David G. Claridge

Kirkland, WA, 98033




Large-scale web applications: architecture, implementation, testing, deployment, performance tuning and monitoring.

Storage & databases: design, implementation and operation of exabyte-scale systems.

Software project management: build, test & deployment automation; effective meetings, documentation & operational procedures; project planning, prioritization & mentorship.

Security: cryptography, certificate-based authentication, hardware token-based identity management, datacenter/cloud fleet security.


Software Engineer (Ingestion & Storage Infrastructure), Mixpanel

Aug 2016 - Present

First Seattle hire and site lead for the Mixpanel Seattle engineering office. I've conducted over 50 candidate interviews, met with candidates in the area and planned off-site recruiting events with the team, allowing using to grow from 3 to 15 FTEs in Seattle over the past 6 months. Responsible for office space planning and developing the office culture.

Designed and implemented data migration pipeline and automated comparison tooling for moving Mixpanel's analytics database "Arb" from bare-metal servers to Google Container Engine. Managed capacity throughout the migration to minimize infrastructure costs whilst in dual-hosting mode. Avoided VPN gateway capacity problems by rolling out the migration endpoint as a gRPC service with mutual TLS authentication on a public endpoint.

Go-to expert in the company during our cloud/container migration, giving training and mentorship to engineers who are new to Kubernetes and GCP managed services such as Cloud Datastore, Cloud Storage and the various Load Balancing options on offer. Promoted best practices and tooling around managing our Container Engine resources, instrumented legacy code to take advantage of Cloud Trace for visualizing RPC flows, and deployed tooling such as Spinnaker and Terraform to manage deployment pipelines and cloud resources.

Led re-write of Mixpanel's Import API server in Go, adding support for arbitrary-length data streams. Added support to the API server and Arb database backend for 3rd party datasets, and built out a proof-of-concept integration with Google Bigquery and a production integration with Salesforce. Implemented Kafka consumer for updating secondary indexes on user profiles allowing cross-dataset identity mapping.

Service owner for Edge Infrastructure: DNS, TLS & Load Balancing. Rolled out HTTP/2 support to nginx load balancers, reducing page load times for some AJAX-heavy reports more than 30%. Performed a speedy migration from DynDNS to Amazon Route 53 during the former's DDoS attack in Oct 2016, reducing downtime for our customers by 2.5 hours.

Senior Systems Engineer (SRE), Google Inc.

January 2012-Aug 2015 in New York NY; Sep 2015 - Aug 2016 in Kirkland, WA.

Tech Lead for team of 15 SREs in Kirkland & Sydney, operating a high-performance disaggregated memory distributed file system used by Google BigQuery, Cloud Dataflow and internal products.

On-boarded several new team members, set project roadmap and task allocations, provided mentorship for the team on both technical designs and organizational navigation. Individual contributions included sketching several alternative designs for a new control-plane layer; defined SLIs, and implemented SLO monitoring and alerting, in preparation for the product's broader availability to internal customers.

Led the engineering engagement with Google's second vendor for tape library hardware: drove feature requests & bug fixes in the vendor's firmware, built a real-time analytics dashboard reporting on performance of vendor's hardware, and implemented a new hardware qualification and regression test suite; these were used to make $XXMM purchasing decisions and were used for leverage in price negotiations with other vendors.

Pitched and led project to incorporate tape drive and library equipment into automated datacenter hardware lifecycle management software. Included designing and implementing fault detection software that analysed terabytes of log data hourly, and building workflows for hardware decom and repairs.

Conducted more than 80 interviews for new SRE candidates. Mentored graduate students in Google's 'Eng Residency' program. Provided programming mentorship in the form of readability reviews for software written in C++, Go & Python.

Software Engineer, Posse.com

July 2011 - December 2011

Part of the small development team at Sydney-based social-commerce startup Posse.com. My work included development of the site using Grails, MySQL, JavaScript, Facebook & Twitter APIs, Amazon EC2, and several other technologies. Took rotations as release manager, being responsible for building, testing and monitoring releases, and being on-call to deal with any alerts or issues in production.

Computer Science Tutor, University of New South Wales

January 2008 - November 2011

Tutored first year C programming and data structures several times, Security Engineering in semester 1 2010, Software Construction in semester 1 2011. Involved teaching classes of 10-20 students, preparing and grading assignments, and grading examinations.

Research Assistant - University of New South Wales

November 2007 - March 2008

Worked with Dr. Andrew J Taylor to develop software systems for the continuous remote monitoring of the vocalizations of a curious parrot.


University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia

Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), 2007-2011

Honours Class I & University Medal

University of Texas at Austin

Exchange semester credited towards BSc at UNSW, Fall 2010

GPA 4.0 and University Honors

Redfield College, Dural, New South Wales

Higher School Certificate, 2005-2006

University Admissions Index 98.50

1st place in state for Software Design & Development

Honors &


University Medal in Computer Science, UNSW

This is the university's highest recognition of an undergraduate student, and is awarded to a student in a distinct area of study who has performed at a level significantly above the minimum required for Honours Class 1.

Google Technical Infrastructure (TI) Award
Awarded by SVP Technical Infrastructure Urs Hölzle, recognizing TI projects that have a significant impact on Google's success. My team received this award in 2015 for designing & deploying Google's next-generation archival storage system

Posse Engineering Prize

In my second week as an employee at Posse.com I was awarded the company’s internal engineering prize in recognition of my rapidly coming up to speed and making non-trival improvements to the company’s software as early as my first day on the job.

RoboCup Standard Platform League, 2nd place, 2010

Achieved 2nd in the world as leader of UNSW's RoboCup team, rUNSWift. The project involves programming the Aldebaran Nao humanoid robot to play soccer autonomously.

1st Place in Software Design and Development 2005

In 2005 I completed the Higher School Certificate course in Software Design and Development (one year accelerated). My final standing based on both a state-wide examination and internal school assessments, placed me first in New South Wales.

Voluntary Work

  • Google NY Corporate Sailing Team Captain 2014
  • Co-organizer of Down Under New York, a tech meetup for Aussies in NYC 2012-2014
  • CSE Student Society: Arc (Union) Delegate 2009, President 2008, 1st Year Rep 2007
  • CSE Student Network Mentor 2008-2011, Orientation Camp leader 2009
  • Presented Python programming workshops for CSE students in Semester 1 2009
  • UNSW Linux Installfest coordinator 2007-2011
  • Tutor at National Computer Science School, University of Sydney, 2008 & 2009
  • Reledev Philippines Work Camp, January 2007