Alexei Stukov


Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Father of four, winner of the Crux de Valor and holder of no less than three Bronze Gammadons (an award only given to members of the United Powers League), Alexei Stukov seemed destined for a decorated, comfortable life in a position of militaristic power. Unfortunately for him, he was one of the first to see Samir Duran for the traitor he truly was.

His dear friend, Gerard DuGalle, was tricked by Duran into believing the Stukov was a traitor, getting DuGalle to find and shoot Alexei. Only with Stukov’s dying words did DuGalle finally realize he had been played by Duran as well. Played off by the media as one of the many heroic deaths on Char, Stukov’s body was shot into space.

Then things got interesting.

Found by the cerebrate Kaloth, Stukov was resurrected as an infested human leader. In time, he gained control of his own brood and was given a healing serum to once again return to his human form. He was then handed over to the Moebius Foundation so researchers could study the cure. Once it became clear this cure was not permanent, his body became a testing ground for cruel experimentation.

Finally breaking free, Stukov made his way to Kerrigan where he pledged his loyalty with the hopes of bringing down those that had done so much harm to him - a goal that was ultimately fulfilled.

Jeff’s Choices

Role: Support

Trait: Tactician

In the Starcraft universe Alexei was hailed as  a “brilliant tactician” This will be my main focus for his build in Heroes of the Storm. He would be a support character that focused on his brilliant understanding of battlefield tactics to aid the friendly team. His trait is activatable and allows him to pull out a “Futuristic iPad” while on the battlefield. When he pulls out the pad it allows the player to see an enhanced minimap with the current locations of the enemy minions and all tower ammunition if the player mouses over the towers. Alexei is able to move while this is activated- but it only lasts a short amount of time before deactivating.

Clydesdale War Horse

Q: Infantry Armor

Alexei selects a friendly Hero and gives them the a new ability. This ability is tied to their #1 key (or subsequent keys if this is taken) and allows them to activate an armor shield on themselves. This ability has no cooldown and does not stack. After the player activates their shield they are able to receive this buff again. In later talent specs the player will have the ability to have Armor Level 2 that will give the player 2 charges of shield before they need to be buffed again.

W: Bunker Down

Alexei places a Terran bunker down on the battlefield that 2 friendly heroes can enter. While in the bunker the players can use their basic abilities and auto attack. The enemy team has to destroy the bunker before the players inside can be attacked.

E: Crossed Wires

Target an enemy hero and immediately “invert” their movement in order for them to move forward the need to click behind them and in order to move up they would need to click down. This inversion only lasts for a short second- but could give a friendly hero a second to escape or distract a hero that is trying to escape themselves.  

Heroic #1: Infantry Weapons

This ability acts exactly like his Infantry armor basic ability- but instead gives all players in the AoE range a second ability button mapped to their “2” key. When the player activated this ability they are given a large attack buff for a short amount of time. Unlike the Armor buff this ability only lives on the friendly hero for a select amount of time.

Heroic #2: Supply Depot

This ability calls down a supply depot that sets up on the battlefield and essentially gives players an additional healing fountain. This depot stays in play for a small amount of time and friendly heroes can only “drink” from it one time. The depot can be destroyed by the enemy team.

Specially Skin: K-19 Alexei Vostrikov- Changes Alexei into a Naval commander look and feel.

Kristen’s Choices


        Support, Assassin



Each time Stukov dies, he comes back more and more infested. Full infestation happens after five deaths. As he becomes more infested, he loses the strength of his healing abilities but gains damage, eventually transitioning from Support to Assassin across these deaths.


        Small Battlecruiser



Nearby friendly units continually regeneration health. Following the first bit of infestation, it begins trading out healing for damage - damage dealt to enemy units.


Corrosive Blast

This attack knocks back target enemy unit while healing any friendly units in or around its path. With more corruption, this does damage and, at full corruption, no longer knocks back but stuns.


        Hold Position

Calling out to the infested terran located just below ground, Stukov orders them to hold an enemy in place. Initially it works as a root. With further infestation, it begins dealing damage as more arms shoot out from the ground, free to slap at the captured enemy.


Both Eyes Open

Stukov’s aura becomes beams of healing that immediately latch on to all friendly Heroes within his range. It provides high amounts of health regen as well as small shields that refresh if broken through with damage. This can no longer be used once he reaches full infestation.



Morning of the Marauders

Calling forth the power of the zerg now coursing through his veins, an army of infested Terrans erupt from the ground. Each unit is ranged and locks on to the nearest enemy Hero. As soon as one is killed, another erupts in its place until the duration of the spell is over. This can only be chosen if he has died at least once. The more infested he is, the stronger each infested Terran’s damage.


Two Face

Half monster, half human, Two Face Stukov wears his corruption equally with his humanity though, at times, one wins out over the other. A good person at heart, he still understands that sometimes you need to become what you hate in order to triumph.