the Club’s meet equipment issues (Colorado timing system, computers, printers, and associated software) to include budget submissions, purchasing, inventory, storage, maintenance, swim meet set-up, operation, and training. This committee’s expertise and efforts are extremely important to the success of club sponsored swim meets. If you volunteer for this committee, you will be asked to be trained on either Meet Manager or the timing console. This committee generally does not have scheduled meetings. 

updated 8/16/2015