Wren Reads is a reading program that taps into the diverse reading interests of all of our faculty and staff in order to ignite the love of reading and learning in our students. Each faculty and staff member sponsors a book and facilitates a discussion with a group of 16-18 students. All students select from the list of titles and agree to read and be prepared to discuss the book. During a scheduled advisory meeting, students disperse to their groups for a discussion. Discussion will earn each student a participation grade in Academic Enrichment.

Reading for pleasure is the primary goal of Wren Reads. It is important that this goal remain our focus; therefore, there is no written assignment or penalty. Choice is one of the highest motivators for readers. By offering a variety of choices across genres, our students will be more motivated to read.

*Benefits of reading include increased vocabulary, increased reading comprehension, sustained academic gains (especially for students in low income households), and a more positive attitude towards reading.  

Wren Reads Book List: Below you will find several book lists for inspiration as you decide on the book you would like to sponsor. Please turn in your book title and short video explaining why you chose this title by May 4th (but earlier is better :)). The final list will be compiled so that students can select a book. The lists will be provided to the public libraries and nearby book stores so that access is made easier for students.

  1. Time’s List of the 100 Best YA Novels
  2. Amazon’s List of 100 Biographies and Memoirs to Read in a Lifetime
  3. Sports Illustrated’s List of the Top 100 Sports Books of All Time
  4. Young Adult Library Service Association’s Nonfiction Award Lists
  5. YALSA’s Quick Picks for Reluctant Reader Lists
  6. Social Justice titles about refugees, disabilities, feminism, body image, suicide, politics,  mental health, and diversity. 
  7. All American Library Association book award lists
  8. 19 Books To Read Before They Hit Theatres in 2017
  9. South Carolina Young Adult Book Award List for 2017-2018
  10. SYNC Free YA audiobook titles for 2017

*Reading Resources

A Closer Look at Reading Incentive Programs by Alfie Kohn

The Reading Rules We Would Never Follow As Adult Readers by Pernille Ripp

Summer Reading: Program and Evidence by Fay Shin & Stephen Krashen

The Need to Read by Mitch Lehman

I’ve Got Research, Yes I Do by Donalyn Miller


[1] Program modeled after ReCreate Reading at Harker Library, CA