Driver Education Syllabus

        Sevier County High School’s Driver Education program is designed to help students develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become safe, low risk, and responsible drivers. The primary resources use  are the Drive Right textbook and the Tennessee driver Handbook.  The first six weeks will be spent in the classroom studying the driving task and skill needed to navigate our roads and highways.  The 2nd and 3rd six weeks students will be driving  on the range or on the road.   Students must pass the classroom portion of the class before he//she is permitted to drive on the range or road.

Classroom Phase

Unit 1

Chapter 1 You are the Driver  in Textbook  Section A Chapters 1-3  Section B chapter 1 in  


Chapter 2 Signs, Signals and roadway Markings  Section B Chapter 3 in Handbook

Chapter 3 Basic Vehicle Control in Textbook  Section B Chapters 1 & 2  in Handbook

Chapter 4 Managing Risk with the IPDE Process  in Textbook

Unit 2

Chapter 5 Natural Laws and Car Control  in Textbook

Chapter 6 Performing Basic Vehicle Maneuvers  in Textbook

Chapter 7 Negotiating Intersection  in Textbook

Chapter 8 Sharing the road  in Textbook Section B Chapter 4 & Section C Chapter 3  in


Unit 3 

Chapter 9 Driving in Urban Traffic in Textbook

Chapter 10 Driving in Rural Areas in Textbook

Chapter 11 Driving on Expressways in Textbook Section B Chapter 5 in Handbook

Chapter 12 Driving in Adverse Conditions  in Textbook Section B Chapter 6 in Handbook

Chapter 13 in Handling Emergencies in Textbook  Section B Chapter 8 in Handbook

Unit 4

Chapter 14 Effects of Driver condition in Textbook

Chapter 15 Alcohol, Other drugs and Driving in Textbook  Section   B chapter 7 in Handbook

Chapter 16 Buying and Owning a Vehicle in Textbook

Chapter 17 Maintaining Your Vehicle in Textbook Section C Chapter 2 I Handbook

Chapter 18 Planning Your Travel  in Textbook Section C Chapter 4 in Handbook

Grading System

⅔ Daily Work -All assignments are graded.   Students can resubmit assignments during class or by the 8:00am the next day for higher grade.

 The student is responsible for requesting and making up all daily work and test when absent.

⅓ Test ( Chapter and Unit Test) Students can resubmit test till the end of the class period for a higher grade.

Grading on Driving Phase

  1. Students will perform inside vehicle checks and become familiar with the vehicle.

        Techniques of steering, braking, signaling, starting and stopping

      2.  Students will drive in subdivision, demonstrating basic skills.


      3.  Students   will drive on a divided highway, demonstrating lane changes and merging in          

        and out of traffic.


       4.  Students will drive in 2 way traffic on highways with oncoming traffic.

        5.  Students will drive on  rural roads.


        6.  Students will drive in city traffic with 4 way stops and traffic signals.

        7.  Students will perpendicular, angle, and parallel park and learn to make three point  


Grading on the  Driving Phase will be based on performing basic steps and skills.

Improvement of driving skills will be considered in the grading process.

Driver Education Rules and Policies

  1. When the tardy bell rings students must be in their seats.
  2. If a student is returning from an absence, he/she must have an admit slip.
  3. There will be no talking when the instructor is talking
  4. Be respectful of others and keep your hand and feet to yourself.

Students in vehicle 

  1. While there is a student driver behind the wheel, there will be no loud talking.
  2. Talking will not be allowed while instructor is giving directions.
  3. The student driver must wear shoes. No flip flops.
  4. On your drive day, be ready to drive.
  5. Every students in vehicle will apply the IPDE Process whether driving on not.