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Bring Your Own Technology Program


Program overview

Approved devices

Approved anti-virus


Required software

Technical support

Theft or damage

Acceptable use

Purchasing a device


In 2017 Melba College is introducing a Bring Your Own Technology program for Senior Campus students. This program was trialled in 2016 with Year 12 students.

Students must opt in to the program and sign an agreement covering their use of the Melba network prior to connection. Once this has occurred and students have demonstrated an understanding of the requirements placed upon them, connection credentials will then be created. A fee of $60 will be levied for the connection, this will be invoiced to parents after connection.

All devices will be connected through EduSTAR, this facility will also manage student identities and access. Additionally all connected devices must have Meraki mobile device management software installed at all times. The College will supply this software and monitor its functionality on each device. Removal of the software will result in immediate disconnection.

Students must nominate and connect only one approved device, total. This device must be registered with Meraki and remain so at all times, no other device will be permitted to be connected for that student. An attempt to breach this policy may result in permanent disconnection.

Approved Devices

Students may use either a tablet (with IOS or Android) or a laptop (with Windows or Apple OS X) - however PHONES ARE NOT APPROVED FOR CONNECTION



The laptop must have Windows 7 or later installed

It must have one of an approved Anti-Virus installed, up to date and running at all times

Mac/OS X

The laptop must have Apple OS X 10.7 or later installed

It must have one of an approved Anti-Virus installed, up to date and running at all times



Any iPad including the Mini that has IOS 9 installed.

Generic Tablet

Any tablet with a 7 Inch display or larger that has Android Jelly Bean or later installed

Approved Anti-Virus

Essentially any reputable and commercially available antivirus software that is up to date and supports real time virus scanning is suitable. These models of antivirus software are specifically approved. Note that students may access the College’s enterprise grade Microsoft System Centre Endpoint Protection (SCEP) at not cost- see technicians for details.

(Not required for IOS or Android)


Students signing on to the Melba BYOT trial will have their normal access to the College’s Windows based network drives revoked. Students will need to have backed up all data from their home drive to either Melba’s Google Drive or to a portable device prior to enabling their access to Melba’s network through their own device.

Instead students will have access to a cloud storage service located at Melba called OwnCloud. This will be accessible on any of the approved devices, however an OwnCloud app is required to be installed on any device connected. This will allow files to be stored and accessed at the College by the device.

OwnCloud apps


https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/owncloud/id543672169?mt=8  ($1.49)


https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.owncloud.android&hl=en ($1.49)


https://download.owncloud.com/desktop/stable/ownCloud- (Free)


https://download.owncloud.com/desktop/stable/ownCloud- (Free)

Required Software

Melba College uses a mobile device management platform called Meraki, this assists in maintaining and monitoring the connection of any device on the network. Meraki continues to operate when the device is not connected to the Melba network and and performs a degree of monitoring whenever the device is connected to the internet.

For both IOS and Android devices Meraki can report apps installed, last known location and current connection state. Location information is only available if the user has opted to turn on the location services for Meraki. This is a useful feature if the device is lost or stolen, however, this information is only able to accessed by the ICT Manager at Melba and the two senior technicians. The user may opt to have it on or off. Meraki also allows on these devices a capacity to remotely lock and unlock the device, clear the passcode and selectively or fully wipe the device. Again useful in an instance of the theft or loss.

For Windows and OS X devices the Meraki MDM client software  has greater capabilities which both parents and users need to be aware of. However, it must be stressed that only our Melba senior ICT staff will have access to any of these capabilities and that they will never be used without the knowledge and consent of users and exist only to provide remote assistance and security in the case of a lost or stolen device.

The Meraki client allows an administrator to (on Windows and OS X):

What the Meraki Client Cannot do

Record or view a user's actions

Record or view browsing history outside school

View or record any information from the screen without user permission

Access any files or folders on the device

Monitor the keyboard

Run any installed software without user permission.

Activate any facility on the device without the user’s permission.

Free Software

Office 365

Early in 2017 Melba College will be offering student signed in to the BYOT program access to Microsoft Access 365 at no cost

The EDUstar Catalogue

Students will also have access to the EDUstar catalogue of subsidised commercial software at no cost to install on their machine.

Technical Support

Technical support staff will endeavour to assist students with simple technical problems but will be unable to provide in depth or complex technical support. The student ICT support team called TECHNIC is in place and will be able to provide greater support by arrangement. It is expected though that students will largely support and manage the devices themselves. A troubleshooting self help knowledgebase will be accessible to students via the Helpdesk at http://help.melba.vic.edu.au/ 


The College will not insure or indemnify any device from theft or damage. The student must take full responsibility for the device at all times. It is strongly suggested that device remains in a locked locker at break times at school.


Any device connected must be secured by means of a passcode, fingerprint scanner or username and password irrespective of the type of device. If for any reason the device cannot have a locking function applied it cannot be connected to the Melba network.

The device must be locked at all times when not in use.

No “jailbroken” or “rooted” devices may be connected

Acceptable use

The purpose of this program is to support student learning. It is expected that students will use their devices as a learning aid not an entertainment device. The usage at school of BYOT program devices will be monitored closely. Students who consistently use their device connection for non educational uses such as media downloads or game playing will be counselled and in the unlikely event the unacceptable use continues they will be subsequently disconnected from the Melba network.

Students will also be required to sign and abide by a contract of general acceptable use. This agreement lays out expected behaviours in regard to the use of a personal device both in physical and virtual spaces. Serious breaches of this agreement will engage the student discipline mechanisms at Melba College and may result in sanctions being applied to the student by the College beyond revocation of network access. For a copy of the full acceptable use policy see here - http://melba.vic.edu.au/ict-help/acceptable-use-of-ict-at-melba/

Purchase of a Device

Parents may choose to supply and existing device that meets the minimum standards, purchase a device through a retailer of their choice or purchase a discounted device via a purchase portal Melba College has negotiated with JB HiFi. Address and login in details for BYOT program purchase portal will be released to parents early in 2017.